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Updated on September 23, 2011



Residing in sunny southern California, PJ Simas is a talented 21 year old rapper/producer. Bringing forth a dynamic charisma, Simas memorizes his youth filled audience. Equipped with Cali swag, frat boy lyrics, and charming good looks; PJ Simas has garnered a cult like following on Youtube.

Last year he released his first serious solo project, “The Slo Life” available for free download on his website. Which was downloaded over 10,000 times in the first week alone! While the project lacked serious lyricism and subject matter (with the exception of "Drugs"), Simas made up for it with his original instrumentals, catchy choruses and blunt flow. 

Triple Play

Newly released Triple Play has taken PJ Simas sound to the next level! Rapping over reggae dubs while being aided with talented vocalists like Carolina Webb. Triple Play makes a statements saying that HEY! independent artists can make quality music without the financial backing of a major music label. This project shifts from the SloLife's party vibes and reaches for a mature sound covering the conflicts of being Simas being a full time student (@Polytechnic State University), father, and musician; hence the title Triple Play. This is project blurs the line between genres of music and is a must download for your IPOD rotation this summer!

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