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Ten Classic Sitcoms With Episodes Featuring Volleyball

Updated on April 16, 2020

The Sport Had No Bell To Save These Students


Playgrounds had been tagged with yellow tape, as was the outdoor basketball court. Schools had months ago been canceled, yet the small group of teenagers still found a sport which could take place on the grass not marked off limits.

The six of them had tied what looked like a long dog leash between two trees, thereby establishing a net. They had also from somewhere secured a dingy white volleyball, which they took turns sending over the leash net.

Even if they were keeping score, they will never know the winner of their makeshift game. The village police came shortly after the first serve, so the half dozen adolescents were forced to abandon their fun.

Probably they returned to the boredom they have been enduring since the state's stay at home order, a result of the coronavirus crisis. Although they had been forbidden to play volleyball, they could probably watch it on TV.

Reruns of nearly every sport imaginable has been airing on the four dozen cable sports networks, but they would probably bore most teenagers. Let me suggest that if these teens need to watch volleyball, they could instead check it out on some classic sitcoms.

Here are ten of the best shows which have included that very sport in an episode.

1. The Office
Few colleagues at the Dundler-Mifflin outing knew that Pam (portrayed by Jenna Fisher) had been a volleyball star in high school, but before the set ended they all knew she was pregnant.

2. Head of the Class
"Volleyball, Anyone?" had Charlie (portrayed by Howard Hesseman) challenging his gifted class to compete across the net from the school's most popular athletes.

3. The Monkees
Teen idol Bobby Sherman starred in "Monkees at the Beach," where the sport becomes part of the quartet's antics.

4. Saved By the Bell
Zack and his pals rotate around the net when Stacey is left in charge of the beach, where she turns into "Boss Lady."

5. Eight Simple Rules
During her daughter's match, Cate serves a rant at an opposing parent, thus giving us the title "Volleybrawl."

6. Married With Children
"Life's a Beach" features Kelly (portrayed by Christina Applegate) betting Bud (David Faustimo) that she gets a date before they leave the sand but, ,in spite of her best efforts to impress the make V-ballers, a pail-toting ten year old adopts Bud as her boyfriend.

7. The Middle
While Axl learns he is failing three classes in "The Jump," Sue receives the good news that she has made the school volleyball team.

8. New Girl
In "Fired Up" Jess must axe Coach because the volleyball program has fallen victim to budget cuts.

9. South Park
Kenny wins the game in "Cock Magic," but everyone is turned off by the brutality he displayed.

10. Superstore
In the "Olympics" episode the crew set up events, including volleyball, right there in the work place.


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