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Switched At Birth -- The Tables Are Turned

Updated on January 4, 2012

The first half of the season, Bay felt like the odd one out and that Daphne was taking over her life; now it seems like the tables have turned. John and Kathryn had been trying to get to know Daphne and as a result, Bay felt lost in the shuffle. Now with Angelo's return, Bay wants to get to know her natural father and John and Katherine are feeling left out. Emmett was obviously in love with Daphne, but she pretty much blew him off for Liam. Now Daphne wants Emmett, but he's involved with Bay. And while Regina was more about keeping Daphne and she didn't seem to even want to develop a relationship with Bay, now Regina seems to be starting to want to. Of course, the big impediment is the fact Regina had known for years about the switch and had never once tried to claim Bay.

It's coming back to bite Bay in the butt when she got Daphne to dump Liam because he was Bay's ex-boyfriend. Daphne isn't going to back off of Emmett, this time, and Bay isn't going to go the Daphne route and step aside for Daphne. Daphne even blows off a planned evening with Katherine to go pursue Emmett when he's out of town at a concert.

One person Daphne wants no part of and that Bay is welcome to is Angelo. She's not pleased when Regina seems to be changing her story about what life with Angelo was really like. In short, Regina may not have been totally honest with Daphne, but Daphne doesn't want to hear it. She also doesn't like that Regina will be going with Bay to spend time with Angelo, because John refuses to allow Bay to spend time with Angelo alone.

The evening with Angelo might have gone well if Regina hadn't gone along and Bay had been allowed to go by herself. Angelo and Regina get into it and the entire evening is ruined.

Emmett wakes up to find Daphne in his tent and things don't go well. Daphne takes off, and heads off to sit by the water and brood. Wilke joins her and since she can't tell Emmett how she's feeling, Daphne tells Wilke. She says she just wants to turn her mind off for awhile, so Wilke obliges by throwing her in the water and even gets Daphne to laugh.

Meanwhile, when Bay learns Daphne headed off to the concert she heads there, too. Emmett and Bay start having problems of a non-Daphne variety. When a vendor doesn't realize Emmett can't hear, Bay orders for him, which upsets Emmett. Things take a further turn for the worse when a guy tries to start a fight with Emmett and Bay tells the man that Emmett is deaf. Using Daphne as an interpreter, which doesn't sit will with Bay, Emmett explains himself and how he doesn't want Bay to try to make things easier for him.

Katherine was hoping this nurse Angelo found that was working during the switch was a fake, but after speaking to her, she believes the woman is on the level. She's finally starting to get angry at the hospital because they were overworking staff to save money, which may have been what lead to the switch.

Regina's mother is concerned about Angelo being back, especially when she hears her talking to her AA sponsor. She's afraid Angelo may cause Regina to start drinking again.

While it was unfair of Bay to get Daphne to end things with Liam, I do think she has a point that Daphne wasn't interested in Emmett and then suddenly she is all because Emmett gave her a birthday present she liked. Daphne blew Emmett off when she was interested in Liam, but now that she wants Emmett she thinks he should just dump Bay and get together with her.


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