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Ten Awesome Cartoon Network Villains

Updated on November 8, 2017
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I am a casual writer, at times I write lists, songs, stories and more..

Villains are the opposites to those they face, instead of fighting against evil and spreading Justice across the land these baddies actually are the ones who cause the devastation and destruction. Here are Ten Villains from cartoons, the list is in no order.

#10, Aku from Samurai Jack: Aku is the main antagonist of Samurai Jack and for good reason, he came into being thanks to a large mass of evil that was drifting through the universe. Three Gods battled the entity but a sliver of it managed to get to Earth where eventually it became Aku. Aku is a large and menacing figure, he can shape-shift his body but tends to take a more Humanoid form. Aku has many nicknames from Shogun of Sorrow to Master of Darkness, he even has many powers. He can shape-shift, breathe fire, shoot lazers from his eyes, summon minions, is unharmed by mortal weapons and can even open portals through time. The only weapon that can harm him is Jacks word, but while the two have gone at it many times none had been claimed the victor till Season 5. Aku is powerful but is overly confident which has led to many defeats.

#9, Slade from Teen Titans: Teen Titans has many villains in its roster, Plasmus and Cinder-block as well as The Hive. But even with many of these beings able to give the Titans a run for their money few have been able to do so like Slade. Slade is the primary villain of the show and is usually hidden behind the scenes, he is much like Robin who while he has no super powers he is able to still thrash the Titans quite well. Slade has come and gone through the seasons, many times nearly bringing down the Titans. While he has never managed to do so he is a large threat, such as when he teamed up with Trigon Ravens father who after making a deal gained some powers. He is a threat even in death, in one episode Robin had began to have hallucinations that Slade had returned. Slade is a powerful foe no matter what the case.

#8, Grandfather from Code-name Kids Next Door: Kids Next Door has alot of villains, like alot, even so only two villains stand among the top. Father and Grandfather. Grandfather is well, the father, of the biggest villain The KND has. He is a being of pure evil with a big hate for children, at the beginning of the movie he is in they explain that he had large factories all over the world and forced the children to make him tapioca pudding. He is declared to be the most powerful Villain even over Father. He has the power of levitation, physical invulnerability and can turn people into zombie like beings who in turn can transform others into these zombies as well with a simple touch. He has been decommissioned twice using a special device, he is known to be the only villain to defeat the KND.

#7, Katz from Courage The Cowardly Dog: Living in the middle of nowhere can sometimes mean meeting up with some rather unlikable figures, such as Katz the Cat. Katz is a somewhat humanoid character, unlike Courage he can speak and be understood by others and is treated like another human being. He is an evil and sadistic being who almost has a smooth jazz type of feel to him. He speaks in a low and soft tone, a glare can be seen coming from him quite alot and he tends to hurt alot of people. He even has a fondness for Spiders, which in one episode he has a Hotel open and invites people in only so they can be devoured.

#6, The Kanker Sisters from Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Ed's do have their fair share of enemies such as Kevin the local bully and Sarah the bratty sister but compared to the Kankers no one is as bad as them. These three girls scare everyone in the Cul-De-Sac and even Eddy's brother gets tortured by them. They are incredibly strong, are able to appear out of seemingly thin air and have a crush on the Ed's which never works out for them.

#5, The Ice King from Adventure Time. During the beginning of the popular show Ice King was the primary villain, although not a very good one. Originally named Simon this character found a mystical crown that when put on gave him various ice related powers, at the cost of his sanity however. Ice King has a rather bad past and thanks to the crown he has become insane, he remembers nothing of his past and though he later on befriends the characters of the show his role hasn't changed much. He is a bit weird, likes to joke and while an old man he can play the drums quite well. He is not a very powerful wizard but is able to hold his own on several accounts.

#4, Mandy from Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: While Mandy is not a true villain she has been the villain on a few occasions, such as when she took over The Kids Next Door. Mandy is an evil little girl, she never smiles and is rather abusive to anyone near her> Even her own parents fear her. Mandy was even able to get The Grim Reaper as an underling by cheating in a game of Limbo, she loves power and one day plans to rule the entire world. She is quite skilled in hand to hand combat and while Grim has powers that could easily destroy her he tends to listen to her anyways, she is a very evil little girl.

#3, Him from Power-puff Girls: Him is a rather strange character seeing as how he is created, he is referred in the male aspect many times but still. Anyways Him is a demonic like character which many have said to possibly be the devil due to his red skin, horns and crab like claw for hands. He is one of the big baddies of the crime fighting trio and one of the most powerful. Him likes to use psychological attacks on the girls, trying to either drive them insane or drive them apart. He is able to shape-shift and grow in size, he tends to stay behind the side lines mainly but even when he comes to the front lines he is a powerful foe.

#2, Jasper from Steven Universe: Jasper is a Gem that came down to Earth, she is very military like such as focusing heavy on a mission and being very blunt. She is a large muscular woman, the second largest non-fused character in the show, second to Rose Quartz herself. Her gem which is basically her nose transforms and gives her a helmet like weapon which she uses to deliver devastating headbutts and can even use to attack while she rolls across the floor like a tire. She hates fusing as she sees it as weak until later on when she tries to fuse in order to beat the Gems, she eventually gets corrupted and then gets sent to a Burning Room to presumably get destroyed.

#1, Kevin Levin from Ben Ten: Kevin Eleven is a reoccurring villain in Ben Ten, he is a young male with the ability to absorb nearly anything. He can turn his skin into stone, metal or wood by touching it and has said to even be able to absorb liquids as well. When he absorbed Ben's Omnitrix he gained the ability to turn into the multiple aliens like Ben could but at will. However when Ben decided not to lay the Smack down on him he tried to transform but ended up turning into a disturbing mass of multiple aliens which then he blamed Ben for. In other shows he is able to still absorb matter and turning his hands into weapons.


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