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Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 2 (1964 – 1965)

Updated on September 18, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 2 (1964 – 1965)

Doctor Who is one of the longest running British Television Shows and in this article I am going to explore the episodes from Season 2.

Title: Doctor Who Season 2

Dates: 1964 – 1965
Number of Serials: 9
Total Number of Episodes: 39
Doctor Regeneration: The First Doctor
Doctor Actor: William Hartnell.

009: Planet of Giants (3 Episodes)
The Tardis console warns of a problem after landing on earth but nothing looks amiss when looking through the visualization. After exiting the Tardis they realize that they have been miniaturized and the see huge dead insects all around them. The insects have been poisoned by a lethal untested and unsuitable poison called DN6. Struggling with their minute size they attempt to stop the use of the poison before it causes major effect to the planet. They succeed in their mission and leave in the Tardis hoping they will land in regular size.

010: The Dalek invasion of Earth (6 Episodes)
The Daleks land on earth in 2164 to find London in ruins and destruction. Daleks have come and are killing or converting all humans to robomen. Some companions are taken hostage and the Doctor attempts to rescue them. They are faced against the Slyther, a pet of the Black Dalek and they discover the Daleks are attempting to blow out the earth's core so they can pilot the earth like a ship. Susan falls in love with a human called David and chooses to stay on earth. The Doctor, Barbara and Ian leave in the Tardis.

011: The Rescue (2 Episodes)
The Doctor, Ian and Barbara land on a planet called Dido which he instantly recognises. Two survivors of a crash, Vicki and Bennett are waiting for rescue and warn the trio of the Koquillion, a bipdeal inhabitant of the planet. Barbara kills a sand beast, a friend of Vicki without realizing it was not dangerous. Bennett admits he killed all the crew of the ship and Vicki agrees to join the Doctor and travel with him through Time and Space.

012: The Romans (4 Episodes)
The Tardis lands in the bottom of a cliff in Ancient Rome. The four travellers occupy a roman house whose residents seem to be away. The Doctor and Vicki head for Rome whilst Barbara and Ian stay in the house. Barbara and Ian are taken hostage and are traded as slaves. Barbara and Ian manage to eventually escape and return to the villa before the Doctor returns. On the Doctor's journey to Rome he gets entangled in an assassins plot and manages to eventually debunk it. Returning to the cabin safely, The Doctor, Vicki, Barbara and Ian travel on in the Tardis.

013: The Web Planet (6 Episodes)
The Tardis is pulled to the planet Vortis, a place with a thin atmosphere and strange rock formations everywhere. Vicki suffers from a form of time sickness and Barbara helps her while Ian and the Doctor explore. The Doctor notices something is amiss with the planet whilst Barbara is influenced by an unknown force. Barbara is captured by the Menoptra and Vicki is taken by the Zarbi. The tardis is also taken and soon so are The Doctor and Ian. They learn the Animus a strange alien force has taken over the Zarbi and started a war between the two races. The four eventually meet up and eventually take down the Animus and restore peace to the planet before riding off in the Tardis.

014: The Crusade (4 Episodes)
The Tardis appears in 12th Century Palestine and the Doctor and his companions find themselves in the middle of the Third Crusade. Barbara is taken hostage by the Saracens. The other three make their way to the King's Court in a hope to sort things out but are treated badly. After escaping and being recaptured they manage to return to the Tardis and escape.

015: The Space Museum (4 Episodes)
The Tardis lands near a large Space Museum on the planet Xeros. When they emerge from the Tardis, nobody can see them and it appears that the Tardis seems to have crossed its own time line. There appears to be a race called the Moroks who run the museum and a race called the Xerons who are used as the primitive labourers. Whilst exploring the museum the Doctor and his companions encounter a strange exhibit: themselves. The exhibit soon disappears as the time lines converge and the Moroks start hunting down the Doctor and his companions then attempt to freeze them so they can be added to the exhibition. Vicki makes contact with the Xerons and helps them start an uprising and revolution against the Moroks. The revolution helps free the Doctor, Ian and Barbara and they manage to escape to the Tardis. The Doctor takes along a souvenir, a Time – Space Visualiser.

016: The Chase (6 Episodes)
The Tardis lands on a planet which the Time – Space Visualiser shows is hospitable to explore. Ian and Vicky find a trap door in the dessert and get trapped below whilst being haunted by Mire Beasts. The Doctor and Barbara are relaxing when they notice on the Time –Space Visualiser that the Daleks are going to follow them and attempt to take the Tardis and exterminate them. The Daleks arrive and capture the Tardis, but all four travellers are rescued by humanoid amphibians, the Aridians. The four companions manage to escape and get back to the Tardis, but the Daleks follow them through the time Vortex all around the universe. They chase the companions through several planets including Earth. The Daleks release a killer robot who attempts to transform into the Doctor and replace him. Steven Taylor, a human astronaut helps them escape and also boards the Tardis without anybody knowing. At the close of the Episode the Doctor returns Barbara and Ian to London as they feel they have travelled enough.

017: The Time Meddler (4 Episodes)
The Tardis lands and The Doctor and Vicky discover Steven is aboard. They end up in 1066 and notice several things wrong with history. The Battle of Hastings hasn’t happened, and a local monastery have a gramophone and a toaster. The war between the Saxons and Vikings rages on but nothing is correct. There are many things out of place and many things out of their own time. All signs lead back to a mysterious character called “The Monk” who is revealed to be a Time Lord himself. He has been meddling with time and changing history for no good reason. After being captured and released, the war comes to a forefront and The Doctor and his companions manage to tamper with the Meddling Monk’s Tardis so he can never leave 1066. The three manage to sneak away in his Tardis leaving his Time Lord Brother behind.


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