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Talented Young People. WOW!

Updated on April 10, 2016
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I have been the customer service field for over 20 years. I am a grandmother of 10 and on my second and final marriage,

There are some very talented children in the world today. I feel there is a difference in skill and natural talent. If you are willing to learn you can be taught anything, but talent, that is something that is God given. That something that comes from within. When you feel what you do from the core of your being, that’s talent. Singing is a craft that yes can be taught, but a true singer has talent. If you practice anything long enough you’re bound to be good at it. Looking at YouTube the other day for hours and I mean hours. I see some naturally talented young people that will just blow your mind. These three youngsters have chosen have some very powerful, naturally talented voices that I have not heard in a long time.

Anna Christine

I am proud to announce my first talent singer, Miss Anna Christine. This little girl has a voice to reckon with I tell you. Her talent is very natural and you can look at her while she is singing and see that she truly loves singing. Her voice is strong, powerful and she has great depth. If you were to pretend that you were on that show “The Voice” and close your eyes when this girl starts singing you would not in a million years believe that she is only ten years old?

Shaheen Jafargholi

Number two. Shaheen Jafargholi, this little boy starts off a little shaky, because whomever picked the song for him chose the wrong song. This boy was on Britain Has Talent with Simon Kyle, Simon made him sing something else and he sang, Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Loving You”. BOOM! he blew the place up. Mr. Jafargholi too has that talent you just can’t teach. You could see that he got a little nervous when Simon asked him to sing something else, then WOW! Look you judge.

Carolina Coasta

Carolina Coasta another 10 year old girl with a very powerful voice. Such depth, range, and levels where she sounds like she would be able to take this instrument that she has. Pure, natural, raw talent. Amazing.

Natalie Okri

Natalie Okri another 10 year old. These 10 year olds have some astounding talent. So pure and natural that you ask where are these voices coming from out of these little people. Have such professional ranges that it is simply amazing

Shadow Theatre Group,

Shadow Theatre Group, this is something that I have never seen before. This is so amazing that it cannot be explained in words. This act is something that is very hard to describe, I mean it is just that moving, stunning, and beautiful. The things these people do with shadows is .... WOW!

Mara Justine

Eleven year old Mara Justine belts out And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going by Jennifer Hudson and commands the stage. This was a dream of hers and she did not let it go in vain. She gave it everything she had and it paid off

Jaden Newman

Jaden Newman

Jaden Newman is headed to the WNBA if she keeps up with her skills. She also seems to be well grounded and humbled. She keeps her grades up and she practices every day. She also play on the high school team.

Jaden Jones

Jaden Jones

Jaden Jones a fifth grader who has the handle on that ball like a professional. The moves he has, the shot he has, all are extraordinary. Watch this little boy, he is going to the NBA, if he keeps this up.


These very talented young people are the future, Michael Jackson’s, Mariah Carey’s and Michael Bolton’s of tomorrow. Keep mastering your craft. Continue to use the talent that God has given you to bless those within ears reach. The talent displayed on this page is quite great. Talent that can go a very long way with the right manager and coach.

If you were to have a talent show with these types of acts back to back, it would be a very difficult decision to choose a winner. They are all winners in my book the competition to close to call

There is much talent in this world. There are some amazing singers in other countries that will shock you to unbelief. When you go on youtube or facebook there is some talent out here in this world. I think the talent of today has a better chance of being discovered than back in the day, with the smart phones because back then you had to have enough money to purchase a video camera in order to capture the things we catch easily on our phones. Technology, whats my favorite word today? AMAZING.


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