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Teyana Taylor's New EP “The Cassette Tape 1994”sparks a Nostalgic feel of Old Skool Hip-Hop !!!

Updated on August 29, 2015

It was “One Hell of a nite”, on August 25th when Teyana Taylor surprisingly released her latest Ep “ The Cassette Tape 1994”. Coming off the success of her album "VII" which debuted at No.1 on the top of Hip-Hop and R&B charts. The R&B vocalist followed up, even while being on tour with Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Fetty Wap and Omarion; dropping pure gems on "The Cassette Tape 1994". The five tracked EP which features Teyana’s boyfriend Iman Shumpert, plays on the 90’s Era of old skool Hip-Hop and R&B.

Your wish’ is the first track. Produced by Domo and Kanye West. The track's infamous hook alone takes you back to the days and sound of En Vouge, SWV, Silk and the list goes on. If you’ve ever experienced the throwback feel of true House party music or have grown up during the 90’s within the peak and rise of R&B music, mix that with a stack of Earth, Wind and Fire, New kids on the block and Sade vinyl’s and you have “ The Cassette Tape 1994”. The title “The Cassette Tape 1994” even catches your thought of the days cassettes were popularly used. ‘Your wish is my command’ gives you the full feel of that.

The second and third tracks are easily considered the favorites of Teyana’s New EP. The sexy vibe of ‘Tonight’ is infectious.Teyana slowly sings “Do you know what tonight is, its all about you and me”. This song has a throwback beat, with an upbeat tempo. the hook alone will have you playing it all night long. ‘Who’s gonna make it home’ follows the track 'Tonight'. Iman Shumpert opens the song with straight bars. Who knew Iman could rock like that? His flow is impeccable. Probably the most versatile song of the mixtape.The two make you feel as if your back in the day crusing down the block with your shorty on a Brooklyn night in 1995.

Undercover’ is the fourth track, produced by JR.Rotem. The song gets deep about wanting a guy who your not technically “with” but the two of you want to keep things on the low. Your still his lover, and decide to keep things Undercover. The beat plays on the strength of drums and gives a vibe of that old skool club joint 'Touch Me' is a bold record with a spicy message. The track opens with a clip from the movie "Boomberang" ,where Eddie Murphy is sitting down with Grace Jones, and gets asked the straight question of 'when are we getting in bed', because he cant turn down this P***y. .Sexy it is. You are guaranteed to get hot with this track. The water droplet sound in its mix is fire. The entire mixtape is well done, and on the ranks of being a classic mixtape.

The Cassette Tape 1994 is pure gold”. Be sure to check it out !!!

Teyana Taylor reposted Timbaland's instagram photo of her EP. Where she Thanks him for giving her praise on a "well done" mixtape.


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