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Reportedly Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are back dating and kissing? Two love birds?

Updated on January 9, 2013
Taylor & Taylor kissing while filming Valentine's Day
Taylor & Taylor kissing while filming Valentine's Day

Is Taylor Swift getting herself little Twilight time? Rumors are flying after Taylor reportedly spent an evening with Taylor Lautner in the hockey game. I would not be ready call these two love birds just yet but who can blame those two, really?

Taylor Swift is gonna be 20-years old this December and deserves a hunk in her life. The other Taylor, Taylor Lautner is only 17, but this Twilight star has been playing the field quite some time if tabloids are to be believed.

These two cuties are playing together in the upcoming film called Valentine's Day. This film is supposed to hit the theaters next February and I don't need to be genius to predict that teens and tweens will go nuts over it.

Some say dating rumors are just to promote the film, who knows. I'm thinking these too just could really hit it off? Maybe Taylor Lautner is the prince Taylor Swift has been looking for? If not, there will be plenty great photo opportunities for the paparazzi trying to zoom in!

Go Taylor! (and the other Taylor...)

Do you believe that Taylor's are in love?

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    • jtrader profile image

      jtrader 5 years ago

      That's news to me ;-)

    • profile image

      sean frazier 7 years ago

      may i go out with taylor swift i am a big fan of her i love her songs

    • profile image

      Ashley 8 years ago

      ONG! i can't believe they really broke up! They were so right about dating, i was exiceted about it!

    • profile image

      YooHee kawai 8 years ago

      .,wooh!!! i like them both, age doesn't matter..

      hehe they are really awesome i swear..

      thier's nothing wrong in dating..hehe

      they are y not..