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Name that TV Show (TV Quiz)

Updated on October 20, 2014

Which TV show might have had an episode like this?


I've always been a quiz show fanatic and I've always loved making up quizzes. When I was young, my brother and I wrote quizzes all the time -- I've found a few of them and we always wrote the questions down but rarely the answers. For the most part, I do remember the answers, but occasionally, I run across one that I've forgotten over the years. In this quiz, I will describe a non-existent episode of a real TV show. Identify the show (using clues in the description -- like character names, etc.)

Which TV Program Might have aired the Following Episodes?

1) Ann is worried about Barbara's failing grades and Julie's new boyfriend but the real fireworks begin when her ex-husband Ed comes over.

2) Jeannie is jealous when Roger fixes Tony up with a swimsuit model.

3) Margaret discovers that she and Charles have a lot in common when he comforts her after her marriage to Donald implodes.

4) Elise decides to buy one of Nick's sculptures because she thinks it will look good in front of a house she is designing.

5) Max teaches Hymie about human nature by taking him to a baseball game.

6) Jim and Arte are assigned to protect the President, who will be hiding out in their train car.

7) Joan and Jim decide to take the twins, Trevor and Tracy, to Disney World.

8) Roger calls his cousin (who is stationed in Greenland) when Lori Beth falls ill.

9) Fran and Maxwell sneak off for a romantic weekend leaving Gracie with Niles and C.C.

10) Miss Patty puts on a dance recital to raise money to refurbish the local church/synagogue. Luke donates coffee for the dancers. Dean, recently divorced from Lindsay, quits his grocery store job.

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