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TV Universe Mike and Molly

Updated on July 20, 2016

Mike and Molly Show

Mike and Molly are about two people who met in Chicago. He is a police officer and she starts out being a teacher.

The other characters include friends and family.

Most of the issues are about weight and careers. Also, there are some issues about religion.


For me, it would be a struggle to live in that world. The main characters drink a lot. They would not be welcome in my home for long if they started drinking. This are the rules of the house.

I think Mike would respect the rules of my home but Molly would try to push the rules. Most of the woman in that show push the rules.

So, if I was in the show, I am guessing that I would be required to push some rules in some way. (It would not be with alcohol.)

It would be hard to be around people who judge others for not drinking.

Drug use

There is talk about drug use on the show. Mike does not do drugs but the other popular female characters do: except for Mike's friends grandma. However, she has fought that battle in the past.

For me, I would respect their choices but at this time in my life they would not be doing anything around me. I don't want my kid picking up bad habits. Also, he is not mentally able to discern right from wrong. I would not want him hurt because I wanted to stay friends with the main characters.

Weight problems

There is talk about weight problems on the show. Almost every episode talks about the problem. I would be consistently reminded about my own problem.

There are a lot of episodes about over eating. That is not my problem. But, going to one of those meetings would be stressful. Everyone has to talk in front of other over weight people.

I don't mind talking in front of people but I would feel the pressure to lose weight. I would want results right away. I know that is impossible. The pressure might cause me to gain weight. I might even eat more because of the stress.

Career change

The main female character leaves her jobs that pay for her bills and her vacations for her family. The family does try to be positive about the change. Molly has a very positive family.
In the world of Mike and Molly, it does not matter how people are treated the job gets better and better.Or, the future of job is not talked about any longer.

If I lived in that world, it would very easy to get a job. Even the book deal for Molly was easy. the first book she wrote got a large check with it. That check is not reality for most writers.

A lot of writers, write because they love to write. Getting a large check is not normal for the first novel. Even career writers have to write three or more books to make a living. However, most have to take a second job.

Realistic For Me To Live There

I feel that Molly is not good with kids. That would be a big problem. I think that she would be different once she had a kid but until then it would being friends. And, bring over my child would not be easy on them.

The show would change direction completely if I was friends with Mike and Molly. I am sure my husband would love being friends with Mike, though. He is a people type of person that fits in with most people. A lot of people just like my husband.

I am sure my husband would be fast friends with Mike.


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