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Ten Season Songs That Are Fitting To Play Beyond The Holidays

Updated on December 12, 2019

John Denver Praises Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer In One "Sweet" Song


'Tis the season to hear all those holiday songs, some of which sound pleasant to your ears. Then again, there are others, way too many in fact, that test your nerves every time you hear them on the radio or in a place of business you frequent.

If you want to avoid those annoying Yuletide melodies, allow me to offer these ten tunes that are appropriate for all the months beyond the winter. Each one has the word season in its title, including two that were hits for the same band.

1. Time of the Season by the Zombies

Rod Argent would soon after this smash leave for a solo career, charting with "Hold Your Head Up."

2. It Was My Season by Okervill River

Silver Gymnasium is rife with catchy songs from Wil Sheff, making this one a perfect fit for others like "On a Balcony" and "Down Down The Wide River."

3. Turn Turn Turn (There Is A Season) by the Byrds

Quoting Biblical scripture, Pete Seeger added lyrics to create a hugely successful anti-war song.

4. Seasons of Wither by Aerosmith

It would be tough to follow up a classic like "Same Old Song and Dance", but Steven Tyler and his band manager it very well on this track from Get Your Wings.

5. Season of the Witch by Donovan

With a little more electricity than Donovan usually employed, this classic has naturally become a radio staple around Halloween time.

6. Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks

Poet Rod McKuen wrote this sad ballad, which Jacks turned into a smash hit after divorcing himself from his wife and their band the Poppy Family the year before.

7. Seasons of Love by Donny Osmond

Everything the teen idol made in the early Seventies turned gold, be they tunes about little girls or bad apples or lazy rivers.

8. Just a Season by the Byrds

Not only had Roger McGuinn and the guys found success with the Seeger tune, but soon thereafter they released a second season song.

9. Seasons (Waiting On You) by Future Islands

This single was the first single from the Singles album, and it was selected as the single best record of 2014 by both Spin and Pitchfork.

10. Seasons Suite by John Denver

Rather than thanking God he was a country boy, on this hit Denver is grateful for having four different seasons to enjoy.


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