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Teen Wolf Review: De-Void

Updated on March 11, 2014

Synopsis of "De-Void"

Deaton and Peter attempt to help Scott and Lydia develop their abilities to gain an upper hand in the battle with the Nogitsune. Sheriff Stilinski faces the review board over the fate of his job.

A Battle Begins!

Hey Friends!

Welcome to the review of episode twenty-two. Guess what! There's only two more episodes after this week's episode... so it looks like season three is coming to an end. Yeah, I'm kinda sad, but also excited. Teen Wolf has continuously delivered us nonstop entertainment that is just perfect for its audience. I'm always on the edge of my seat. So kudos to the cast and crew of Teen Wolf. They've done swimmingly. Now, let's talk about last week...

We finally learn that the Nogistune came from Kira's mother from long ago. We also learn that her mother is over nine hundred years old and quite powerful. The real question now, is how will they stop the Nogitsune without killing Stiles? His possessed state has returned and now he blatantly challenges the Wolf Pack and others. What's to happen now?


"Review of De-Void"

This week's episode of Teen Wolf continues this theme of battling with the mind and subconscious. This week, I think, is a battle for identity.

The Nogitsune lures the gang to Derek's loft in order to protect itself from the Oni only to escape to the institute it was once buried. It discovers Mrs. Yukimura there and uses her dagger to slice into itself and into Stiles's body. These flies escape its body like some form of infection. Remember these flies were in Barrow several episodes ago. So it's my assumption that these flies are a way for the Nogitsune to spread strife among its people.

Lydia attempts to find Malia, but find herself discover Stiles's wounded body in a parking lot. With Aiden's help, she takes him to Scott's house where Scott's mom, Lydia, Deaton, and Scott reside. They attempt to figure out if Stiles can be turned into a werewolf. When Derek doesn't answer, Lydia recommends they call Peter for help. He's the only one else who can help.

Derek is too busy attacking Mr. Argent for his sister's act of burning his family. It's obvious this fly has convinced him that Argent is the enemy. Aiden goes back to the school to find Ethan and they get into it immediately, but Isaac shows up and disables them with electrocution. Just when he's about to put the hurt on the twins, Allison (who was previously locked in her room by Isaac) and Kira show up to stop him. Of course this attempt fails as the wolves begin to fight each other.

Peter arrives and tells them that Stiles can't be bitten just yet. He's far too weak and might actually die. He suggest that Scott uses an Alpha ability to get inside his mind. He actually advises that Lydia joins along. A pretty good idea, I'd say. When the two of them arrive, they find Stiles after facing some pretty weird stuff. Scott is able to draw Stiles out. When they return to the real world, Stiles vomits out the Nogitsune. However, when they derobe it, it's Stiles. The other one has fled!!

The wolves return to normal, the spell broken. But now... Lydia, Peter, and the faux Stiles is missing... What is going on?? I can't wait to find out!!

Oh... and what's this secret the secret being kept from Scott? What did Melissa do so long ago? Ugh!! I need to know... does it have something do with Stiles and Scott? Could they be brothers or something?

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Things We've Forgotten

Hey Friends

This season has been a wild ride and we only have two more episodes left! Cant you believe it?? It's been such a great season and I know you're all hankering to see how it ends. What about all this other stuff we've seen and still have no answers for? I think the writers have intentionally let us forget some things for their benefit. So let's think about some thing "thinks we've forgotten".

  • Peter vowed to be the new Alpha. How will he accomplish this by season's end?
  • Kira's mother is close to death. Will she die soon?
  • Malia is Peter's daughter. How does she tie into this story?

I'm curious about those few things we've kinda forgotten or let slip our minds. I'm also concerned about this secret that Scott needs to know. What does it pertain to? Is it a matter of paternity or something far more scandalous? What about Dereks' mom? Is she still alive and why was Deucalion mentioned to be an ally? Does he have something to do with the plot behind the plot? There are a lot of things missing from this portion of the season. Will they all show up at the very end? I'm interested to see what becomes of all of this!


Star Spotlight

Tom T. Choi is in today's spotlight. He was born in South Korea and moved Iowa at the age of four. He studied Drama at the University of Washington and then went on to Los Angeles to find jobs in film and televison. Tom T. Choi currently plays Mr. Yukimura (Kira's dad) in Teen Wolf. He's been doing a great job thus far. Keep up the work Tom!

If you've recognized Tom, he's played in several popular TV shows and movies such as A.N.T., House of Lies, Switched At Birth, Prison Break, and Minority Report. He also play Liu Kang in the 2011 installment of the popular game franchise, Mortal Kombat.

Tom T. Choi
Tom T. Choi | Source

© 2014 A.E. Williams


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