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Tara Reid Wedding plans

Updated on January 22, 2010
Tara Reid wedding
Tara Reid wedding

Beautiful actress Tara Reid and Michael Axtmann got officially engaged to wed. Internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann proposed to Tara Reid at a LA restaurant called the Little Door during dinner, it took her by surprise and she was more than happy to say YES. The couple began dating in 2009 and plan to be married in summer 2010. More details of Tara Reid Wedding plans will soon be announced as they prepare for their greatest day in their life!


Tara Reid Pictures and Videos below:

 Tara Reid is known for her wild party girl image just like Paris Hilton and was captured on camera as a drunk teen several times. Tara Reid also posed for Playboy magazine after a disastrous plastic surgery. Tara and Mike are planning to have a small, intimate wedding ceremony. This will be Tara Reid's first wedding ever. Michael Axtmann gave her a brilliant round cut ring which made her decision much easier. The other diners at the Little Door restaurant applauded and congratulated the soon to be married couple at the restaurant.

Sexy Hollywood actress Tara Reid looks absolutely gorgeous after all the fixups. She is as hot as ever especially after the damage caused by the Plastic Surgery gone bad! After a botched plastic surgery, she took a lot of heat and publicly dealt with body image issues for years. Tara bared it all as she posed for the Jan issue of Playboy. Tara Reid is 34 years old and is doing a few cameo appearances in comedy TV show 'Scrubs'.  Look at these sexy pictures of Tara Reid showing off her perfect hot body with a lot of dangerous curves.

Tara Reid previously broke off with television host Carson Daly in June 2001. Reid began dating a string of celebrity sportsmen including Russian hockey player Sergei Fedorov, American football player Tom Brady and tennis star, Mark Phillipoussis after that. Finally she found the right person in Michael and decided to marry him during summer 2010 and working on Tara Reid Wedding plans.

Wish Tara Reid the best! and a very happy married life!

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