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Ten Crucial Resolutions the Dceu Needs to Implement

Updated on October 22, 2018
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DC(or Detective Comics) is an organisation that has bestowed a copious degree of derived joy on the world through its publications of media for decades. It is one of the most iconic established brands atop some of the most esteemed hierarchies of reverence and exalted appreciation and adoration now, and effectively ever since it's initial inception in 1934-although to a much more modest degree-and is the perennially phenomenal platform for the portrayal of some of the most iconic fictional characters in comics, television, video games, and film.

In its enduring tenure of lifespan, it has been responsible for the production of the most deferred and delectable delights for parabolic threads to use as source material for adaptation in the various media ports and formats, such as The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, The Death Of Superman and Watchmen. And it has exponentially arisen and elevated itself to the pristine accomplishments of opulently competent and immaculate tokens of storytelling-To such an extent, that those formats have been licensed to construct their own original interpretations of fantastical frenzies; Like Batman: The animated series, the Justice League animated series and the Batman: Arkham games.

Of course, the only competition in that specific market niche is Marvel in all candour, and despite it's best attempts, the spawn of Stan Lee's incredible conception has not been able to usurp the dominant grip of admirable and fervid fanaticism and devotion DC has been attributed-Due to those infallible dignitary indulgences. Except in cinema. Marvel has been a breakout visionary, and a groundbreaking spectacular success by introducing and innovating so many amazing and beneficiary elements, that the movie manufacturing landscape has adopted and embraced in a full assimilation of advantageous virtue, as the zeal and intrigue spread like a pandemic virus.

And perhaps that is the critically equitable element. The element to establish an equilibrium through a decade of absolutely impeccable releases with little a reservation able to be made on them. And by comparison, DC's cinematic submissions have been tragically fallacious and inferior to such a palpably hyperbolic extent, that the ultimate fate of the state Warner Bros. will be left in remains turbulent and open to uncertain speculation. What is assured is the fact that there is a divide between fans that has necessitated significant ground to be compensated for the deficit in a reconciliation of their fundamental inadequacies.

There is an ostensible disparity of tumultuous haze in the current condition of the studios' inconsistent outputs. And despite the marked success of Wonder Woman and the general monotonous satisfaction of Man Of Steel, Batman Vs Superman and Justice League(the triumvirate all being subjected to strife between avid advocates and incensed critics alike), the symptoms of the diagnosed deficiency require urgent attention and treatment in the resolution of a potentially impending crisis. So this protracted prolix has finally invoked the impetus of the imminently forthcoming list of the Ten Crucial Resolutions The DCEU Needs To Implement.

10. Determine a Desired Identity For the DCEU

This suggested solution, like virtually all of the others on this list, is, of course, diluted and obvious. One of the most pivotal factors that can and will determine the sustainability of any franchise of any genre in any format of media is an established identity. And granted, Warner Bros. cannot be held entirely accountable for this shortcoming; As the strides made in Man Of Steel converted the usually staunch staple of eternal optimism, Superman, into a considerably dour being in a departure for the character, but it seemed to be stable and focused on the precedent it was attempting to set-The prospective upward trajectory of a DC brand within the cinema environment.

Until expressions of fan malcontents with the morose tonalities of the angst and the controversial course of action he took in snapping his adversaries neck(albeit to rescue some innocents from being caught in a peripheral devastation that was caused) impelled an abrupt reaction from Zack Snyder in the following Dawn Of Justice film-Where the meta-acknowledgement of the fa reception was conducted through the contingent vendetta Batman had for the last son of Krypton. That was among several features in the film that indicated a vague attempt at rectifying the blemished morality complex of Superman, that was apparently mandated to flawless rationale in every other interpretation.

But he didn't fulfil them. Wonder Woman was indubitably the most refreshing instalment to the franchise, even for unapologetic advocates of the former two films-With the best balance between some of the dreariness previously exhibited and a more pervasive and prominent emphasis on the unrelenting and perseverant optimism that the heroine fully embodied.

