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Ten Heartwarming and Endearing Movies

Updated on September 27, 2017

Movies, moving pictures, they have been around for years and seem to get better and better, while still having some bad ones. Here are ten heart warming movies.

10, The BFG. In 1990 a movie came out that honestly heart warming, although had some creepy moments. Sophie is a young orphan girl who just so happened to be caught by a giant, this giant is known as the Big Friendly Giant, lucky her. The BFG unlike the other bigger more mean giants helps folks, giving them nice dreams using his special tools. The story is about standing up for yourself, learning to befriend someone who might be a little different and is filled with childish wonder. The animation is fairly good, the newer movie made in 2016 takes away the threat of the giants and really just makes it seem more of a comedy rather then an adventure. In the 1990 movie Sophie is more shy, timid and scared of the giant at first while the 2016 Sophie comes more off as rude and rather annoying with her antics. If you can go watch the 1990 version, I was able to on Youtube.

9, Tristan and Isolde. Taking place down in England and Scotland, so we are going way back in time. Tristan is a young man played by James Franco, who's father and mother were killed by Scotsman's when they attempted to stop the unification of different England clans, which then after one of the counts takes in the lonely orphan as his own and raises him. The story becomes riddled with deception, Tristan falls in love with a Scottish Woman but unbeknownst to him she becomes betrothed to the man who raised him. Love, action, betrayal and forgiveness is what this movie thrives on. And hell a good love story doesn't hurt every once and awhile, even for one of them manly men.

8, The House of Small Cubes. Sooner or later people will lose someone they care about, shortly after you might relive some memories. This movie is all about that, a man had lost his family a few years prior and now lives alone in his flooded house. The higher the water rises the more floors he builds, he loses his favorite pipe and once diving down with some scuba gear to find it he is able to relive some old memories about his beloved family. It is a silent movie, no words but a beautiful created masterpiece that leaves the heart feeling warm. Love, loss and renewal of an old flame is what you can expect to see.

7, Bridge to Terabithia. One boy gets bullied, a new girl moves into the neighborhood, together they create a world where they can go to get away from the troubles of reality. It is a loving story of two people bonding, eventually creating such a strong bond to where they can create anything they can imagine. As long as they are together. Love is in the air, however an unfortunate accident occurs later down the road and the movie viewers are hit with a punch to the heart. It is a beautiful story, told well and ending on a very nice last note. A peaceful but still sad ending we will call it.

6, Stand By Me. A movie about four boys who go cross country to go see a dead body, on the way they learn a little bit more about one another and the whole meaning of friendship. Four boys with different backgrounds, different personalities and different problems. The movie is quite nice, told somewhat by a narrator who later on you get to discover who he really is. Their is conflict, sad parts and some pretty good times in the movie to give you that all around satisfied feeling. All I can say is at the end you will feel some stuff, some sad stuff, happy stuff and maybe some content stuff.

5, Mulan. One of Disney's finest creations and one of my all time favorite we have Mulan, a story of a young woman who despite being a woman takes her fathers place in war to save him. As many Disney movies go there will be singing, conflict and some rather funny moments. Mulan as I said is a young woman, while she can't impress the world very well with her lady skills she has done well on the battlefield. With a cast of great characters, plenty of good music and a formidable enemy you would be a fool not to want to watch this movie from start to finish.

4, Lilo and Stitch. She is a young Hawaiian woman and he is a scientifically engineered super weapon, a great combination. Lilo is a young girl who seems to be somewhat of an outcast in her home, she is raised by Nani her older sister. Lilo wishes to have a friend and makes a wish so of course some strange events occur, it is a great movie and Stitch is a beloved fictional character. It is a story about loss, family and being able to change for the better. It is an endearing movie of characters who come together and become one big family. Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind.

3, Hook. Peter Pan is a character who is said to never grow up, but what if he did? This movie explains that, young Peter instead goes to live with Wendy and as he does he ages. Once his kids are kidnapped by the dreaded Captain Hook he must return to Neverland to find them, the problem is however is that he has forgotten everything that had made him Peter Pan, so now he must remember. A loving story with action, sadness and a great ending. With Robin Williams taking the wheel of the iconic character we get too see just what the man will do to reclaim his kids and make sure his family stays together lovingly.

2, Disney's The Three Musketeers. Disney has a good strategy when it comes to making movies, in this one the iconic Disney trio of Mickey, Donald and Goofy are simple janitors and cleaners who wish nothing more then to become musketeers. Problem is though they can't until the plot says so. Mickey is a little too small, Donald is a bit of a coward and Goofy just isn't all there in the head, so says Captain Pete. The movie is all about overcoming obstacles and ones shortcomings to help save the world, even though the iconic trio might not be the best they still give it their all.

1, Mrs Doubtfire. Robin Williams once again takes control of the lead actor, which in the movie he plays an actor. When the main actor gets out of a job he eventually loses his kids to his ex wife, in order too see them he dresses up in drag so he can see his kids once again. While they eventually do catch on it is rather cute to see a father go so far to see his children, Robin Williams makes the character seem very nice while still giving this movie some comedy. Not every dad can be a great dad but this dad goes far beyond his fatherly duties to see his kids.


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