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19. The cutting edge 2 2006 USA colour 12

Updated on July 13, 2014

also known as: THE CUTTING EDGE 2: GOING FOR THE GOLD (USA TV title)

Romantic sports drama


From this sequel to the cutting edge comes a different tale and a whole new generation of figure skaters to teach, Jackie Dorsey(Christy Carlson Romano) has been 2 times USA figure champion skater as her parents were before her. In 1992 Mr Dorsey (Scott Thompson Baker) & Miss Mosley (Stepfanie Kramer) won the golden medal in the Olympics for figure pair skating and Jackie Dorsey would like to follow in the foot steps of her parents, but as a solo figure skater, not as a pair skater Jackie dislikes pair skating its not challenging enough for her and her dream is to enter the Olympics and to win the golden medal.

Jackie is a really good figure skater, she's forever doing the triple axial jumps but during a tournament Jackie fell really badly and never made it up, 4 months later Jackie was back on the ice and pushing herself harder then ever. Jackie's parents want their little girl to take a break and to try again another time for the Olympics but Jackie was determined to enter the Olympics next year,so because of this her parents forced her to take a break.

Hanging out round a pool laughing and talking with friends in LA didn't improve Jackie's mood nor make her any happier so she left her friends and went off to be alone. At another beach Jackie felt so relaxed that she took out a book to read but instead of reading Jackie kept looking up from her book, Jackie noticed a cute guy with a surfboard talking to another guy suddenly Jackie found herself crushing on the surfing guy.

The surfing guy Alex Harrison (Ross Thomas)who was with a mate also noticed how cute Jackie was and started crushing upon Jackie. Between Jackie and Alex they played silly beggars with one another and in the end Jackie went out on a blading date with Alex, and Alex opened up personally about himself . That evening Jackie was going to go out with Alex again but she had such a shock to find out that Alex had a job of parking cars at the hotel where she and her friends were staying at, later on when Jackie met Alex both Jackie & Alex were in a heated rage with one another that they abruptly part.

Back home and back on the ice Kate Dorsey Jackie's mother and coach were looking at skaters someone to pair up with Jackie for the Olympics, it was too late for Jackie to enter in the solo figure skating competition for the Olympics but not for pair skaters. Jackie was not gonna give up upon her dreams completely and was practising the triple axial moves in secret.

Meanwhile back in California Alex did not get his blading contract saw Jackie on the TV looking for a partner for the Olympics and went to the tryouts for a joke. It was the end of the day Jackie and her mother did not find a suitable person among all the people that tried out till Alex appeared, Jackie's mother was very much impressed by Alex's performance and hired him.

The practice's with Alex did not get off to a good start Jackie was forever arguing with Alex and vice versa, Jackie's mother/coach steps in and chains the couple together and says they will remain like that until they learn to work has one. Jackie's parents knew that Alex would be good for her but they wanted Jackie to see that for herself.

The rest off this movie was about Jackie and Alex's working relationship on and off the ice, the couple had many argy-bargies, together, they had a few tender romantic moments together, they both shared the same kind of pride and were both stubborn, but deep down they both loved one another but could not admit their feelings for one another. The good news is both Jackie and Alex made it to the Olympic finals but has for what happens at the Olympics well you will have to see for yourselves.

The cutting edge 2: Going for the gold is a likeable sporting romantic drama, suitable for people who enjoy skating events. Our tale contains some childish juvenile behaviour, heartaches, sacrifices and plenty of determination not to give up on ones dreams. learning to work alongside someone, rather then doing it alone, and ending up enjoying the company.

Directer by: Sean McNamara

Written by: Daniel Berendsen (characters) Tony Gilroy

Aude Erik- pool waiter Baiul Oksana- nationals commentator Baker Thompson Scott- Doug Dorsey Carlson Kayla- girl fan Carz Sharon- female skater Chambers.A.Faune- Elisa Proctor (as Faune Chambers) Dugan Tom- surgeon Eckerman Rhiana Alia- surfer girl Gallant Matt- nationals commentator Grant Rebecca- sports correspondant Haley Jack- sports correspondant Hancock Patrick- Pinata guy Hansen Ryan- scottie Johnston Knox Rory- official Kay Olga- Natasha Fan (as Olga Karavaeva) Kindrick Kim- Heidi Clements Kramer- Stepfanie- Kate Mosley-Dorsey Kuchiki Natasha- female skater Kuluva Michael- skater Lakin Christine- Luanne King McNamara Sean- Mr Orange Manzella Giuseppe- italian waiter Park Sydney- skating girl Romano Carlson Christy- Jackie Dorsey Strong Mary- sports commentator Swayze Don- obnoxious guy Thomas Ross- Alex Harrison


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