The only detriment to this accomplishment is the fact that it was very contradictory to all that preceded it in that regard, and it resulted in a lack of congruence when viewed in a vacuum(which devoted fans can't force themselves to do); This issue was continued further in Justice League as well. It now appears that DC are overextending themselves with placated displays of a willingness to appeal to fans by any means necessary, instead of the Marvel hallmark formula of taking it within their stride and branching out into a versatile variety of independently toned films, after setting solid, consistent foundations to facilitate that expansion. DC are certainly belated in their realisation of that methodology, but it's not too late yet.

9. Play To Their Strengths

For all the criticisms and lamentations the franchise's films receive, there is definitely an abundant supply of advantages that they possess, despite the claims that the productions are a slander on the very fibre of filmography itself-Among some spheres of exasperatedly hostiles spectators. The rebuttal of that agenda could be the argument that, at worst they are only mediocre and nothing too egregious, and at best they are emphatically entertaining thrill rides with the ability to engross a zealous interest and attraction to the characters. Superman was initially criticized for being too angsty and dark, but received an excellent development into a more jubilant and occasionally flippant perspective, while retaining all the benevolent elements of the sternness from the previous two movies-In his devotion to the preservation of the welfare of the people of Metropolis and the world. Such a noble ambition that is essentially inherent to the character.

Batman is derogated to being far too zealous in his old age, despite-like Superman-having that ground for basis within the source material in multiple interpretations, and for the drastic alteration of seemingly contrived facetiousness at certain instances within the Justice League film. But he is still a perfect embodiment of the bending of the boundaries of rules, and of a conventional approach to the pursuit of the titular justice in his moral ambiguity. Again, it is the essence of his personal pathology. Wonder Woman and the Flash seem to be the most consistent characters, and are only really required further background development to flesh out their motives, which the second Wonder Woman film will hopefully accomplish to a greater level of success than me already more than passable initiatives she accommodates. Likewise, for Aquaman and Cyborg-Although their very identities need even further establishment as well.

Hopefully, this will reach its consummation with the announced impending film releases that will potentially facilitate these imperatives for Wonder Woman and Aquaman, and the trailers for their respective films appearing very promising(as well as the introduction of Shazam in his own feature being very much ditto, with the additional narrative). Apparently implementing a much-required sensation of comedic appeal with a more organic incorporation than the previous instalments will hopefully rescind the emerging correlative trend of crowbarred-in facetiousness. All the desirable bonuses are present and are ready to be mine; It's just a matter of assembling the correct tools for the job, and performing the tasks efficiently.

8. Use More Discretion In Marketing Campaigns

"Joke Origin Story Announced", "Autonomous Joker Movie Announced", "Will Jared Leto Reprise His Role As The Joker?", "Will Alec Baldwin Return After His Rejection Of The Thomas Wayne Role?". That's just a selection of the most recent variety of circulating rumors and potential developments currently in production behind the closed doors of Warner Brothers Studios, but they are mostly unconfirmed and open to a lot of ambiguous postulating.

And why is that? Because they're frequently allowing the vaguest gems of minute disclosure to haemorrhage out of the confidential progressions of the company's pursuit. All too often they are announcing things either too precipitously and impulsively when the projects are not in a state of sufficient stability-Consequently seeing catastrophes of the kin of Suicide Squad, where evidence of a tumultuous production that hindered the result of a very auspicious looking prospect in the most detrimental way possible, with the transition of directors and a rushed finalization process of the script; Ultimately creating a forlorn, inevitable disaster.

A Birds Of Prey project, and the Batman, the Joker and Suicide Squad sequel films have been consequently viewed with a pessimistic and unfavourable anticipation. They need to use prudent perspicacity, and not overextend their ambitions to the point of an unfulfillable promise. They need to have integrity to only disclose information when the material that the sensitive wealth pertains to is not prepared for the implicated hype and vehemence-It will only serve to disappoint, and they deserve better for the effort that they invest.

