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Teen Wolf Review: Illuminated

Updated on January 28, 2014

Synopsis of "Illuminated"

With a new threat curfew in place, the teens of Beacon Hills decide to throw a black light party. Meanwhile, Scott tries to get Kira to tell the truth about what happened the other night.

Kira... Has Powers!!

Hey Friends...

So it was pretty obvious that there was something about our new hot Asian chick, Kira. Yeah... I said. What I like about Kira is that she's just an overall nice person and kind and just seems to want to be left alone. Of course her parents believe she should be out there making friends (or boyfriends if you count Scott). Now I'm even more curious about Kira's family. Do they know about her electrockinesis (the ability to contort electrical energies)? Does it run in the family or is she some sort of creature like Lydia or has strange abilities like Darach?

It's all a bit confusing. I'm going to be watching very carefully over the next few episodes to find out what the heck is really going on. Not only that, but the steamy connection between Isaac and Allison. They were about to get dirty had Mr. Argent not intervened. And why did we have a one-episode villain? Surely there was a purpose to this??

Let's keep our eyes peeled, friends.


Review of "Illuminated"

So... just like usual... I'm confused.

What's so great about Teen Wolf is being in a perpetual state of confusion. We always get the plot in disjointed pieces like a puzzle. Of course, the puzzle can't be solved until we get super close to the end of the season. There are, like always, questions to address.

Episode sixteen starts out right where we left off with Isaac being attacked by these shadow ninja things. They do something to him, leaving him in a comatose-like state until Mr. Argent forces him to change and activate the healing process. He then asks Allison and Isaac to keep the incident a secret for twenty-four hours. He claims that he doesn't know anything, but of course we all know he's lying. There are few that are as knowledgeable as him. I'm sure Deaton probably knows something too.

This episode is predominantly about a black light party that Danny has decided to host. However, the venue cancels on him because of the blackout caused by Barrow (and Kira, consequently). Aiden, in an attempts to follow his brother's lead in being human and acting nice (to appeal to Scott and to join his pack), is able to get a generator and invites Danny to have the party at Derek's place. It has been abandoned for some time.

Meanwhile Kira discovers that she looks strange after having been taking a photo of. She knows now that she must retrieve her phone from evidence so that the picture isn't discovered. Stiles finds a strange set of keys in his locker, and Scott's father is keeping a secret from Scott... apparently Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles know it. It's very unsettling to have that out there. After destroying evidence, Stiles, Scott, and Kira head to the party.

Isaac, Allison, Danny, Ethan, Aiden, and Lydia are already there. It's a great time thus far, except for Lydia who can't seem to enjoy herself. Allison and Isaac enjoy their time together and Scott learns a bit more about Kira. These crazy ninjas show up and subdue Ethan and leaves a mark upon him. The same mark is thereafter found on Scott, Derek, and Isaac. Stiles makes out with a lesbian (actually bisexual) girl. The same one whose girlfriend was killed by Darach earlier in the season. He leaves the party to follow a lead.

Derek eventually shows up, stops the party, and the shadow ninjas enter and brand their mark upon a fifth person, Aiden. Lydia has also been marked. It seems these things are after supernatural beings. Kira witnesses the battle that short-lived with the rising sun. It seems like these things don't like sunlight. In all this calamity, Allison finally attempts to call her dad, but he doesn't answer because he's mortally wounded.

All in all, a fairly enjoyable episode. I wish there had been more!! Oh... and what's this about Stiles being the one who wrote Kira's name on the board? Has he been hypnotized or something?? Ugh... I guess we'll have to wait until next time.

Will Ethan and Aiden Gain Scott's Trust?

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4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of "Illuminated"

My Predictions

So Kira has been compared to a fox now. I'm curious as to what kind of fox she might be. Apparently it's some sort of armor so it's curious as to what kind of armor and from what. Everything is so up in the air right now! My gut tells me that more has happened than we have seen. Somehow everything is connected. How? According to my brain, these ninja creatures come straight from the Nemeton, perhaps trapped. They might be recruiting them for some reason.

  • Lydia will find that her banshee abilities no longer work
  • Scott and the wolves will have difficulty controlling their powers
  • Kira's power will continue to grow. She might even be the one thing that can fight the ninjas
  • Stiles will discover a way to pluck memories from lost time
  • Mr. Argent will go deep into a coma

I also think the twins' role will grow over the next few episodes. They will win Scott's favor pretty soon, I'm sure. Though it will be a long road to forgiveness. Also, Allison's grandfather will show back up. He might actually have something to with this. That's my guess. He most certainly hasn't died yet.


Star Spotlight

Crystal Reed is in today's spotlight. I honestly don't think I've discussed her at all. One of the main characters of the show! Crystal Reed has been on Teen Wolf since its beginnings and it would be a shame to not feature her sooner or later. She is a stellar actress and it's a pleasure to watch her every week.

Crystal Reed hasn't done too much by way of acting. She grew up in Detroit where she learned to dance in high school and eventually into theatre and acting. She's guest starred in several popular shows including CSI, CSI: NY, and Rizzoli & Isles. She's also done some films and her credits include Skyline, and Crazy, Stupid, Love. She was married for a brief moment and has dated Co-Star Daniel Sharman before breaking up in June 2013.

Crystal Reed
Crystal Reed | Source

© 2014 A.E. Williams


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