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Switched At Birth -- The Prom

Updated on March 21, 2012

As this week's episode began, things are still frosty between John and Kathryn. And Emmett is still keeping from Bay he had a one-nighter with Simone.

Emmett asks Bay to go to his prom at Carlton with him. He gives her ear plugs, because since the school is for the deaf and hearing impaired the music tends to be played really loud. Regina says she'll do Bay's hair. While Regina is doing Bay's hair, she tells her Angelo is back and in the custody of Homeland Security. Bay thinks Regina hasn't made Angelo feel he's wanted there, so Emmett takes her to visit him before the prom. Let's just say it's an eye-opening visit for Bay. Angelo keeps putting down and bad-mouthing John and Kathryn and even bums some money off Bay. The visit makes Bay appreciate that John is her father.

Daphne invites Wilke to the prom, but he turns her down. He says he has to write a paper. I wondered if it was a lie at the time. When Daphne goes to bring Wilke some cookies she meets his father he tells her Wilke will be leaving for boarding school soon. This upsets Daphne because Wilke didn't tell her. So she invites Travis to go to the prom with her. But when Wilke shows up, in a limo no less, to take her to the prom, she insists they take Travis, as well, who acts as gross as he can possibly act. At the prom, Daphne finally confronts Wilke about boarding school, and he said he was hoping if he did good on his paper he could convince his father not to send him away, but he doesn't have time to finish it, so he decided to take her to the prom, instead.

Kathryn and her lawyer Craig are using Angelo's old phone she found in storage to track down another witness. They find a woman who seems promising until she turns out to be a cracked cookie. When their car breaks down, Craig and Kathryn almost share a kiss. I knew he had a thing for her. Kathryn is the one who puts a stop to it and calls Toby to pick her up to get away from Craig as quickly as possible. She then finds John at the dance and they kiss and make-up, but it may just be a temporary patch job. With Craig as their lawyer and Kathryn almost kissing him, trouble could be on the horizon.

Daphne tells Bay about Wilke being sent away to boarding school and Bay suggest they get Toby and Simone and make it one big last blast for him. When Daphne tells Wilke about Bay's idea, he finally tells her about Emmett and Simone having sex together. Daphne won't believe Wilke and stalks off to confront Emmett. Emmett lies to Daphne when she asks and she realizes he's lying.

This prompts Emmett to finally tell the truth to Bay. Needless to say she doesn't take it well. Emmett gave her a motorcycle helmet as a prom gift and she sends it hurling into the water.

Back home, Regina and Patrick become lovers. Earlier, Regina told Angelo she's done with him. Unfortunately, John shows up and tells her the only way to keep Angelo in the country is to marry him. Please, Regina, don't do it. Your mama was right getting him deported. Send him back to Italy. He's no good.

And one final word, please don't get rid of cute little blond Wilke. He and Daphne are great together. She brings out the best in him. I know the show may want to do Travis and Daphne, but Travis is gross. Yes, I know he's deaf and it's a rotten thing to say, but it's true. He's gross. And you cast Corbin Bernsen as Wilke's father. Find a loophole so Wilke doesn't have to be sent away.

Anyway, as we leave things trouble could be looming on the John and Kathryn front. Regina may mess up her relationship with Patrick to marry that skunk Angelo for Daphne and Bay. Things may be over for Emmett and Bay. And a Travis...yuck...and Daphne romance may be looming on the horizon if Wilke is really sent away to boarding school. Also, how long before Toby finds out the truth about Emmett and Simone?


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