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Updated on December 17, 2014

Nicki Minaj has made it vividly clear that she is distinctly a legend, firmly the Queen of Rap. Nicki's third LP "The PinkPrint" solidifies that undoubtedly. "I am a rap legend, just go ask the kings of rap, Who is the queen and things of that, nature". But besides being fiercely lucid and sensuous; The PinkPrint mirrors a more intimate, emotional side of Nicki and in depth surfaces heartbreak and opens up about her lost. After doing SNL, Saturday Night Live and releasing her singles "Pills & Potions"," Anaconda","Bed of lies featuring Skylar Grey " & releasing the official video for her song "Only" featuring Chris Brown, Drake & Lil wayne. The Queen took to twitter as the world waited for the album to drop, where she thanked Ariana Grande for her incredible vocals on their song "Get On Your Knees"; with other features on the album such as Jeremih, Meek Mill, Beyonce,and a sample song of Alicia Keys. Nicki's Barbs and people around the globe's reaction to the album which leaked early was immaculate and after hearing The PinkPrint, it is evident that; "Damn" !!! Nicki Minaj was in straight beastmode, flawlessly leaving her mark on "The PinkPrint". To jump right into it The PinkPrint Starts off with the very sentimental song, "All things go" where Nicki raps over a hollow intense beat where she finds herself venting; Nicki talks about cherishing these days and how her child with Aaron would have been sixteen any minute now. she intensely reflects on her proposal 10 years ago and later she goes on to mention her older brother Jelani and younger brother Micaiah, A big part of the song was rapping about the lost of her little cousin "I lost my little cousin to a senseless act of violence, His sister said he wanted to stay with me, but I didn't invite him,why didn't he ask, or am I just buggin'?" Nicki goes on to say.. "So in some ways I feel like 'Caiah , is the both of them. It's like he's 'Caiah's little angel, looking over him". The touching song is followed up by "I lied" where she bares it all, pouring out her emotions and vulnerability of lying to herself about the love she was in, to keep herself from being heart broken, thinking that her love would leave her. She describes how she misses the feeling. "That was my insecurities, and my ego, Missed my jump shot, missed my free throw, Miss the way we kiss, miss the "D" yo, Man it was good while it lasted, That shit wasn’t real, it was magic, If it was a record, it would have been classic".

"The crying game" is one of the most beautiful, epic, heart-felt songs of the album, Where Nicki features Jessie Ware. Even according to "Billboard" It is considered one of the best songs of "The PinkPrint" . The song gears into how a relationship is rocky and both parities play a part in that relationship, ending up with emotions, and harsh words, with the two playing the crying game.

It is only right that "Get on your Knees", is one of the more assertive, seductive tracks on The PinkPrint, Nicki raps about getting on all fours, and talks about the art of giving and receiving head featuring Ariana Grande who delivers an incredible range on the track, with the catchy chorus of " You gotta beg for it, beg for it". Every track on The PinkPrint is meticulously laid and perfectly leads into the next song, where Nicki keeps its sexy and links up with another Queen, Beyonce. The two self proclaimed "Bad B*tches" on one song, has you already intuitive of its hype. The exotic and sexualized song "Feeling Myself", is too hot for words. Bey sings on the hook, "Im feeling myself, feeling myself". With Beyonce and Nicki both being powerful and monumental women in the Industry, Bey goes on to sing; "Changed the game with that digital drop, Know where you was when that digital popped, I stopped the world, Male or female, it make no difference, I stop the world, world stop... (Pause), Carry on". In a recent tweet, a fan asked NIcki Minaj how long ago was this Beyonce collab created. Nicki Replied that Beyonce agreed to do it when they did the "Flawless Remix".

