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Television - Doctor Who – The Eleventh Doctor and his companions

Updated on September 18, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – The Eleventh Doctor and his companions

Over the years Doctor Who has become one of the most successful British Television shows in history. Due to the show ongoing for over fifty years many actors have portrayed the Doctor and in this article I am going to explore the character of the Eleventh doctor.

Matt Smith is currently acting as the eleventh doctor and has done since 2010. He has acted as the doctor for two series so far which is inclusive of 26 episodes. The third series is currently being aired on the BBC.

Matt Smith was born in 1982 and no plans for leaving the show in the immediate future. He is known for acting in several other television shows including Party Animals (2007) and Moses Jones (2009).

The Eleventh Doctor

The Eleventh Doctor is incredibly smug and shows a sense of youthfulness that has never been seen before. He is incredibly good at noticing and observing things and has a very keen eye. He is usually very calm and relaxed but can immediately switch to being very ruthless and angry. He is willing to give his life up for others, and he shows his age more than his previous regenerations.


The Eleventh Doctor has been seen to travel along side four companions so far.

Amy Pond (Karen Gillian) – 28 Appearances (Inclusive of Season 5, Season 6 & 2011 Christmas special)
Amy Pond is the Girl that waited. She first encountered the Doctor just after he regenerated into his current form. He crashed landed his Tardis in Amy’s front garden when she was only seven years old. He promised to Wisk her away but had to do a little maintenance on his Tardis First. He promised her five minutes, and only spend five minutes doing his work, but when he emerged it was twelve years later. After another mishap with time, two years later The Doctor takes Amy to see the universe. Amy is a passionate lady who is very sassy and funny. She has a very strong personality and is very confident in fighting monsters independently. She settles down into a more stable character in the later series but starts out as a fairly confused and jagged personality. It is revealed this is due to cracks in time that affected her whole life. She has very strong emotions for the Doctor, but is not in love with him. She marries Rory Williams, a brave man who also becomes a companion of the Doctor. Often situations arise where she makes it clear she is madly in love with one of the two men she travels with, but it is always left to the last minute to reveal that it is Rory who is in her heart, not the Doctor.

Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) - 26 Appearances (Inclusive of Season 5, Season 6 & 2011 Christmas special)

Rory Williams is introduced at the beginning of the 5th series of Doctor Who but only joins him in travelling in the middle of the series. He is Amy’s husband but he is insecure as he feels that she loves the Doctor more. He is dominated by his wife emotionally, but he is willing to move heaven and earth for her. At the end of the 5th series he is killed, but bought back as an auton (robot). He waits 2000 years for Amy, protecting her whilst she is trapped in the Pandorica and is therefore older then the Doctor as the end of the 5th series. He is strong support to the doctor and Amy and a vital part to the Tardis team.

River Song (Alex Kingston) – 11 Appearances (Inclusive of Season 5 & Season 6)

River Song is one of the most interesting characters in the History of Doctor Who. She is born with the name Melody Pond, and biologically the daughter of companions Rory Williams and Amy Pond but was conceived on the Tardis in the Time Vortex. As a result she is mostly Time Lord due to the exposure of the Vortex. In a parallel time line she actually marries the Doctor and there is a deep love between the two of them which is played out as a Love-Hate relationship. She is clever, witty, aggressive and always willing to sacrifice everything for the Doctor. She spends most of her time, when not with the Doctor in prison. She was given a long sentence for the murder of the Doctor, and was taken as a young child and raised as a weapon against the Doctor. She did not actually kill him but a robot that replicated him.

Craig Owens (James Cordon) – 2 Appearances (Inclusive of Season 5 & Season 6)
Craig Owen shared two adventures with the Doctor but did not travel with him in the Tardis. Both Adventures were months apart but the Doctor really treated Craig as a friend. He is funny, witty and portrayed as loving man who is not the brightest of the bunch, but he has a magical charm that makes people grow to him.


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