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Ten Sitcom Characters Who Get Involved In a Protest

Updated on January 4, 2020

Jennifer Aniston Encounters a Protest In Her New Series


In the new series "The Morning Show" starting Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston, the first episode is centered around a protest about a new coal mining expedition. Because of that particular plot, the show already joins a highly-acclaimed list of classic sitcoms with episodes involving some type of protest.

1. Charlie in Two And A Half Men
Charlie Sheen's character boycotts an advertising awards banquet because he had lost the last few years to the same winner, Archie (portrayed by Jon Lovitz).

2. Al Bundy in Married With Children
The show salesman (portrayed by Ed O'Neill) leads a protest outside of the TV studio which had taken "Psychodad" off the air, a stand during a snowy, frigid Chicago winter day that proved useless.

3. Marcie Darcy in Married With Children
Bundy's feminist neighbor (portrayed by Amanda Bearce) stages a protest inside the shoe store, where mothers of newborns are breast-feeding after Al kicked one of them out the day before.

4. Homer Simpson in The Simpsons
Homer, a notorious overeater, embarks on a hunger strike after learning that the Springfield Isotopes are moving their baseball team to Albequerque.

5. Archie Bunker in All in the Family
Meathead (portrayed by Rob Reiner) is actually the character at an anti-war protest, but Archie (portrayed by Carroll O'Connor) goes to save his son-in-law when it turns violent. Poor Arch is arrested and put in the slammer when the cops arrive to the scene.

6. Aunt Bee Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show
She (portrayed by Frances Bauvier) and a dozen of the Senior ladies of Mayberry stage a sit down to prevent bulldozers from razing the farm of Mr. Frisbee, who has failed to pay his mortgage.

7. Florida Evans in Good Times
After her family gets sick from food poisoning by roast beef, Florida (portrayed by Esther Rolle) decides to stage a boycott when the store refuses to listen to her complaint.

8. Marsha, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter and Bobby in The Brady Bunch
The six siblings participate in a protest to keep their father's company from building on the land that serves as the popular playground for the neighborhood kids, but as usual Mike the architect comes up with a plan to save both the company edifice and the playground.

9. Steven and Elyse in Family Ties
As could be assumed from the title "No Nukes Is Good Nukes", the protest here concerns nuclear energy.

10. Brian and Stewie in Family Guy
The two characters happen upon a student rally in the main campus of the local univetsity, where the protesters are upset because someone wrote "Weird" on the door of the transgender restroom.


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