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The 10 Most Evil Characters In Movies

Updated on September 8, 2013
Catherine Tramell
Catherine Tramell
Princess Asa
Princess Asa
Minnie Castevets
Minnie Castevets
General Tanz
General Tanz
Tony Jardine in the background.
Tony Jardine in the background.
Victor Komarovsky
Victor Komarovsky
Captain Von Schletow
Captain Von Schletow
Flavius Aetius in red cloak before Attla and his uncle,Rua.
Flavius Aetius in red cloak before Attla and his uncle,Rua.
Max Cady
Max Cady

Someone EVIL This Way Comes

There are some characters that are beyond bad. They are totally evil or shall we say quite diabolical. They have no sense of moral conscience nor remorse regarding how they negatively impact on others. They contend that if others are harmed by their actions, then it is the latter's fault and/or problem, not theirs.

It is nothing for these characters to use any means necessary, no matter how banal, to achieve their ends. The adage the end justify the means is taken to the lowest common denominator. They view others as a pawn in their twisted game. In their inverse mind and world, they are right. Here is my take on the 10 most evil characters in movies in descending order.

(10) Catherine Tramell in the movie Basic Instinct(1992). She is beauty, brainy, and......evil. This noted author of murder mysteries has a degree in psychology. She knows the inner workings of the human psyche. She loves to get inside people's minds in order to push their buttons and to expose their more vulnerable points. She views humanity as one would view a lab animal.

This is a woman who does not believe in pretenses. Catherine also feels that the concept of morality and rule is totally passe. She maintains that she is above rules. She loves and well.......get rid of them. It seems that almost everyone who is involved with this woman.......ends up missing. However, when she is queried of this, she icily denies it and dares you to say that she is uttering a prevarication. While she states this, she coldly smiles and her demonic eyes reveal her true persona.

(9) Asa Vajda in the movie Black Sunday(1960)- She was a 17th century Moldavian princess of the Vajda royal family. house of Vajda. She practiced witchcraft with her aide, Igor Javutich. They were subsequently caught and put to death by the princess' brother. Before she was put to death, she put a curse on Prince Vajda and his descendants.

Asa started to revitalize as a result of a cut endured by one of the doctors, Thomas Kruvajan, while he and Andre Gorobec were in the chapel. She then summoned Igor Javutich from his grave. He went into the Vajda castle to Prince Vajda's (the princess' father)bedroom which resulted in the latter going into shock. Then Dr. Kruvajan was summoned by Igor Javutich on the pretext of seeing the prince; however, he was going to see Asa for a sinister purpose.

When Dr. Kruvajan reached the Vajda castle, he was escorted to the chapel to see Asa. Asa possessed him and had him kill Prince Vajda. Asa was subsequently preparing to ultimately possess Princess Katja, her look like descendant. Before doing that, Constantine was killed by Igor Javutich. Now Princess Katja is the only Vajda descendant left. Princess Katja was shocked when her father stated that he is no longer her father but someone else and she fainted.

Igor Javutich then carried her downstairs to be the receptable for Asa. While the princess was semiconscious, Asa tauted her, stating that the former was preordained for this. Asa finally achieved her revenge or so she thought. She was becoming stronger and Dr. Gorobec though that Asa was the princess and vice versa. Asa was not wearing a cross which Dr. Gorobec thought was strange and proceeded to touch her with the cross. Her true identity was revealed. Her features became quite demonic when she was put to death.

(8) Minnie Catsevets in the movie Rosemary Baby(1968)- Beware of neighbors bringing gifts and being overfriendly. There is often an ulterior motive, believe it or not. Minnie seems to be such a sweet old lady. She fawns over Rosemary and her husband, Guy, welcoming them to the Bramford Apartments. Rosemary and Guy seemed so pleased that someone is so nice.

However, beneath that nice exterior is a quite nefarious woman. Minnie practiced black magic so to speak. On one cold autumn night, she brought chocolate mousse which she invited Rosemary and Guy to try. However, Rosemary's mousse was spiked and she fainted. It was Minnie's intention to draw Rosemary and Guy into a quite iniquitous plan. Rosemary fulfilled their plan much to her horror but Minnie was quite aware of the plan in question all along.

