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Seven guesses of what Kanye West and President Trump discussed

Updated on December 15, 2016
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How to get out of debt in 2017!

It is no secret that Kanye West and President Trump have both accumulated a lot of dept in their lifetime. They are both very wealthy, but have not gotten there without taking their share of loans along the way. Perhaps something worth discussing we think, with President Trump in his newest power position, he has quite the world of money at his finger tips. We are sure they can figure something out if they put their heads together here.

When next they should file for bankruptcy..

Both men have filed for bankruptcy several times in their careers, more times than most of us know. Perhaps this is something that they can discuss over tea at the Trump Towers. With the new year in tow, there are after all many opportunities for each person to file for bankruptcy and avoid those pesky lawsuits.

Have they seen each other's wives latest naked picture.

These two men have a lot in common and amoungst these things are wives that love to take it all off. Although let's be real, one of them have made quite the career out of it while one hasn't. Imagine the male banter in the room between the man who's idea of male bonding is bragging about grabbing women's private parts and the man who we are sure has a perverted side to him, as he has married the most beautiful women ever to be in a sex tape and become rich there after.

Trump clothing line designed by Kanye West in 2017

Forget Yeezy's.......Kanye West is building his fashion empire and what better way to expand than to include the Trump empire. The collaboration would be epic and quite extravagant. Two of the most powerful and famous families in America coming together in business to create clothing and shoes for the world. Now this is something to look forward to seeing in 2017. Now would you purchase clothing for yourself and your children designed and sold by Kanye West and Donald Trump?

They discussed Kanye West 2024 campaign....

By the tweet that Kanye put out, which simply reads 2024, it's pretty clear that he is co-signing to President Trump holding office for the next 8 years, after which he obviously intends to run for office. Imagine the plans they were making in their meeting for his 2024 campaign.

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How Kim Kardashian can help Melania Trump make her own money

Now, this is not to say that Mrs. Trump has not tried several times to build her own independent empire. However, she has not had the type of success that Mrs. Kardashian-West has had. We are sure if the men put their heads together they can come up with some great ways for their wives to collaborate on a new business venture in 2017, that would make both families that much richer. We are sure that Melenia would love being managed by the best of the best in hollywood management Ms. Jenner.

We wish them luck and actually hope this one is true!

A loan from President Trump to clear Kanye's US$53 million in debt

This year was the year of many confessions by Kanye West, one of which was the amount of dept he is in, and him actively reaching out to people for money to help assist in some of his projects. We suppose an emergency meeting with the President elect is in order if you think he is now in a position to write you a nice fat check.

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What guesses do you have as to what they spoke about in their meeting of the minds? Comment Below...

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