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Ten Sitcom Characters Who Spend An Episode On A Diet

Updated on December 10, 2019

Archie Bunker Had To Give Up Food And Then Cigars


Call it, if you will, my New Year's Peeve. I cannot help becoming annoyed when January inevitably brings with it all those pointless resolutions, worst of all of which is the vow to shed a few pounds. Not only does that resolution lead to many understandably grouchy participants, but also to an onslaught of weight reduction advertisements.

While one is on a quest to count calories, it is not easy to enjoy a sense of humor. Yet some of the most memorable sitcoms have featured episodes on which a regular character has gone on a diet. Here are ten of those classic shows.

1. The Skipper on Gilligan's Island
Anticipating a rescue and pending a return to his maritime position, the captain of the Minnow (portrayed by Alan Hale) must lose twenty three pounds to get down to the maximum for eligibility into the Navy. To make his self-deprivation even more arduous, his lithe first mate (portrayed by Bob Denver) must gain fifteen pounds to reach the minimum.

2. Archie Bunker on All in the Family
After a visit to the doctor, the head of the household (portrayed by Carroll O'Connor) must lose fifteen pounds. In a different episode it is the son-in-law he calls Meathead who vows not to eat. He bets that he could go without food longer than Archie could last without a cigar, a wager neither man wins. The real losers in the bet are poor Gloria and Edith, who must reside with the two irritable fellows.

3. Homer Simpson on The Simpsons
Springfield's loveable loser manages to shed fifteen pounds, a proud feat until his boss Mr. Burns offers his opinion. "You're still the fattest thing I've ever seen," Burns says. " And I've been on safaris. "

4. Jerry on Seinfeld
"The Blood" is the episode in which the title character worries that he is putting on weight, causing him to eat healthy items like no-fat yogurt which turns out to be fattening.

5. Stanley on The Office
A heart attack obviously forces the Dunder-Mifflin sales associate to embark on a diet, but in another episode that has the entire staff attempting to shed weight in order to win a corporate contest.

6. Carrie on The King of Queens
Doug (portrayed by Kevin James) actually suffers more than his wife, even though she is the one cutting back her food intake.

7. Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple
From the title "Oscar's Ulcer" you can assume the reason for the messier of the two roommates (portrayed by Jack Klugman) going on a diet, a task made even more difficult by the nagging of the fastidious Felix (portrayed by Tony Randall).

8.Fred Flintstone on The Flintstones
In order to win money, Bedrock's biggest citizen tries to slim down, so the episode is fittingly titled "Fred Flintstone: Before and After. "

9.Chandler Bing on Friends
Monica (portrayed by Courtney Cox) tries to get Chandler in shape, which proves to be a daunting task in "The One Where Ross Finds Out."

10.Nick Miller on New Girl
"Menus" has Coach trying to get Nick in better shape through eating right and exercise.


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