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Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 3 (1965 – 1966)

Updated on September 18, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 3 (1965 – 1966)

Doctor Who is one of the longest running British Television Shows and in this article I am going to explore the episodes from Season 3.

Title: Doctor Who Season 3
Dates: 1965 – 1966
Number of Serials: 10
Total Number of Episodes: 45
Doctor Regeneration: The First Doctor
Doctor Actor: William Hartnell.

018: Galaxy 4 (4 Episodes)
The Tardis lands on a planet in Galaxy 4. They encounter small robots which are controlled by reptilian Rills who are at war with the Drahvins. Both species are not native to the planet and their ships crash landed here. The planet is set to be destroyed soon, and both ships are irreparable, but the war started because they each wanted each other’s ship as they believed it would free them. The Doctor tries to resolve the war but it does not work. He then develops a suitable power source for the Rill ship and they first agree to take the Drahvins with them, but in the end double cross them. The Rill escape before the planet is destroyed, but the Drahvins all perish on the planet. The Doctor, Vicki and Steven escape on the Tardis.

019: Mission to the Unknown (1 Episode)
This is a Dalek special individual episode that has none of the regular cast. The story focuses around Marc Cory, a human who attempts to warn earth about the upcoming Dalek plan.

020: The Myth Makers (4 Episodes)
This Serial of Doctor Who is set in Homeric Troy and is based on the book Iliad by Homer. The Doctor lands on the plains of Asia Minor and is hailed as the God Zeus. After it is discovered he is not Zeus, Odysseus and Agamemnon give the Doctor two days to plan a capture of Troy. Steven and Vicki are taken by the Trojans and are also given two days to banish the Greeks. The Doctor is forced to invent the “Wooden Horse” to capture Troy. Steven is wounded in a climactic battle, and the trio are helped back to the Tardis by Katarina. Vicki decides to stay as she falls in love with a man but Katarina joins the Doctor.

021: The Dalek’s Master Plan (12 Episodes)
This episode follows up episode 019: Mission to the unknown. The Doctor and companions meet Bret Vyon, a member of the SSS (Space Security Service).They catch up with Marc Cory and learn of the Dalek’s scheme and plan to warn the earth’s authorities. Unfortunately the guardian of the Earth’s solar system is in league with the Daleks. The doctor manages to stop the Dalek’s ‘Time Destructor’ by stealing its taranium core. Katarina sacrifices herself to save the others. Sara Kingdom is sent to track down the Doctor and his comrades but kills her own brother before the Time travellers tell her the truth. The meddling monk shows his face once again, and then The Doctor, Steven and Sara Kingdom return to the Tardis to escape but Sara is unfortunately killed before they can set off.

022: The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve (4 Episodes)
The Doctor arrives in 16th Century France and plans to visit Charles Preslin, the famous apothecary. Steven makes friends with a few Hugenots from the ‘Protestant Admiral de Coligny’. Anne Chaplet, a young serving girl gives the Hugenots the first inclination of a plan from the Catholic Queen Mother to have all Protestants killed. After a tale of body doubles and confusion the time travellers meet up and escape. They land in Wimbledon, London 1966 and find a new companion: Dorothea Dodo Chaplet.

023: The Ark (4 Episodes)
The Tardis travels millions of years into the future and lands on a human salvation ship which is carrying plant life, animal life and human life to a new world. They destination is Refusis II, a 700 year journey away. Dodo unfortunately has a cold, and infects the Monoids, who are the crew of the ship. This far in the future a common cold is unheard of and therefore seriously weakens the crew’s systems. They accuse the Doctor and his companions of sabotage, and the Doctor is forced to find a cure. They leave quickly, but return to the ship as it is approaching the planet many years later. The whole dynamic has changed and the Monoids are now developed and have enslaved the Humans on board. They plan to conquer the planet they are going to, but the Doctor persuades the Monoids to share and live peacefully with the Refusians, the current inhabitants of the island.

024: The Celestial Toymaker (4 Episodes)
The Doctor, Steven and Dodo land in a strange reality where they are controlled by the Celestial Toymaker, an immortal enigmatic entity. This Toymaker forces them to play games which will determine their outcome in survival and freedom. The Doctor is forced to play a complex Trilogic game and Steven and Dodo end up playing against childhood toys which have been animated in a deadly fashion. The Doctor ends up beating the Toymaker and manages to trick the Toymaker into letting them escape.

025: The Gunfighters (4 Episodes)
The Tardis lands in Tombstone, a town in the Wild West. The Doctor is looking for a dentist after hurting his tooth. The dentist he finds is Doc Holiday, a man who is in the middle of a feud with the Clanton family. The lawmen are trying to keep everything peaceful but the fight escalates. The trio then are attacked by a lynch mob, and they only barely survive, and watch the famous gunfight at OK Corral before returning to the Tardis to escape.

026: The Savages (4 Episodes)
The Doctor, Steven and Dodo land on a distant world that seems all peaceful and wonderful. Soon enough they realize that not all is as it seems, and a group of civilized ‘Elders’ only maintain their control and advanced society by draining the life force of the defenseless savages who also live on the island. The Doctor is outraged, but all looks bleak when the leader of the Elders taps into the Doctors life-force. This had unexpected consequences as the Elder leader also earns the Doctor’s morals and attitudes which totally turn his conscious around. The Elder leader ends up leading the fight against his old community, and he fights for the freedom of the savages. Steven decides to stay and become the new leader of the Elders. Dodo and The Doctor leave in the Tardis.

027: The War Machines (4 Episodes)
Dodo and The Doctor return to 1966 and visit Professor Brett at the Post Office Tower. They see his creation, the new super computer WOTAN [Will Operating Thought ANalogue] which appears to be a machine that can actually think for its self. Soon it becomes clear that the machine thinks humans are inferior and they should be enslaved. WOTAN assembles an army and a war soon breaks out. The Doctor captures one of WOTAN’s drones and reprograms it to destroy WOTAN. Dodo, back in her home time decides to stay but just before the Tardis materializes Polly and Ben Jackson enter the Tardis.


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