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Terrorism Movies That I Like

Updated on March 1, 2020


One of my favorite films is the Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman flick, Air Force One, 1997, a Wolfgang Peterson film. It not only has a superb cast, but also is one heck of an intense movie that you'll never forget. The storyline is simple, Russian terrorists hijack the President's plane, due to a naïve White House official and well, you can only imagine the mayhem that's in store for everyone when the group boards the plane.

Arlington Road, 1999, is another flick I would highly recommend. It is intense, mind-blowing, and riveting. The idea of a terrorist living in plain sight is extremely frightening. This is another one with an exceptional group of actors, Jeff Bridges (who doesn't like him?), Joan Cusack (she doesn't a whammy of a job in this one), Tim Robbins (he's always creepy) and Hope Davis (one of her earlier flicks). If everyone had viewed this one before 9/11, they would have been checking out their neighbors.

Munich, 2006, a Spielberg directed film starring, Eric Bana, and the new James Bond, Daniel Craig. This film is the based on a true story of the terrorist attack on Israeli Athletes at the 1972, at the Olympic games, in Munich, Germany. The plot: a group of undercover government officials are sent on a mission to find the terrorists that murdered the group of athletes. This film is rather long, but worth your time.

The Postman, 1997, is a look at what the world could be like in the near future. It's 2013, the government is no longer intact. Rebel forces have taken over, and for one man (Kevin Costner) to survive the rebel army, he finds a postman's corpse, and hand delivers the mail to the nearest western town, in the United States. Awesome performances again in this one, Kevin Costner, Giovanni Ribisi, Will Patton (Rebel Leader-fits him to a tea), oh and I must not forget, the heartbreaker himself, the one, the only, Mr. Tom Petty makes an unforgettable cameo.

Speed, 1994, we all remember this one, or at least "parts" of it. Sandra Bullock as a bus driver, Keanu Reeves a police officer trying to keep everyone calm. Now, most of us haven't actually seen the film in it's entirety, typically everyone catches it on the tube when the film is already at the bus sequence, however there is a beginning explosion, and a terrorist threat to the public--Dennis Hopper (king terror in the film). This isn't the greatest terrorism movie, but it has a hot cop (Keanu) and of course Dennis Hopper is always fun to watch. I am throwing this into the mix because some women (not me) wouldn't be able to handle the films I've mentioned above. This is definitely a grade B film, but is worth a watch, from start to finish.

Broken Arrow, 1996, is a grade B movie, but a classic in my book. It's rather interesting, the bad boy in real life (Christian Slater) plays a hero in this film, while John Travolta his co-star and family-scientology-man in real life, is his nemesis (the terrorist) in the movie. Well, either way you shake it, it's a fun movie, and we even get to see some more action with Slater's Pump up the Volume co-star Samantha Mathis. Essentially, terrorists steal nuclear warheads from the U.S. Military in this one.


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