7. Be More Assertive And Reassuring When Addressing Fans

Very comparable to, and occasionally directly influential upon the eventuations of the former entry to this registry; Assertion and reassurance is a vital component in the strategizing of marketing campaigns, and it doesn't take a connoisseur or expert to reach that realization. It's a shame that reassurance has been necessitated to become a cardinal priority for sceptics and anxious fans that were rendered so by the mercurial success of the previous films.

But it is a factor of the utmost significance, in the initial allure, and even the sustained investment from the followers of the fantastic masterpieces, and has been a shrewd tactic implemented by even the far more stable Marvel divisions of developmental advertisement. From the very beginning, the reasons for its essentiality toward its prevalence became obvious, and they are primarily sourced from the impersonation of an executive, commercial and hopefully a creative balance and solidity-As at least an external facade.

This is somewhat manipulative to a degree, but fans are far more likely to be discouraged by the guise of a precarious and uncertain future ahead of them. Lucidity becomes an imperative(as alluded to in the last point) pillar of honesty, and a principle for not overextending or exaggerating promotions and inhibiting undesired revelations is the best possible and most pertinent facet to maintain; As well as being the one that should be the simplest to preserve. Fans' titillation hinges upon a pivotal rectification that DC must perform effective immediately.

6. Allow Things To Fabricate Organically

As already mentioned, all the components that will ensure the eventual enshrinement of DC atop the optimally exalted echelon of admirable excellence are in bountiful supply, and the rewards of embracing them are available to be reaped. And the case of executing the requisite means to accomplish that should be the critical striving venture of the studios and their executives. A plain, patented method of reaching that acclamation to success would allow the manifest of all their visualized targets. Securing this with an organic fluidity is not rocket science, in theory, and is of course easier said than done, but it is entirely possible.

While the burden of the task cannot and should not be trivialized, a confluence of all the most beneficiary merits of the fictional machinations of the established universe into a cohesive amalgamation would be a credit to the ascension of DC Cinematic Universe's forays out of the depths of the dire doldrums it is currently languishing in at present. That is ostensibly the opinion of many a reprehensible critic, but the forced humor, the perfunctory attempts at resolution of frailties(that have occurred due to a nonchalant unintentional disregard or just genuine ineptitude), and the repudiation of prior delineations on the screen(that have been contradictory and incoherent in the perpetuation of the continuity's tonal identity when creating content of any formational type) are intrusive and blatant at the present time. The path that is congenial and logical to follow can make itself apparent through just the natural process of the advancement of the coveted object of affection, and is not always lucid enough to perceive through blurred lines. But hitting that note is always an eminent possibility, even in the most doomed production, and can salvage a project from total devastation for capitalization upon.

It doesn't always produce an immaculate film, but a peaceful outcome with minimal hostility is not the most outrageous desire. The disasters can be averted by being flexible without capitulating and conceding to the often unrealistically rigorous demands of both the fans and the executives. And by locating an equilibrium between creative liberty and commercial duties, a consistent exception will ultimately fabricate.

5. Stop Pandering In Attempts To Compensate For Past Blunders

What hasn't worked as continually across the spectrum of consumer consensus as that creatives would have preferred, is the over-quirkiness and overemphasized peculiarity of Lex Luthor. The usually incredible Jesse Eisenberg portrayed a character more resemblant of the Joker or the Riddler than the charismatic and sanctimonious entrepreneur. The incongruity of the tonal shifts, the multitude of discrepancies of uncertainty around imminent projects and the sustainability of cast and director investment into their works are constantly in a perceived state of turbulence, as well.

