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Teen Mom's Butch paroled on his 51 st birthday! Happy Birthday Butch!

Updated on July 23, 2013
one of Butch's not too flattering mug shots!
one of Butch's not too flattering mug shots! | Source
Tyler and Catelynn circa 2010 Promotional photo for 'Teen Mom' on MTV
Tyler and Catelynn circa 2010 Promotional photo for 'Teen Mom' on MTV | Source

Happy Birthday Butch!

Butch Baltierra, 51, of MTV's 'Teen Mom and '16 & Pregnant, was paroled on June 25th, his 51st birthday. Home now for the troubled former 'reality player' is in a transitional facility in Detroit, Michigan. His movements are still restricted and monitored, but he's on the path to freedom and reentry into the community, if he can remain clean and sober, and compliant. He will remain on parole for the next two years. Butch aka Darl Lynn Baltierra, is the father of Teen Mom, dad Tyler Baliterra, and stepfather, of Catelynn Lowell, both 21. The two former 'Teen Mom' stars, are now appearing on 'Couples Therapy over on VH1. The couple was supposed to be wed in Michigan on July 13th, there were wide circulating rumors well in advance of the projected wedding date that it would not happen. The two former MTV stars issued a statement that the wedding would not go on as planned. There has been no new future date either. Baltierra is married to Catelynn's mother, April. She according to Butch, has moved away from Michigan, and is now living with her young son Nick and her father in Ohio. Butch and April met shortly after Butch got out of prison in 2009, five months later they were married. The two were introduced to each other by their children Tyler and Catelynn who were dating. As the two were saying their I DO's, their children were dealing with teenage pregnancy. Catelynn was pregnant with Tyler's daughter, when their parents tied the knot.

Butch has made some serious allegations against producers of the MTV show. He informed me, that without his knowledge, nor the knowledge of April, the show procured legal representation for both Catelynn and Tyler, so that they would eventually be able to give their baby up for adoption. Both parents were strenuously against their minor children, giving up their child for adoption. Viewers of the hit MTV show, were able to watch rather caustic arguments between the teens and Butch and April, regarding the adoption. The child now four years old, was named 'Carly', was also regularly featured on 'Teen Mom', along with her adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa. Butch has also claimed, Tyler and Catelynn, regularly engage in very loud and unhealthy interactions. He said they are 'far from a perfect couple'. He has said they tried to sell their wedding to MTV, but the music channel was not interested. He said they went over to 'VH1' for monetary gain no other reason. He also said, the money the two earned from MTV was in part used to buy a Victorian home in their native Michigan. He claims they paid cash for the home, and squandered the rest of the money on cars, clothes vacations, and handing out money to relatives that surfaced as a result of the show. One such relative that Butch specifically names is, Catelynn's biological father, Dave Lowell. Butch claims "anytime he was on the show, she paid for his plane fare, and gave him money to come to Michigan from Florida, he also got money from MTV for appearing". He claims he and April earned about five thousand a season for appearing on 'Teen Mom', plus gift cards.

According to both Tyler and Butch there appears to be some seemingly insurmountable bad blood between father and son. Tyler told me, that "my dad is an addict, and anything he says, should not automatically be believed". With the claims that Butch has made against his son, his stepdaughter, MTV and others regarding, money, scripts, plot lines, adoption, and many other issues are very disturbing, if proven to be true. He said he has no reason to lie about any of those things. He said, It's TV so it's all about entertainment, no one should be too surprised about the tactics employed'. However he says the people at MTV that went behind his and April's backs to help the adoption go through was mostly done to pad a story line. Stay tuned, it seems that more insidious details are about to surface regarding this MTV franchise, that could have very unpredictable outcomes. Hopefully Butch will walk on the right path, and stay clean and sober, time will certainly tell. Happy Birthday Butch!


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