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TV Actors on 2 Shows

Updated on September 24, 2014

TV Quizzes -- Chains


This TV Quiz is two lists of 5 "links" in a TV Chain -- each set of two programs has one actor who starred in both (except for the first one) and that actor links to the next actor in that the next actor was also on one of the programs (s)he was in.

See if you can remember who was in each of the pairs of programs:

TV Show Chain

Which actor starred in each of these sets of TV shows?

Chain 1:

1) The Addams Family and Batman? (two answers)

2) Batman and Search?

3) Search and The Name of the Game?

4) The Name of the Game and Kate and Allie?

5) Kate and Allie and 3rd Rock from the Sun?

Chain 2:

1) Star Trek and Boston Legal?

2) Boston Legal and Murphy Brown?

3) Murphy Brown and Hope and Faith?

4) Hope and Faith and Happy Days?

5) Happy Days and Father Dowling?


Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Fourth Season
Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Fourth Season
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My Favorite Batman Villains

I was a big fan of the TV series Batman when I was young. Because I was a child, I didn't see it as campy (I only saw it that way as an adult). These were my favorite villains:

  • Catwoman (only the Julie Newmar version) -- Julie Newmar gave this character just the right amount of sexuality and just the right level of intelligence
  • Riddler (only the Frank Gorshin version) -- His laugh was his best feature, but the riddles he would leave at crime scenes added a certain cerebral level to the show
  • Marsha, Queen of Diamonds -- Caroline Jones brought the same talent she brought to the role of Morticia Addams to this Batman villain.
  • Bookworm -- Roddy McDowell was superb in this role, very cerebral (and I do like the cerebral)
  • Puzzler -- Maurice Evans, who also played Samantha's father on "Bewitched", played the Puzzler with Shakespearean panache.

I Love TV Cutting Board
I Love TV Cutting Board | Source

Batman the TV Show

Batman: The Complete First Season
Batman: The Complete First Season
I remember watching the Batman TV show when it first came out. I remember loving it -- I was very young, so it didn't seem "campy" to me. I've seen it in reruns as an adult and enjoy it from a different perspective. I hope you love it as much as I.

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Compugraph Designs' Store on Printpop

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If you like quizzes, tell me -- I like writing them. Tell me what subject you'd like to see a quiz about......

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