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Shock! Scandal! Sylvester Stallone And Human Growth Hormone (Plus Janice Dickinson)

Updated on August 26, 2011

Sylvester Stallone, the man who brought Rocky Balboa and John Rambo to life is now heading into his 60's and as he does so, the effects of aging are beginning to seriously rear their heads and look him dead in the eye. What does one do when one's strength and machismo begin to fade? In Sylvester Stallone's case, it appears that turning to medical science is the answer. But is it really?

You may have heard of HGH, Human Growth Hormone, a drug that is being touted as a miracle, a veritable fountain of youth. One of the biggest celebrity proponents happens to be Sylvester Stallone. He made use of the drug when preparing for his last Rocky Movie, and attained an impressive 209 pounds. Speaking about HGH in Time magazine, Stallone says "HGH [human growth hormone] is nothing. Anyone who calls it a steroid is grossly misinformed. Testosterone to me is so important for a sense of well-being when you get older. Everyone over 40 years old would be wise to investigate it because it increases the quality of your life. Mark my words. In 10 years, it will be over the counter."

HGH is a compound that naturally occurs in humans, and is present in high amounts during puberty. Its medical usage arose as a means of treating children who had growth related problems. However, when used in older adults it has the effect of increasing muscle mass, stimulating the immune system, increasing calcium retention and strengthening bone, and stimulates organ growth in all areas, including in the brain.

As great as this all sounds however, there are some downsides, like tumors, type two diabetes, and sexual dysfunction. There are also some relatively lesser side effects, such as extreme aggression. The merits of HGH are being hotly debated at the moment, and in far more scientific arenas than this. However, it is evident even to the casual observer, that even though there are possible benefits to taking the drug, there are some pretty nasty possible side effects, which no doubt explains the steroid analogy that Sylvester was disputing when he spoke to Time magazine

When weighing his words, it pays to keep in mind that Sylvester's history with both drugs and women is somewhat doubtful, his ex girlfriend, Janice 'I was the world's first supermodel' Dickinson claimed that Sylvester used to inject her with steroids while she slept. She declared this on air one day, saying, "He juiced me. I´d wake up and my arm was as big as Popeye - steroids, testosterone, all that stuff that people say [mimicking Stallone voice], ´Hey, it´s not that good ´cause you get really big, you know what I mean?´ "

With typical aplomb, Sly denied her accusations, saying "B***h is lying."

Is that some rage we're detecting there, Mr Stallone?


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