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Updated on May 27, 2017

The beginning of this year for me like any other person began with hope that the old was gone and new things were coming my way. It was a time of hope and i felt like all was going to be well. But barely four days into January and to be precise on the 5th something tagic happened to me that shook me to the core. I suffered a mis-carriage and it was the most painful time of my life. Im not just talking about physical pain, im talking about emotional, psychological and spiritual pain. It is a pain i cannot even describe that leaves you gasping for air. I had no one to comfort me and tell me it would be okay. I was in deep darkness and even God seemed far. I could literally feel my heart ache. I tried to pray, i couldn't, i tried reading the bible, i couldn't. There however was one thing that kept my senses intact. I would listen to gospel songs that i think in some way was God's way of speaking to me and comforting me. Here are the 10 songs that got me through this terrible time.



Coincidentally Hillary wrote this song after the loss of her child. Instead of lamenting about the troubles you are going through just submit everything to God and let him comfort you. We might not have the answers to everything but he does.

"I know you're good, but this don't feel good right now

I know you think of things i could never think about

Its hard to count all joy distracted by the noise just trying to make sense of all your promises

Sometimes i gotta stop remember that you're God and i am not"



The song is all about letting other people define who you are. If you live according to people's standard you will be lost forever. Live according to God's standards because he has already redeemed you from your bondage.

"I am redeemed, you set me free,

so i'll shake down these heavy chains and wipe every tear away,

cause im not who i used to be,

I am redeemed.


When you are having a really bad day, just play this song. It will lift your spirit and put yo in a great place. It takes the story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego when they were threatened to be burned alive if they failed to worship the image King Nebuchadnezer had made. Their reply is in the chorus

"I know you're able and i know you can,

Save through the fire with your mighty hand,

But even if you don't,

My hope is you alone."


No longer slaves is about recognising who you are. Sometimes we go through so such stress that we forget who we really are. We are children of God therefore we should expect nothing less than victory. Just as he split the sea for the Israelites to walk through, in the same way he will split whatever sea is in your way as well as crush the enemies pursing you.

"You split the sea so i could walk right through it,

My fears are drowned in perfect love.

You rescued me and i will stand and sing,

I am a child of God.


No matter how hard things get always give God praise. Remember the story of Job who went through calamity after calamity but he never even for once cursed God. Praise God even when you are in the eye of the storm and he will see you through.

"I lift my eyes unto the hills,

Where does my help come from,

My help come from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth.

I will praise you in the storm,

And i will lift my hands,

For you are who you are,

No matter where i am,

Every tear i've cried.

You hold in your hand,

You never left my side,

And though my heart is torn,

I will praise you in the storm."


Sometimes we need a little faith even when it seems we are surrounded by thunderstorms and crushing waves. When Peter aked Jesus if he could come in the water with him, he walked on water for a moment. He suddenly realised there were waves around him and it frightened him.He would have drowned were it not for Jesus who lifted him from the water.

Whatever storms are in your life never shift your focus from Jesus because he will enable you to walk above the waves.

"You make me brave,

You make me brave,

You call me out beyond the shores into the waves,

You make me brave,

You make me brave,

No fear can hinder now the promises you made."


Take out your bible. Read all the promises God has sent your way. Stand on those promises and claim them for your life. The word of God is alive and when you claim it you resurrect the blessings that were dead.

"Ask and i will give the nations to you,

Oh Lord that's the cry of my heart.

Distant shores and the islands will see your light.

As it rises on us."


This is an all battle song against all the principalities and powers of the enemy. It is about being strong and courageous knowing that the Lord is on your side.

"I know who goes before me,

I know who stands behind,

The Lord of Angel Armies ,

Is always by my side."


This swahili worship song is acknowledging the righteousness of God. At the end of the day its all about him.

"Naleta sadaka za sifa kwako Bwana, (i give you an offering of praise Lord)

Heshima na mamlaka zipokee (Lord i respect you and give you all the glory)

Mtakatifu mtakatifu nakuita matakatifu (You are holy and again i say you are holy)

Oh Yesu wewe mtakatifu. (Jesus you are holy)


A great worship song about acknowledging God as our creator and meditating on his goodness.

"I was made by you,

And i was made for you,

And i am unfulfilled,

Without full communion."

There you go. If you ever feel like your mind is going into a dark area, just play these songs and see God will heal your heart. His son Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price so that we could live a good life here and beyond.


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