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Teen Wolf Review: More Bad Than Good

Updated on February 8, 2014

Synopsis of "More Good Than Bad"

Scott and the gang attempts to hunt down the coyote that Scott believes is Kira. Meanwhile Peter and Derek escape with the help of an unlikely friend. Stiles tries his hardest not to fall under the pressure of his dementia.

Stiles Might Go Crazy

Hey Friends!

So last week's mid-season premiere was out of control! Am I right? Not only have our favorite three characters been succumbed to dangerous hallucinations, but also Derek and Peter have been captured. In fact, they've been led back to the very same spot as before. It's like we're repeating something. Anyone believe it's an Argent behind this? Also we have Kira, this new character who may or may not be a Coyote under the full moon. I'm unsure of how this going to add into the storyline.

We also have Sheriff Stilinski fighting from his job after Scott's father put him under investigation. This part of season three has gotten off to an awesome start and I can't wait to share the events of last night's episode. You're be giddy like a schoolgirl afterwards.

Review of "More Good Than Bad"

Hey Friends,

I want to first and foremost apologize for an error in last week's review. I misunderstood Scott when he recognized the wolf as "Kira". He actually said "Malia", the girl who had been presumed dead eight years ago. This is also the same girl that Stiles's father had decided to search for after evidence suggests a wolf may have been involved in the incident. Now that I've cleared that up, let's talk.

Scott was unable to find the were-coyote again after it disappeared into the woods. However, Stiles was able to find its den. Inside it were valuable objects of Malia's. Her father is going crazy now as signs of her survival continue to happen.Stiles takes a doll with him in hopes that Scott may be able to get a scent out of it. Scott is sure that the wolf is Malia. Perhaps she had lost her humanity some time ago.

When they arrive at school a wonderfully awkward moment occurs between Kira and Scott. She spent two hours research Bardo... the "in-between" state of life and death. She forgot the material, but her father brought it for her "here's the research for that guy you like." It was wonderfully angsty! It was awesome!

When Stiles has trouble in class, Scott must help him out and prevent an oncoming panic attack. Kira, as kind as she is, attempts to return their bags they forgot but winds up cornered by the Coyote in the locker room. Lucky for her, Scott is able to help. Meanwhile Derek and Peter and rescued by the Emissary we thought was killed by Deucalion. Now she just works for him. The people who captured them had a box made of Rowan Wood (Tree that Mountain Ash is made of) and inside the box was Mountain Ash. The Emissary plucked out the contents to reveal a strange cylindrical object with the same symbol as on Derek's back. What is it?

Allison is enlisted to shoot the wolf down in order to protect it from Malia's father who has gone stir crazy. He actually lays bear traps all over the woods in hopes of catching the wolf that may have killed his daughter. With Deaton's medicine, and Isaac's encouragement, Allison gets her shooting ability back. Scott, after learning a bit from the twins, discovers the ability to force someone to turn from human to wolf or vice versa. This is an Alpha ability.

Alas, all ends well. Scott forces Malia to turn back human and she is reunited with her father. Sheriff Stilinski is let off the hook because of it, Stiles gets his reading ability back. It seems almost too good to be true, really. Oh... yeah... what's with the fireflies coming from the Nemeton? What form are they taking and why and by whose orders? Stranger things have happened in Beacon Hills I guess. We'll just have to find out, won't we?

Has The "Door" Been Closed?

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5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of "More Good Than Bad"

My Predictions

So my predictions last week weren't as spot on as I'd hoped. I'm pretty sure about the Allison and Isaac dynamic. Nothing will happen until Allison says it does. She can't be that dumb. She knows how he feels and its very obvious. She doesn't even seem to acknowledge Isaac's presence. She's too distracted. And of course, Stiles and Lydia belong together. Her almost getting her leg torn off was a dramatic scene in and of itself. Stiles saved her and she won't forget it. Now... what's up with the fireflies? Here are today's predictions

  • The fireflies are a sign that another contortionist of nature is afoot. Probably a druid or wizard or some sort
  • Lydia and Stiles will continue to grow closer
  • Kira and Scott will start getting to know each other even more. If history proves right, she has a secret.
  • The emissary will do little to explain Deucalion's support
  • Malia has become Scott's first beta

I don't know... there are so many forces out there. I cannot even guess what the writers have for us. I guess we'll just have to wait until next week.


Star Spotlight

Matthew Del Negro is in today's spotlight. This American actor plays Agent McCall, Scott's dad. Matthew Del Negro is a New York native who went to school in Boston. He was a lacrosse player back then.

Matthew Del Negro has not had many major parts. He has, however, appeared in many popular shows over the years. These shows include The West Wing, Law & Order, Las Vegas, and Startgate: Alantis. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him on Teen Wolf and his take on the portrayal of Scott McCall's father.

Matthew Del Negro  in "Rizolli and Isles"
Matthew Del Negro in "Rizolli and Isles" | Source

© 2014 A.E. Williams


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