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Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 6 (1968 – 1969)

Updated on September 18, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 6 (1968 – 1969)

Doctor Who is one of the longest running British Television Shows and in this article I am going to explore the episodes from Season 6.

Title: Doctor Who Season 6
Dates: 1968 – 1969
Number of Serials: 7
Total Number of Episodes: 44
Doctor Regeneration: The Second Doctor
Doctor Actor: Patrick Troughton

044 - The Dominators (5 episodes)
The Tardis arrives on the planet Dulkis which in under threat from two Dominators: Rago and his soldier Toba. Robotic servers known as the Quarks and native slave workers work for Rago as he attempts to drill bore whole so he can fire rockets at the planet's core. The plan is to drop at atomic capsule into the explosion which will create radioactive fuel for the Dominator's space fleet. The Dulcan civilians are mainly pacifists and are not trying to stop the Dominators so the Doctor steps in. With the help of his travellers and a local boy called Cully they intercept the seed pod and drop it into the Dominators Ship. The Dominators ship is destroyed and Dulkis is saved. The Doctor tells Jamie that only one area on Dulkis will feel the effects of the Dominator's ship exploding and it turns out that is where The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are.

045 - The Mind Robber (5 episodes)
To escape the exploding volcano on Dulkis, the Doctor does an emergency manoeuvre which pulls the Tardis out of regular Space and Time. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe land in the void and are menaced by white robots. The Doctor and Jamie return to the Tardis and believe they escape until the Tardis explodes around them. They find themselves in a world of fiction where they encounter giant clockwork soldiers, Rapunzel and Gulliver. The area is controlled by the Master who in turn is controlled by the Master brain. The Master wants to escape and tries to force the Doctor to take his place. The Master brain plans to take over the Earth. The Doctor challenges the Master whilst Zoe and Jamie try to overload the Master Brain. The White Robots destroy the Master Brain and in confusion and the Master is freed. The Tardis re-appears and the trio manage to escape.

046 - The Invasion (8 episodes)
The Tardis appears in 1970's England and encounter Isobel, a girl searching for her missing uncle. The Doctor takes on the case and starts searching at International Electromatics, his last place of employment. His suspicions grow deeper when he runs into Brigadier Lethbridge - Stewart who is in charge of UNIT and it told that there have been several disappearances from International Electromatics. It is revealed that the head of IE, Vaughn, is working alongside Cybermen who are trying to invade Earth. Vaughn is secretly plotting against the Cybermen as he wants the power for himself and is developing a weapon against the Cybermen. The Cybermen start to invade and the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe hide in safety. The invasion is bought to a climax and is eventually defeated. The trio escape in the Tardis to the amazement of Isobel and UNIT.

047 - The Krotons (4 episodes)
The Tardis lands on the planet of the Gonds who are being slowly enslaved by the Krotons, an alien civilization whose ship crashed on the planet thousands of years ago. The Krotons are in a suspended crystalline form at the moment and they are attempting to drain the mental energy of the Gonds before killing them. The Doctor and Zoe are taken by the Krotons as they are mentally strong enough to revive them, but with the help of a Gond scientist they are able to destroy the Krotons and their Ship. The trio return to the Tardis and leave the planet.

048 - The Seeds of Death (6 episodes)
The Tardis lands in 21st century Earth where the human civilization is dependent on the T-Mat; a sort of transporting device that can move people and cargo from one location to another. The T-Mat is malfunctioning and the travellers agree to take a rocket to the Moon relay station to investigate. They find the base overrun by Ice Warriors who are using the T-Mat to lay the plans for an invasion attempt by placing seed pods on earth. These pods will alter the atmosphere, poisoning humans but making it ideal for the Ice Warriors. The travellers return to Earth and create then implement a plan to destroy the atmosphere altering gas ending the threat of the pods. The Doctor returns to the moon and tricks the Ice Warriors into orbiting the Sun which destroys the rest of them. The trio leave in the Tardis.

049 - The Space pirates (6 episodes)
The Tardis lands on a space beacon in the future. The beacon is immediately attacked by pirates and the travellers get sealed within part of the beacon before it gets apart. The sealed section happens to land where the pirates are aiming for due to a high deposit of Argonite (a precious mineral). The Doctor and his companions get centre stage to a battle between the Pirates and the Interstella Space Corps. The ISC believe the leader of the pirates is an innocent mining pioneer named Milo, when in reality it is a ruthless man called Caven. Caven runs a secret base on the Planet Ta and his ex-partner Dom's daughter works for him. When the ISC - pirate war starts Caven takes Dom as a prisoner. Soon Madeline figures out what is happening and Milo with the doctor's help puts Caven's work to an end. The time travellers get a lift to the Tardis before journeying on through time and space.

050 - The War Games (10 episodes)
The Tardis lands on a planet where a group of Aliens have plucked human soldiers through time from a range of Earth Wars. The aliens are forming a human army to take over the galaxy. The Alien leader, The War Lord is assisted by a War Chief who is a Time Lord. The War Chief has provided the Aliens with Time travel technology and plans to double cross the Aliens. The Doctor's arrival reveals the identity of the War Chief and he is shot by the War Lord. The Doctor with help from the human resistance manages to stop the Aliens plans but does have the power to return all the soldiers to their own times. The Doctor calls on the help of the Time Lord society. The Time Lords are furious with the Doctor for interfering with the affairs of other races and exile him to Earth and force him to regenerate. Jamie and Zoe are also forcibly returned to the Earth in their own Time Line.


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