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Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 4 (1966 – 1967)

Updated on September 18, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 4 (1966 – 1967)

Doctor Who is one of the longest running British Television Shows and in this article I am going to explore the episodes from Season 4.

Title: Doctor Who Season 4
Dates: 1966 – 1967
Number of Serials: 9
Total Number of Episodes: 43
Doctor Regeneration: The First Doctor & The Second Doctor
Doctor Actor: William Hartnell & Patrick Troughton

028 - The Smugglers (4 episodes)
The Doctor, Ben and Polly land in 17th Century Cornwall. Captain Samuel Pike, his henchman Cherub and their band of pirates are hunting for treasure whilst a local smuggling ring is trying to sell some stolen contraband. The Doctor is kidnapped by the pirates after learning a cryptic rhyme that details the location of the hidden treasure. The Doctor escapes but is forced to reveal the location of the treasure, and the pirates ransack the location. The local militia arrive soon after and a fight erupts between the militia and the pirates. The Doctor, Ben and Polly make off to the Tardis whilst the fighting acts as a diversion.

029 - The Tenth Planet (4 episodes)
The Tardis lands in December 1986 near the South Pole. At a local Space Tracking Station General Cutler is trying to guide to safety a manned space capsule which has gotten itself into difficulty. The Doctor tries to help and realizes the Capsule is pulled off course by another planets orbit which is heading for the earth. Soon cybermen appear, and it is revealed that the planet, called Mondas is draining energy from earth and was once its twin planet. The cybermen want to take all humans to Mondas so they can be converted into cybermen and a battle between the two races begins. Cutler wants to deploy a powerful Z-Bomb but Ben stops him and Mondas is destroyed after absorbing too much energy. All cybermen perish as they were dependent on their planet and the Doctor hurries back to the Tardis heavily weakened and eventually regenerates.

030 - The Power of the Daleks (6 episodes)
The new Doctor, Ben and Polly travel to Vulcan a colony planet of Earth. The Doctor witnesses a murder and finds an unrestricted access card on the body. The dead man was a researcher who was investigating a group of rebels. A scientist comes across a crashed space capsule which contains inert Daleks. He attempts to reactivate the Daleks even though the Doctor warns him of their danger. The Daleks claim to be servants of the colonists and they take advantage of the colonists trust. The Daleks create a reproduction plant to increase their numbers and the Doctor is forced to destroy the plant and all the Daleks. The trio manage to return to the Tardis and slip away.

031 - The Highlanders (4 episodes)
The Tardis lands in Scotland after the battle of Culloden. The doctor gains the trust of the highlanders by tending to one of their injured. Polly is fetching water with Kirsty, the daughter of the injured man, and whilst they are away the others are captured by Redcoat troops. A bent solicitor gains custody of the prisoners and plans to sell them off as slaves. Polly and Kirsty try and help and the Doctor smuggles arms to the highlanders from a stolen ship. The ship is returned to its rightful owner and the Doctor saves the day. The trio return to the Tardis and are joined by Jamie McCrimmon, a young piper.

032 - The Underwater menace (4 episodes)
The Tardis lands on what seems to be an extinct volcanic island. The Four travellers are soon captured and taken deep below the Earth to a hidden civilization - The Lost city of Atlantis. The Atlanteans worship a goddess named Amdo and have operated on several people to enable them to breathe underwater. These Fish People are used to collect edible plankton on which the whole community survive on. An evil scientist, Zaroff tells everyone he can raise the civilization to the surface but in reality his plan will make the planet explode. The Doctor ends up saving the day by flooding the city. Everyone except Zaroff survives.

033 - The Moonbase (4 episodes)
The Tardis lands on the Moon in 2070AD. A weather control station is infected by a disease that is soon discovered to be a poison planted by the Cybermen. Polly is the brains of the solution in this story because she works out the Cybermen have chests that are made from a lighter plastic. They manage to destroy the Cybermen by a cocktail of chemicals fired from extinguishers that penetrate the chest of Cybermen. A second wave of Cybermen who attack on the moon’s surface are stopped by using the gravity-generating weather control system. The Gravity is turned off and the cybermen and sent flying into space. The travellers return to the Tardis knowing they have successfully stopped a cybermen attack.

034 - The Macra Terror (4 episodes)
The Doctor follows an image of a giant claw he has seen on the Tardis’s scanner to a planet that the Earth colonises in the future. The Doctor, Polly, Ben and Jamie follow the chief of police to the main colony which feels like a holiday camp. Soon the Doctor starts to realise something is wrong as stories of creatures stalking the settlement at night emerge. The four travellers try to investigate, and are captured and bought before a leader who attempts to hypnotize them. It appears all residents in the Colony are working for the Macra, a giant crab like species. The brainwashed civilians are made to mine toxic gas which is needed by the Macra to survive. The Doctor manages to destroy the gas pumping equipment, and the Macra are all killed. Freedom is bought to the colony and the Doctor and his companions fly away into the night.

035 - The Faceless Ones (6 episodes)
The Tardis lands in South London near Gatwick Airport in 1966. A murder is committed in a nearby hanger that Polly witnesses. Polly is kidnapped by the murderer, Spencer of Chameleon Tours. Ben then vanishes, and Jamie and The Doctor try to convince the Airport authorities that something is wrong. It appears other people have been kidnapped, especially youngsters from Chameleon Tours. After some digging it is revealed that the Chameleons are aliens who are kidnapping humans to steal their identities as they have lost their own after a major accident on their planet. The doctor offers to help the Chameleon find another solution to their problem if they let the humans go. Ben and Polly decide to stay on earth as it is the same year they left on the Tardis. The Doctor and Jamie head off towards the Tardis.

036 - The Evil of the Daleks (7 episodes)
The Doctor cannot find his Tardis and a mysterious antiques dealer called Edward Waterfield seems to be responsible. He cunningly leads The Doctor and Jamie into a trap and they are transported to 1867, Edwards own time. Here Edward’s daughter is being held hostage by the Daleks and will only be released in exchange for the Doctor. The Daleks then force the Doctor to monitor Jamie so they can isolate the human quality that is always responsible for the Human victory over the Daleks. The Doctor manages to isolate the quality, and implants it into test Daleks which become friendly and playful. The Dalek Emperor teleports everyone to Skaro, the Dalek home world and reveals his master plan. His aim had been to isolate the Daleks murderous controlling nature and spread it to all humans in existence. The Doctor manages to add the human quality to several Daleks, and invokes a civil war between the Human Quality Daleks and the traditional Daleks. It appears all the Daleks are killed and so is Edward Waterfield. The Doctor asks his daughter, Victoria to come with him, and she joins the Doctor and Jamie in the Tardis.


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