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The making of Anboli TV - Brings God Home

Updated on May 4, 2012

Sacred Heart Church, Puducherry

Anboli TV is a catholic Media (Private) Tamil channel which telecasts only Catholic programmes. It telecasts live Holy Mass proclaiming the Word of God. It announces Marriage, Birth days, Achievements and Death anniversary of Parishioners. It is a private channel run by Rev. Fr. A. Thomas, Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Church, Puducherry, South India.

Fr Thomas Blesses Pilgrims

It is available on local channel telecasted all over Puducherry. This programme reaches home through internet all over the world. Anboli is telecasting programmes 24 hours a day. Programmes include recitation of rosary daily, celebrations and major church events, documentaries on saints, drama, concerts. Anboli portrays the catholic faith, which makes the viewer understand the tents of the teachings of the catholic church. Anboli TV brings JESUS into your homes.

Offerings in the form of Sacred Heart

Rev. Fr. Thomas is the twentieth Parish priest of the century-old Sacred Heart Church. When he became the Parish priest in 2005, he started the preaching the Gospel with vigour. He used the local media to telecast the celebrations in the church and received positive comments. The size of media followers in Pondy and around increased and appreciations overwhelmed. He took special interests on the authors of the four canonical Christian gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Father used to tell popular stories and parables from the Synoptic Gospels of St Matthew, St Mark and St Luke in his sermons. He explained how St John provided a theological description of Jesus as the eternal WORD. He made the church as one of major catholic pilgrimage sites (Basilica) in South India like Our Lady of Vailankanni.

Inside the church

Authors of the four Gospels standing in the front

Running a media channel to propagate the words of Lord Jesus was conceived by Rev. Fr. Thomas. Anboli channel implies “The way, The Truth and the Life”. Anboli Channel is owned and managed by Rev Fr. A. Thomas with the help of five employees. It is an independent organization based in Puducherry, India. It has trustees but does not have shareholders or owners. With the support of the people of Puducherry, Anboli has been started by the Puducherry Archbishop and run by Fr. Thomas successively.

Camera man in action

Camera man in attendance

How the programme is made and available on net? I visited Sacred Heart Church and found out the efforts taken by the media team headed by Fr. Thomas who is hailing from Trichy. During mass service, devotees thronged the church and even stood outside to say the prayer. Inside the church TV sets were installed for the people sitting behind pillars to view the mass service fully.

Editing Room inside the church

Mixing Units

Camera at the Entrance

Mass service is fully covered by three video cameras and online editing is done simultaneously in a small studio constructed between the first two pillars on the right side. From that small room, the live programmes are uplinked to the internet service provider via a live-in studio adjacent to Rev Fr Parish Priest’s office. One Camera man is busy with shooting the mass service at the altar. Another captures the other activities inside the church. Third camera catches the activities at the entrance. Text messages are ready on another unit to be mixed with video. Using only few people, Fr Thomas manages to run the show effectively. We can see the hard work rendered by him for the glory of God. May God Bless Fr Thomas.

May God bless our group

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