(7) General Tanz in the movie The Night of the Generals(1967)- This World War II German "general" went beyond the call of duty to the Fatherland. To say that he was a mere general carrying out and executing orders would be an extreme understatement. This was no ordinary general. He was part of an SS panzer unit. The SS were known to be extremely ruthless soldiers.

General Tanz was not a mere soldier but a butcher. He relished destroying whole towns and slaughtering entire populations at a whim. Of course, he did not feel any remorse such this was considered to be business as usual. He also had a predilection for unsavory women whom he murdered after dinner dates. Well to suffice, because of the latter act, there was to be an investigation. There was a Wermacht general assigned to the investigation.

General Tanz was such an honored general thought to be beyond reproach. However, when a corporal was assigned to him, he was asked to procure another "date" for the general who subsequently murdered her. When the corporal discovered this, he was quite nonplussed. The general instructed him to keep quiet about the incident. The Wehrmacht general was hot on the track of General Tanz; however, he was murdered by the latter for treason.

General Tanz was eventually imprisoned for war crimes and released. He paid his dues or so he thought. It was the 1960s. He was to be questioned regarding an alleged crime regarding a woman of ill repute. One past witness came forward-it was the ex-corporal. When Mr. Tanz heard this, he excused and then committed suicide.

(6) Tralala in the movie The Last Exit to Brooklyn(1989)- This Brooklyn woman is a working girl of the most banal order. She propositions clients only to have a gang of boys mug him so she can get her cut later on. This woman has no iota of conscience and soul. She exists at the lowest instinctual level.

She has no iota of concern regarding how her actions affect others. She just do what she has to, just to merely exist day to day. She wants out of her extremely hellish life and will use any man as a ticket to get out of her Red Hook, Brooklyn neighborhood to the bright lights of Manhattan. However, that never comes to fruition.

(5) Tony Jardine in the movie The Dark Corner(1946)- This unscrupulous lawyer is the nemesis of Bradford Galt, a private eye. Mr. Galt was previously framed by Mr. Jardine. Upon Mr. Galt's release from jail, Mr. Jardine hired a so-called private eye to trail him.

In the interim, Mr. Jardine is having an affair with the wife of Hardy Cathgart, a wealthy gallery owner. Apparently, he is using her to have access to Mr. Cathgart's wealth. However, Mr. Cathgart became cognizant of the affair and sent the so-called private eye(actually a hit person) to murder Mr. Jardine.

(4) Victor Komarovsky in the movie Dr. Zhivago(1965)- This insidious lawyer and adviser was totally evil and rotten to the core in pre-Revolutionary Russia. Mr. Komarovksy was a very influential and quite affluent lawyer. He was the guardian to the estate of Yuri Zhivago's father but left junior Zhivago next to nothing.

He was also the family advisor to the Guishars, a French family who immigrated to Russia. He had an affair with Mrs. Guishar. There was a dance and she was unable to attend because of illness. She asked him to take her daughter, Lara, instead. However, Lara at first hesitated but the mother insisted that she goes.

This, of course, led to a secret affair between the two. All while Lara was engaged to someone. Mr. Komarovsky informed Lara that she was living a charade, being engaged to a young, naïve man when he is the better man. She eventually discontinued her liaison with him and married her intended. Subsequently, World War I and the Russian Revolution occurred and Lara's husband was missing in action. Lara subsequently entered into an affair with Yuri Zhivago who she met while she was a nurse on the Ukrainian front. They eventually settled in Siberia.

Then one day, Mr. Komarovsky made his first of two unannounced appearances. Of course, Lara was shocked. Yuri intervened, telling him to leave. However, he asserted that he was here to offer sugar to Lara and her daughter. Lara refused and he loudly proclaimed that she could not afford to refuse him anything. Yuri pushed him downstairs. Mr. Komarovsky again made a second unannounced appearance, warning Yuri, Lara, and her daughter to leave or Lara and her daughter would face extremely dire consequences. Lara and her daughter, fearing for their lives, had no other recourse but to leave with him. Mr. Komarovsky then disappeared, never to be heard from again.

