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Taking Care of Vocals While Performing

Updated on March 22, 2013

Taking Care of your voice before you perform is highly important and will help you be able to sing well longer, but what about during your show? Being mindful of the state of your voice and knowing what to do to protect it during a show is crucial. Here are some tips and tricks to keeping your voice in shape.

1. Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water. Have a glass or bottle of water ready in between your sets and or after any really demanding songs. It will help you keep your mouth from going dry and feeling good over all. Just make sure it has no ice as ice will shock your voice.

2. If you feel a strain, keep quiet (after you sing)

If while you are performing you feel your voice getting extremely tired and you feel yourself struggling to get that last bit out, refrain from talking to everyone about everything when you get off stage. Rest is the best thing for a tired and over worked voice. Keep your talking to a minimal until you have to sing again.

3. Keep your voice aids with you

Honey, lemon, lozengers and vocal sprays like vocal eze are great things to keep on stand by with you while you perform. They are great pick me ups to have for your vocal chords whether in studio or on the stage.

Another good one is grapefruit juice or lemon water.

4. Stay away from Alcohol

It may be tempting to grab a drink while you are performing, during your intermission, or another time before you finish, but it will not be the best option for your voice. Alcohol dries your voice out and will make you work harder while you are in front of the microphone. Your best bet is to save that drink for after the show. Buy a bottle or a few for the after party!

These tips and tricks will help you in any type of performance. Incorporate these in your next show or tour or impromptu performance. Check me out in using some of these tips in the video below while singing in Washington Square Park. Water. Vocal Spray. Rest. No Alcohol.

Be sure to let me know any tips or tricks you have to keeping your voice in tip top shape while performing.


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