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Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 11 (1973 - 1974)

Updated on September 20, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 11 (1973 - 1974)

Doctor Who is one of the longest running British Television Shows and in this article I am going to explore the episodes from Season 11.

Title: Doctor Who Season 11
Dates: 1973 - 1974
Number of Serials: 5
Total Number of Episodes: 26
Doctor Regeneration: The Third Doctor
Doctor Actor: Jon Pertwee

070 - The Time Warrior (4 episodes)
Sarah Jane Smith, a journalist is impersonating her aunt to gain access to a research centre. Many scientists from the centre have been taken into protective custody by Unit who are also investigating the disappearance of many scientists. The missing scientists have been taken by a Sontaran called Linx and transported to medieval England, where they are forced to repair the Sontaran's ship. The Doctor figures out where the scientists are and follows through time in the Tardis. Sarah Jane Smith stows away on the Tardis. The Sontaran has taken refuge with a robber baron called Irongron and given him advanced weapons in exchange for his safe keep to use on rival castles. The Doctor helps stop one such attack before conspiring with Sarah to drug everyone at Irongron's kitchen in order to steal the weapons. With the help of a scientist The Doctor sends the scientists back to their own time using Linx's basic time travel device. Linx's kills Irongron before an archer kills the Sontaran with an arrow to his probic vent. The Doctor and Sarah escape in the Tardis just before the Sontaran ship explodes.

071 - Invasion of the Dinosaurs (6 episodes)
The Doctor has taken Sarah Jane Smith back to 20th Century London to find the city totally deserted. They eventually meet up with Unit after being confronted by looters. Unit explains that London has had been plagued with several prehistoric monsters randomly appearing. The monsters are being pulled through time by a scientist called Whitaker and his goon Butler who are bringing the beasts to London to clear the town of people. The Doctor investigates but finds obstacles at every turn, especially from Unit’s Captain Yates and the Army General Finch who both appear to be in league with the scientist. Sarah Jane Smith goes to the Government Minister in charge of the investigation to try and offer her help. Unfortunately Sir Charles Yates, the minister appears to also be part of the conspiracy. Sarah Jane Smith is captured and put under hypnosis before finding herself on a spaceship that is travelling to colonize another world. Over time it becomes clear to Sarah Jane Smith that the whole spaceship is a fake and all the people on the ship have also been duped. The Conspirators in reality want to return London to a 'Golden Age' before it was polluted so civilization can start afresh by transporting the fake ship back in time. The Doctor and the Brigadier raid the base of the conspirators and manage to adjust the Time Travel device. Grover activates the device and it results in Grover and Whitaker being transported back to the Time of the dinosaurs. The Brigadier pushes Yates to resign from Unit.

072 - Death to the Daleks (4 episodes)
The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith arrive on the planet Exxilon where all electrical energy is being siphoned away by an unknown force. They encounter a Marine Space Corps expedition from Earth which are hunting the planet for Parrinium, a cure to a plague that is ravishing the galaxy. The Marine Space Corps ship has also been disabled due to the electrical power drains. Sarah Jane Smith sees a magnificent edifice and follows it only to get kidnapped by savage natives. The Doctor encounters Daleks, who are heavily affected by the Electrical drain. They enter an uneasy alliance with The Doctor and they are all kidnapped by the local Exxilons. The Doctor manages to save Sarah Jane Smith's from being executed, but is sentenced to Death himself. The two escape but encounter Daleks who are armed with mechanical weapons. They encounter an enlightened Exxilon who tells them the city was created by their people before they their greediness caused their own downfall. The Doctor deduces that the city beacon is the root of the power drain and plans to disable it. The Doctor faces several deadly tasks on his way to reach the beacon and once there he overloads the central computer with his sonic screwdriver. The Daleks attempt to take all the Parrinium but a human triggers a bomb on their ship. In the meanwhile Sarah has smuggled all the Parrinium to the Earth ship and aids their escape. As the City collapses the Doctor sadly says the Universe only has 699 Wonders left now.

073 - The Monster of Peladon (6 episodes)
The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith return to Peladon, a half century after his last visit. King Peladon's daughter Thalira is now queen and is closely advised by Chancellor Ortron who arrests The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith for trespassing on sacred ground but Alpha Centauri, now the planets Galactic Federation ambassador clears them of all charges. A ghostly image of the Aggedor has been appearing to miners and killing them creating a state of unrest. The Doctor works out the apparitions are the result of the engineer Eckersley's heat ray. Eckersley is working with Martian warriors led by commander Azaxyr in an attempt to take all the trisilicate deposits to aid in their war against the Federation. Azaxyr sends an attack and kills Ortron. The Doctor turns the heat ray against the Martians and other Martians are killed by the miners. Eckersley escapes but the Doctor tracks him down with the help of the real Aggedor. Both Eckersley and the Aggedor both die in the conflict. The Martians surrender to the Federation and Queen Thalira offers the Doctor a job as her new Chancellor. The Doctor rejects the offer and suggests Gebek, the lead miner is the best man for the job.

074 - Planet of the Spiders (6 episodes)
Sarah Jane Smith goes to visit a friend, Mike Yates who is staying at a Buddhist meditation centre. On arrival The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith discover that a man called Lupton is leading people into a meditation ritual which is actually communicating with powerful alien forces. The Aliens manifest as a Giant Spider, an emissary from the Metebelis 3 who is in search of the Blue Crystal the Doctor previously acquired. The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith travel to Metebelis 3 and try to help the colonists overthrow the Giant Spider. On returning to Earth, the Doctor encounters his former Time Lord Mentor and is sent back to Metebelis 3, where the revolution has failed. The Doctor begs audience with the ‘Great One’, the head spider and offers the crystal openly. The Great One takes the crystal and uses it to complete a crystal device which will apparently increase her mental ability to infinity. The rising power does not have the desired effect and she dies in the process. This causes the mountain to explode and all the other Spiders die in the blast. The Doctor’s mentor is killed whilst protecting Yates from a spider attack, but Kanpo regenerates into the form of his own companion. Weeks later the Doctor is returned to Unit’s headquarters, where he regenerates due to the radiation in the Great One’s cave.


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