"Buy a heart" which is a song Meek Mill worked on found its way to Nicki" , the song reveals such a passionate meaning, it will have you bumping in the club and well as reflecting upon your own love, with the smooth sample of Alicia Keys on the song "Buy a heart", Meek Mill and Nicki both collide on the hypnotic beat " anybody, anybody want buy a heart,, anybody anybody wanna buy trust, anybody, anybody, anybody wanna buy love". The song is descriptive of searching for someone to love, Meek Mill describes being on a level like JayZ and Beyonce, Bonnie and Clyde type." Big Daddy" which also features Meek Mill is a sure club poppin track, leaving you turnt up

The Seventh track "Want some more" and Ninth track "Favorite" both feature Jeremih, each song is dynamic."Want some more" is infinitely Colossal of Nicki's growth and achievements; it's aimed to letting her critics know that she is straight Sh*tting on 'em. "One minute they hate me then they love me, Ain't got nothing for me, these dudes is funny,That's why I'm throwing shade like it's sunny, Who had Eminem on the first album? Who had Kanye saying, "She a problem?" Who the fu*k came in the game made her own cologne? Who made Lil Wayne give 'em five million?". Ow wee, The song "Favorite" ft Jeremih has to be one of the Favorite songs of The PinkPrint and how ironic, because the song embodies such an organic, sexy finesse; where the song is about being in a relationship, but wanting to be the favorite to that person. where the two become expressive about riding hard for that person. "Yo, I just wanna be ya rider, You should pull up in that Spyder, You should let me hit the mic, And I ain't talking about the fighter, Get it lit without a lighter, Let's pull an all-nighter, Tell me-tell me what you need, got the weed, I'm a bad little b*tch and I never indict her".

"Grand Piano" one of the standouts of the album, displays Nicki's beautiful singing abilities, as she does no rapping on the track, but in its stead conveys one the most emotional verses, over a piano and violin based track. Its message is that her boyfriend was a player that has been playing her heart, as someone plays a piano; that he really did not love her the same way she loved him. The violin piece of the song is sampled from Paula Abdul’s “Rush Rush.” song.

"Shanghai and Win Again" which is the 19th song on the album, are probably the most toughest and most verbally striking, as Nicki goes in on being a badass B*tch, that her spot in the game is not up for grabs; in fact there is no competition for her, whoever doubted her, is sadly mistaken. Nicki Minaj goes on to reference herself as the Mummahad Ali of these b*tches and even expresses her thoughts and throw shots at these others who don't write their own music, whereas she write her own "If I leave, the game will miss Nicki, Not a website, but get money, this is 50, Pop bottles with my b*tches and get pissy,This sh*t ain't got no more integrity, Don't write they raps, and plus they flow sh*tty, Don't make me expose you b*tch, I'm too busy, Hopped on the Bridge-y, New York City, Nicki still the queen, niggas all ready"

A Bouns track on the deluxe version, was "Truffle Butter" featuring Drake and Weezy, where Drizzy only sees it necessary to rap about the money, Weezy maintained the same flow and rapped about bank rolls and says that even if he was broke, he keeps a million dollar smile, referenced to the all the Bling he has in his teeth.Which brings you back to the song "Only" featuring them and Chris brown. The bold track exposes the preceding lust of what everybody was thinking anyway, did they bang Nicki. Well Drake and Lil wayne both make it very clear that they neva F'd Nicki and vice versa. Drake says she got a man, but after Nicki's done with him, he's first in line. In a recent article on DJ Whoo Kid speaking with Nick Minaj she talked bout being proud of herself for never sleeping with anyone in the industry. Period, ever, she says.

Overall, Im sure the world is proud of Nicki and credits her on the release of this incredible album, we're not sure if "The PinkPrint" will be considered a classic as far as the industry is concerned. But in my book " It's a sure Classic". There is not one track anyone would skip.Nicki tweets an Instagram pic of The Pinkprint reaching #1 in 14 countries already, so I guess we will just have to wait and see. The Queen is back, but she never left.

"They said I couldn't, but I did it though, Tell 'em I got still that hourglass figure though, Can't stop me, don't watch me, you better just watch your nigga, ho, I'm in that big boy, I am in beast mode, Beast make that G-code, B*tches ain't got drive, these b*tches'll get repo'd, I am a monster, this is ambition, This the type of car that you keep a bad b*tch in".....


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