(3)Captain Von Schletow in the movie Sahara(1943)- In World War II North Africa, this Luftwaffe pilot was totally inhumane to say the least. While the Allied crew was stranded in the desert and fighting to stay alive, they were shot at by Capt. Von Schletow. Subsequently, he was shot down. However, he asserted that he was the captor and the Allied crew were his prisoners.

In the meanwhile, an English infantryman was fatally wonded by this pilot. When the American sergeant asked one of the crew, a Sudanese soldier, to pat the pilot down. As the Sudanese soldier started to approach the pilot, he took extreme umbrage that a member of an "inferior" race would pat him. Nevertheless, the sergeant instructed the Sudanese soldier to pat them which the latter complied with.

The pilot was a prisoner with an Italian soldier who was captured by the Sudanese soldier. The Italian soldier was not a problem and was cooperative whereas Captain Von Schletow remained unrepentant. It was his intention to be reunited with the Afrika Korps. As the Afrika Korps approached the encampment, he told the Italian to join him but the latter refused, stating that the Axis cause was a lost cause. So Captain Von Schletow killed him, and started running. The sergeant advised the Sudanese soldier to follow Captain Von Schletow which he did, subsequently killing him.

(2) Flavius Aetius in the movie Attila (2001)- This ultimate, unscrupulous power player in 5th century Rome believed and thoroughly practiced playing all sides of the fences as long as he achieves a glorious end. He was imprisoned because he was considered to be a threat to the imperial family. However, he was released as a clemency measure.

He advised Gothic chiefs and Attila how to unite with Rome in order consolidate power. However, he played the Goths against the Huns and the Huns against Goths. He loved to create quite a tempest. He did not care anything about the Goths nor the Huns, not even Rome. His main and only goal was to have power-for himself. He would use even the Emperor to achieve this. Sadly, his power lust came to an abrupt end while Attila died. He was called into the palace and dispatched of.

(1) Max Cady in the movie Cape Fear(1962 version)- This man is an evil psychopath. He has no iota of conscience whatsoever. He is totally soulless. He was imprisoned for a long time and got released. He had not reformed one inch. In fact, he had gotten much, much worse. His main impetus is revenge against the attorney who recommended his imprisonment.

Mr. Cady is searching for ways to avenge his imprisonment. He intends to stalk the attorney and his family inch by inch. He is living and breathing vengeance and will not stop until this is achieved. He then bumped into the attorney, his wife, and daughter at an outing. Then the chase begins. Almost everywhere the family goes, then he is. He even stalks the daughter at school and she run home terrified. He subsequently followed the family to a houseboat where a battle ensues; however, the attorney did not kill him and he was subsequently rearrested.

Yes, there are people who are just plain evil to the core. They know it but they do not care. They believe that they are right regardless of what one thinks of them. You have my take on the 10 most evil movie characters.

© 2013 Grace Marguerite Williams


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Outstanding, I am one of those people that love to hate the bad guy, even though the bad guy is not always a guy. I haven't seen all of these movies and you make me want to. I suspect that playing the bad guy isn't easy especially if your a good person, therefore you would have to be very good at your craft and do a lot of research. And on that note, you seem to have done your research about these characters. Very well done! Thank you.

    • gmwilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      5 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Thank you for your wondrous response.

    • epigramman profile image


      5 years ago

      Hello Grace, I can't believe that any film buffs have left comments here.

      This great list and most essential at that just shouts out to me that you know your movies very well and what impressed me the most is that you made a list of lesser known screen villians. How cool is that. Lucky for me because I have seen all of these films and thoroughly agree with you.

      This the best movie related hub I've seen/read here for quite some time and I also noticed many other very interesting hub subjects too which no doubt have the same high standards as this one.

      Hubbravo from a very appreciative epi-man at lake erie time ontario canada 4:10pm and sending warm wishes and good energy to you.

      Would you consider Travis Bickle/Robert DeNiro's character in Taxi Driver or Malcolm McDowell as Alex in A Clockwork Orange - two notable screen villians?


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