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The 10 Best Things About Winter

Updated on October 13, 2015
Winter Scene
Winter Scene | Source

Winter Wonderland

Streetlights are misty in the light snowfall. Ice gently blankets the sidewalks and streets. The milky moon is an ornament hung in the midnight sky. The snowflakes dance and prance in the cold air. Winter is a wonderland. - By Joykim2000

What a wonderful way to start off our top 10 winter list! Now starting off with number 1...

Beef Pot Roast
Beef Pot Roast | Source

#1 Food Everywhere!

For me, one of the best things about winter is the variety and quality of food available. There are the amazing hearty meals and endless amounts of comfort food everywhere. The roasts, soups and countless baking possibilities are really what makes winter... well winter! Being able to sit down with your family and friends and just take a step back and wind down whilst conversing over amazing food and drink is really what makes winter a beautiful thing.

These are some of my favourite winter recipes:

Rain | Source

#2 Glourious Rain!

For lots of people rain is the worst thing about winter, but I cannot comprehend their train of thought! The pitter patter of rain drops against the windows and roof on a house is the best thing to listen to. It is so soothing and calming. It's the natural kind of ASMR!

Not only is rain good to listen to, but it is good for the environment around us; watering the plants and filling up our rivers and dams.

Fireplace | Source

#3 Fireplaces

The soothing heat and crisp sound of a warm fireplace is one of the best things about winter. Chucking another log on the fire to keep it going; roasting marshmallows; napping in the heated atmosphere; THERE IS NOTHING BETTER! Not only that, but it is great for the environment, using a renewable energy instead of fossil fuels to power an expensive heater or reverse air conditioner.

#4 Covering Up

Being able to cover up in warm, wooley clothes is an irreplaceable sensation. The soft fabrics rubbing up against your skin is toe curling! Winter finally gives me less pressure to show some skin and compare myself to other people, and for us ladies, we don't have to shave our legs constantly! It is not just the feeling of covering up that is enticing about winter, but the winter clothes are quite often the most fashionable clothes of the year, with big, expensive coats and designer boots, What's not to love!?! (..... Maybe the price :P)

A Beautiful Winters Night Sky
A Beautiful Winters Night Sky | Source

#5 Early Nights

The winter night sky is truly a beautiful sight. Some nights covered in fluffy clouds and others, it's as clear as day with shimmering stars spread across the sky like they have been painted on. The best part is that this all happens around 2 hours earlier than previous seasons, making for more night adventures and earlier nights in bed watching netfilx with a block of chocolate and a cup of tea (..... I know we all do it :D)

Sale Shopping!
Sale Shopping! | Source

#6 Winter Sales

When winter time comes around, ALL HAIL THE MALL! Being peak season for shopping in Winter, shops are always having winter sales, slashing prices and doing deals. This is the best time to shop during the year with all of the bargains available. Generally, these sales are discounted in regard to clothes, toys and home & kitchenware (basically everything AWESOME!)

A Magnificent Sunrise
A Magnificent Sunrise | Source

#7 Sunrises

Sunrises, like sunsets, are just magnificent. Watching the day come into play with a golden orb slowly lighting up the world around you; what a beautiful sight. It is the perfect time for basically everyone. It is just amazing; being able to get up at a reasonable time a still being able to see the sun rise for another glorious day. Now, you don't get to that everyday in any other season do you!

A Tasty Hot Chocolate
A Tasty Hot Chocolate | Source

#8 Hot Beverages

Winter is the best time for having a delicious drink. With so many options, I say, Why not try them all!?! There are chai teas, warm ciders, toddies, coffee, even a warm apple pie cocktail and why not make your own variation on the famous hot chocolate. Winter is a time for experimenting with each and everyone of your taste buds!

Here is the recipe for the warm apple pie cocktail..... You can thank me later, teehee:

A Relaxing Bubble Bath
A Relaxing Bubble Bath | Source

#9 Bubble Baths!

Coming out of the cold air into a warm, relaxing, bubbly bath is spine tingling. Winter is the best time to have a relaxing bubble bath; it is just not the same in summer, or any other season for that matter. Considering it is the best time to take relaxing bubble bath, why not mix it up!?! Maybe try some bath bombs, incense, mood lit candles, champagne or maybe even put on a face mask. I mean who doesn't love a face covered in weird goop :D

A Happy Family :)
A Happy Family :) | Source

#10 Family Time!

Now who doesn't love some family time?! Have some fun with your parents, brothers, sisters or children. Crack open the old board games, tell some funny stories, have a winter feast, go skiing and maybe even try not to fight for once! Just kidding, but seriously have all of the fun you possibly can because only God knows how many winters we have left.


Thank you so much for reading my top 10 list on the best things about winter. I hope you enjoyed it and relished in some of your best winter memories and favourite things. Let me know if the comments if some of these are your favourite things or if there is anything that I have missed that you would like to maybe add. And just in case anyone was wondering, I'm in the southern hemisphere, so no snow for me :D

Thanks once again. See you in my next hub :)

What Is Your Favourite Season?

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© 2015 Shelby Rideout - Andrews


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey

      Couldn't vote because I love each season for itself. Like my children, the uniqueness of each makes me love each one "the most" all the time! How that works is a mystery of love! :)

      Your list is quite yummy, though, because winter's delights should certainly be appreciated. I like to sleep with heavy covers and do not understand those who can sleep with none or with just a sheet so winter's sleeping weather is something I look forward to. Also, I like hot teas, but living in the south means there are a few months when I set them aside unless I am ill. Winter time means enjoying every variety all the time!

      And maybe it's because we get so little of it, but I love snowfalls. Blanketing the neighborhood with silence, the peaceful hush is surreal making the beauty of the landscape so dreamy. Slowly the neighborhood wakes, then sounds of children breaking into the layered streets begins softly. I don my warm gear and grab my snow discs to hike a few blocks until I join them on the steepest hill. By then, their shouts of delight and parents' shouts of caution (that only fly to the wind) overtake the silence of the dawn. I do all I can to join the fun, but a special thing is that the people I hardly see throughout the year, even the kids, call me by name. I don't recognize them all bundled up so have to ask… One of these years I'm gonna have some sort of bonfire/roasty marshmallow thingy going for them all at just the right time… :) Winter is lovely!

      A final note is that God designed things precisely, the seasons have followed each other according to His plan. He does indeed know when that plan will end, but what He offers in eternity makes the future seem more like a birth for those who trust Him according to His Word, like the end of a pregnancy, to put it oddly. All the beginnings and the endings of all things will culminate the way He has planned no matter what good or bad stewards we are of the earth. That fact, however, is no excuse to be bad stewards for we are accountable to take care of earth's gift(s). In order to be good stewards, though, we need the Creator's wisdom. Depending on the limited knowledge of science (or any group theories) only serves to make people fearful. Though they follow patterns, no two winters, springs, summers, or falls have ever been exactly the same because the earth is always changing, just like our bodies. Enjoy wintertime with confidence that there is nothing new about climate change!

    • suraj punjabi profile image

      suraj punjabi 2 years ago from jakarta

      I am from indonesia it is a tropical country so we do not really have winters. But I was staying in India for further studies for 2 years. In Delhi specifically, and there we had winter. I really enjoyed getting cozy with a warm drink and warm clothes, I wish I could enjoy winter here too. Great hub. Following!