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Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 7 (1970)

Updated on September 18, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 7 (1970)

Doctor Who is one of the longest running British Television Shows and in this article I am going to explore the episodes from Season 7.

Title: Doctor Who Season 7
Dates: 1970
Number of Serials: 4
Total Number of Episodes: 25
Doctor Regeneration: The Third Doctor
Doctor Actor: Jon Pertwee

051 - Spearhead from Space (4 episodes)
The Doctor lands on earth amidst a meteorite shower and is found by UNIT troops. The Doctor and the Brigadier learn that mannequins are also coming to life. The meteorites turn out to be the Nestene consciousness, an alien intelligence with a fetish for human plastic. It uses cosmic energy to turn the plastic mannequins into Autons, living creatures that it controls. The Autons can shape shift into any form and often appear as human leaders. The Doctor manages to neutralise the threat by forcing the Nestene consciousness back into space.

052 - Doctor Who and the Silurians (7 episodes)
Still on Earth the Doctor and Liz Shaw are called to help the Brigadier. They go the Wenley Moor and learn a new type of Nuclear Reactor is having strange power losses and causing staff to becoming incredibly stressed. The Doctor discovers that Silurians reside in a nearby cave and have been awoken by the power from the reactor. Silurians are reptilian humanoids and have been hibernating for millions of years. The doctor tries to broker peace between the two races until a young Silurian takes control by force and releases a virus that will wipe out humanity. The Doctor finds an antidote but the Silurians take over the research centre and prepare to destroy a barrier that keeps solar radiation at bay. The Silurians are lured back to their caves when the Doctor threatens to cause a nuclear explosion. The Brigadier blows up the Silurian Base much to the Doctor's disgust.

053 - The Ambassadors of Death (7 episodes)
The Doctor aids UNIT for an investigation into Mars Probe 7. The Space Control has had no contact with the astronauts on board for seven months. Recovery 7, a recovery vessel that was sent to fix the problem has also landed in difficulties. The second ship eventually makes it back to earth but on landing the astronauts are kidnapped. The Geiger counter shows massive radiation and it soon becomes apparent that the astronauts who returned weren't human. They were in fact a group of alien ambassadors that had taken their place. The Doctor takes the Recovery 7 to Mars 7 and docks. Shortly after the Doctor is taken aboard a large alien ship where he finds a race of aliens and the astronauts unharmed. The Alien's commander offers a trade, the astronauts for the three ambassadors. The Doctor is freed and allowed to return to Earth. He soon discovers the kidnap of the three ambassadors was an attempt to discredit the aliens and lead the humans into waging war against them. Working with Unit the Doctor manages to stop this plan and overseas a safe hostage exchange.

054 - Inferno (7 episodes)
The Doctor and Unit assist Professor Stahlman in drilling through the Earth's crust in hope of releasing an untapped source of energy. Stahlman ignores warnings of exceeding safety margins so he can speed up the project. The drill head soon starts to emit a green liquid that turns those who touch it into primeval creatures who crave heat. The Doctor is then transported by the partially damaged Tardis to a parallel universe where England is ruled over by a military dictatorship. The drilling project in this universe is further ahead and the Doctor is unable to stop it. The planet is ultimately destroyed before the Doctor is transported back to the normal Universe. The Doctor warns of the impending disaster but people only take notice when Stahlman is transformed into a hideous primeval creature. The Doctor manages to kill Stahlman and stop the drilling program with only seconds to spare. The Doctor attempts to leave Earth but discovers the Tardis has not completed its repairs as yet.


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