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Teambuilding with Music

Updated on June 19, 2013



Team building with Music

As we all know, team cohesiveness and close bonding among employees play a very vital role in ensuring high work morale and efficiency in a corporate firm. Employees with close relationship tend to work better together and this seems to be an important objective that most companies would strive to achieve.

Companies often engage in team building events to bring their employees closer together and also to increase their morale in the company. Many team building firms out there provide really great team building games. With the wide varieties of games that are already commonly used, TravelClef - the first travelling music school in Singapore, decided to design a unique team building with music programme, where music related activities are part of the programme.

Probably the first company in Singapore to conduct team building activities that are music related, TravelClef's main objective through its unique team building programme is to bond employees together through the use of music and at the same time develop each and every individual's creativity and expression. By doing so, the end result will be 1) Close team bonding among employees 2) Improved communication among employees 3) Increased morale of employees

Music is a universal language that is everyone on this earth is able to relate to. Listening to different music will create different emotions in a person. The team building activities designed by TravelClef are specially thought true to help individuals express themselves. Only when every body in a team is able to fully express himself/herself, expressive communication will then develop and there will be room for improvement for the overall communication in the team.

One of the main activites in this team building programme is the learning of a musical instrument - the Ukulele. This particiular segment is designed such that with a common objective of learning the ukulele, employees come together to help each other with the learning of Ukulele and at the end, they are required to come up with their own written music performance whereby it will be judged and prizes will be awarded. Coming together to learn a totally new skill, and having to come together to perform will require lots of teamwork. They work together towards the same objective. This way of team building works uniquely because each and everyone gets a chance to express themselves, especially the part where they have to write their own lyrics to a song. Group mates discuss among themselves and ultimately to work together to come up with the musical performance.

TravelClef have also designed other music related games that are carried out similar to the amazing race setting where they aim to create a closer bond among employees.

Team building with music is certainly a very unique way of increasing the morale of employees in corporate firms. It is very popular in the UK and it definitely will gain popularity here in Singapore.


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