Some potential solutions have already been discussed, but submissions that have been made by Warner Bros have mostly been received as mere superficial and cursory cop-outs in an attempted compensation for those fallacious errors. It cannot be reiterated enough that they are not the most heinous transgressions, but fans are approaching the point of fatigue and intolerance of the mistakes, and the capacity for forgiveness is gradually diminishing. Knee-jerk reactions have only exacerbated this, and the solution is not unambiguous, but the only advisable course of action is to acknowledge the shortcomings while not playing them for levity; But instead treating them with reverence, while oscillating the thematic stimulus and personalities into a more endorsable condition.

Identifying that has been a toilsome and arduous process-no doubt-with the most recent films of Wonder Woman and Justice League serving as the more definitive tokens for finding that identity. Even if the fruits of those labours will come to the forefront of discovery in the ensuing instalments, the most inadequate of the concerted efforts they have made across the duration of the predecessors have been previously discussed-Backtracking on the precedent set in the inaugural films, and that was the knee-jerk reaction that eventuated because the panic of not wanting to further displease the fans(who had not relished in the success of past films).

The darkness and despair of the first films are too raw? Here! Have quippy jokes and flippancy at every possible juncture! It was just an inflicted mentality that was not totally their own fault, but again, strict fan demands inadvertently compelled a synthetic impression left on the viewers and there seemed to be no respite from the inquisition and examination of the pedantic fans. Allowing themselves to get too carried away in their own comprehension and experimentation has proved to be inadvisable, but so equally has been the placative pressure they have allowed to bombard them. Repetitive to reiterate, but balance is key.

4. Maintain Positive Relations With Casts And Production Teams

Zack Snyder has received ostracisation for his controversial interpretation at the DCEU. Not exactly the most revelatory statement of the century, as the most astute example of the repercussions of the apparent inconsonance behind the concealing veil of propagation that fooled no one was in Suicide Squad. One of the most troubled and traumatic products to create in the precipitous rush of a six-week permitted screenplay deadline, and the rumoured lack of overall chemistry between actors, that it was miraculously astonishing that the film even came to fruition. And even more so that there is a sequel scheduled for release.

Ben Affleck is constantly debating whether to maintain his custody of the cape and cowl, and now Henry Cavill has been rumoured to depart the role of Kal-El; Not the most implausible set of possibilities when the tumult around in the studios is taken into consideration, and of course they must have their own standards of expectation and demands of those under their employ-And justifiably so. But disputes over contracts and creative liberty, scheduling conflicts, and the superfluity of other suffusing issues are liabilities that can be nullified, and are completely unnecessary and avoidable. So the fact that there seems to be such an abundance of these hindrances is almost bemusing.

Again, to understate the extent of how daunting and exhausting the various procedures of sustaining the security of these assets are would be incredibly inconsiderate and degrading, but the fundamentality of it has to be acknowledged as well. It is never as easy as an external perspective may deem it, but it's not so radical that the fact that it has remained a relatively unaltered concept for decades is recondite or insurmountable to replicate. Allusions to Marvel's integrity once again have to be made, and theirs is an operative agenda that should not and cannot be plagiarized-But cues are there to be taken. Civility in negotiation is imperative.

3. Give Greater Depth To Under-Developed Characters

Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Lois Lane, Alfred Pennyworth, Lex Luthor and the members of the Suicide Squad(besides Killer Croc Katana and maybe Rick Flag) are all absolved from this issue, mostly in part due to their tenure within the paradigm. But Aquaman, Cyborg, the Flash, and even Commissioner Gordon and Wonder Woman require some attention and development. Every stride made forward in Diana's narrative arc has been as brilliant as can be thus far, and the only thing left to be desired is the tenure of it, in all candour.

Aquaman and the Flash would ideally be provided with some more gravitas to their characters and their motivations. Gordon would certainly benefit from more interaction with the Dark Knight, to determine exactly where their allied comradeship began-Especially as the relationship between the GCPD and the Bat was not positively portrayed in Batman vs Superman, with the implications of the affiliation between the pair. And Justice League is another example of a somewhat contradiction additionally. Cyborg has so much potential to provide a more poignant weight in his prospective arbitrating dynamics, but is perhaps the most secondary or even tertiary member of the league, and he is unlikely to receive any independent or insular focus and exposition after the establishment of some very compelling origins.

