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Television Discussion: The Seven Worst Disney Deaths.

Updated on April 2, 2013

Disney movies have long been a staple of childhood memories. I can remember being six or so years old and watching these movies on the couch with my parents. Good times. However, looking back, we tend to see things in a slightly different light.

Below is a list comprised of what I believe to be the worst deaths in Disney movies of all time. Keep in mind, I enjoy most of these movies (I don't like The Hunchback of Notre Dame so much, but that's okay).

The deaths are ranked in no particular order - They're all kind of nasty.

The Little Mermaid: Ursula

Besides the ability of this scene to scare small children, we actually see the ship appear out of her back. She is stabbed straight through. Sure, there's no blood, but it's still not a very pleasant thing to think about.

(The video below is in Greek; Disney removed all of the English Versions)

The Lion King: Scar

Hyenas = Hungry fellows.
Scar = Meat.
Time = Dinner time.

Get the picture?

Mulan: Shan-Yu

Perhaps it's just me, but being blown up by an entire building full of fireworks doesn't sound like my idea of a good way to go.

Tarzan: Clayton

Now, I'm not saying that Clayton didn't get what was coming to him, and it certainly was his own fault. But being hanged? I'm not a fan.

Keep an eye out for the upper-left corner of the screen where we see a silhouette of Clayton's lifeless body.

(The video below is in Finnish; unfortunately Disney removed all of the english versions.)

Beauty and the Beast: Gaston

Here, Beast pulls a Simba move and decides to spare Gaston's life. Unfortunately, this lands Beast a stab in the side and Gaston is left to fall to his doom into a cluster of spikes just waiting to impale someone. Vlad Tepes anyone?

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Frollo

Besides being the incarnation of every evil thing imaginable, this guy isn't so bad. Just kidding folks, although, was it right for Disney to throw him into an everlasting lake of fire? [read: hell]

The Incredibles: Syndrome

By far my least favorite, and the most nasty death, Syndrome's demise takes the cake. Being sucked into the turbine of an engine and then blown up would lead to the biggest chunk of him left probably being no more than an inch or two in any dimension; and certainly not recognizable. Bad form, Disney... bad form.

Well, I suppose these movies wouldn't be worth watching if there weren't some way to show the enemy being utterly destroyed. I'll leave it up to you to decide the morals behind it.


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    • Epsilon5 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Eastern Pennsylvania

      Indeed. Just a bit worrisome. Thanks for reading. :)

    • Lissa Lynn profile image

      Melissa Simmons 

      9 years ago from upstate NY

      Wow, I'd never thought of that before, good hub...I'm a little scared to tune into the next Disney film now..


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