These are all incentives that Warner Bros. will be very cognizant of and no doubt will be looking to expand upon in the near future for at least some of the characters. It is hopefully one of the least pressing matters with regard to the anxiety over whether they will be proficiently enacted, but to remit to mention it would be remiss. It is a feature that must not be neglected, so the point stands without the necessity for intricate elaboration.

2. Imbue Themselves With More Confidence And Self-Belief

For every criticism and detriment slated in this inventory, there is an equal or even greater volume of positives and constructive strengths that the DCEU possesses in spades. And they may not have been expressed at all to this point, but are intuitively detectable through the nuances of both their most admirable and their more dubious supplements to the core material.

To make every single one of them explicit would be gratuitous, so suffice to say that there are definitely aspects that would provide the rationale for a justified self-confidence and belief in their own capabilities. There is no reason to say that they do not currently hold that belief, but they certainly do not leave a lasting impression that they exude it through their presentations of attempted perfection. Therefore, it really is a case of instilling that within the perception of fans, and even if they don't possess such faith, the profession of it would definitely do no harm to the goodwill from fans.

That in return would return to pay dividends for them, and reciprocate a large degree of positivity in circulation around the zeitgeist of the entire construction of the studios, and a more positive outlook would alleviate any stress that has seemed to afflict Warner Bros. and the fandom for years to this point. Reprieve and liberty can only yield advantages for the foreseeable future.

1. Branch Out Into A Broader Expanse Of Versatile Allegorical Themes And Dynamics

There are a lot of prerequisite caveats for this suggestive solution. It is essentially predicated upon the initial successful implementation of all the formal points, as thrusting abruptly into this ambitious endeavour without laying the securing foundational groundwork of competent and efficient management of their resources that the preliminary pictures would imply the necessity of would require some further reconciliation and re-ingratiation. Effectuating it with adequate diligence would impel the absence of a single argument that could rebuke the advantages of the expanding the pure scope of the palpable allegorical threads and their accompanying thematics-That would be facilitated as of 2018.

Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League have exhibited both extremes on either end of the spectrum for tonality and stylistic identities for the franchise, and the execution of the more prevalent (the highly chastised darker shades) have in fact been executed to a higher measure of exceeding exquisiteness. Albeit because of the sheer volume dictating the proportion of that inflated acclaim, and shame. Whether it be the fully fledged force of angst and stern intensity; That the Superman films ingratiated to the franchise, with the highly accentuated emotional load, and Batman extended through his unforgiving and ruthless vendetta on criminals. And of course the lighter tones of levity and exuberant joviality penetrating Wonder Woman's discovery of ice cream and the other trivial but benevolent elements of the world. And the Flash and Aquaman's gradual audacity and quippy frivolity.

They just occurred as a drastic fluctuation from one another though, and they weren't as cohesive-As discussed at nauseam to this point. The trailers for each of the eminent film releases have promised a more organic and assimilative consolidation of them, and it remains to be seen whether these promises will be fulfilled; But, like Wonder Woman and the Justice League films in particular, they will serve the purpose of gauging precisely how cogently the current order of things stands, and how the response that will influence the development proceeding forward.


So, after a long series of pondering slants and diagnosis, an appropriate conclusion would be the prospective point of optimism as hopefully the pertinent declaration to take from this list. Sometimes, as sanctimonious and boldly self-assured as DC fans can be in their all but certain impending prognosis, the future is unpredictable and can take erratic and surprising turns-Diverging off on tangents; And rendering those subjected to its influence discombubulated or perplexed. Time will stand as the oracle of truth, the testament and the pillar of wisdom. As prophetic and contrived as it is, it is fact. Time will tell.


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