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The 10 biggest Pokemon

Updated on July 12, 2016
Gyarados 6.5m
Gyarados 6.5m | Source

10) Gyarados, Mega Gyarados

The first pokemon on this list is one probably everyone knows! Gyarados!

Best known for evolving out of a splashing fish (Magikarp) he also possesses some enormous dragon,Water and flying power. I myself always thought he was a water/dragon type, but it turns out he's actually a water/flying type. You learn something new every day! :)

Now, why is he on this list? Because he grows to a massive 6.5 meters or 21'04" (21 feet 4 inches). With that height he is the 10th biggest pokemon in the universe, which is pretty awesome. As you'll see above Mega Gyarados is also in the title, that's because Mega Gyarados is just as big as the regular Gyarados!

And if you're wondering about its weight, it's 235kg or 518.1 lbs. for Gyarados and 305kg or 672.4 lbs. for Mega Gyarados!

Mega Gyarados 6.5m
Mega Gyarados 6.5m | Source
Hoopa Confined 0.5m
Hoopa Confined 0.5m | Source

9) Hoopa (unbound)

The number 9 on this list is Hoopa. He's not really well known and he's also relatively new, because he's from the 6th generation of Pokemon.

If you're wondering why it says "unbound" then here's why. Hoopa is a magical Pokemon that comes in 2 different forms. The first one is Hoopa confined and that's his default form. But if you use something called "the prison bottle" then he will turn into Hoopa unbound. And that's the big Hoopa we're talking about!
While regular Hoopa is only 0.5 meters or 1'08" high, Hoopa unbound is a whopping 6.5 meters or 21'04" high! (I know it's the same as Gyarados, but someone had to go first :p).

Wondering about his Weight again? Hoopa confined weighs 9kg or 9.8 lbs.
Hoopa unbound weighs 490kg or 1080.3 lbs.

Hoopa Unbound 6.5m
Hoopa Unbound 6.5m | Source

8) Giratina (Origin Forme)

Giratina is a pretty well known Pokemon, since he is also the mascot for the Pokemon Platinum game. That he also has 2 different formes is maybe less known.

His first and original forme is "Altered Forme" Giratina. In that state Giratina is 4.5 meters or 14'09" high .
If he goes to his home "distortion world" or he gets a "Griseous Orb" however then he transforms to his "Origin Forme". And the "Origin Forme" is why Giratina is the number 8 in this list.

In that state he is 6.9 meters or 22'08" high, which is a bit bigger then most Pokemon!
In the "Origin forme" he does drop a little weight however.

"Altered Forme" Giratina weighs 750kg or 1653.5 lbs.
"Origin Forme" Giratina weighs 650kg or 1433 lbs.

Giratina Origin Forme 6.9m
Giratina Origin Forme 6.9m | Source

7) Rayquaza

The funny thing is, that Rayquaza is the 7th biggest Pokemon there is, and he is exactly 7 meters high... Maybe it's done on purpose, who knows!

Rayquaza is a Dragon/Flying type Pokemon of the 3rd generation. He is the game mascot for Pokemon Emerald. And he is a legendary weather Pokemon together with Groudon and Kyogre.

So Rayquaza is 7 meter or 23'00" high. His weight is 206.5kg or 455.2 lbs.

Rayquaza 7m
Rayquaza 7m | Source

6) Onix

Onix is a Pokemon of the original 151. So most people will know him. Basically he is just a string of rocks with a face in the front. But he is big, very big, and also kinda cool, so he has a place on this list as the 6th biggest Pokemon!

He is 8.8 meters or 28'10" high, which is almost like putting 5 people on top of each other, vertically, not horizontally...

As for his weight, you would expect a Pokemon made from big boulders to weigh a lot, but actually he doesn't.. He's almost the lightest fellow in this list with his 210kg or 463 lbs.
That's just like 3 regular people.. Approximately..

Onix 8.8m
Onix 8.8m | Source

5) Steelix

Steelix is the Evolution of Onix, the evolution happens when you trade Onix while he is holding a "Metal Coat".
So that the evolution of a big Pokemon is even bigger makes sense to me. Haha, and that he turns into steel and weighs more makes sense as well!

So Steelix is 9.2 meters or 30'02" high. While his weight is 400 kg or 881.8 lbs. That's almost double the weight of Onix!

Steelix 9.2m
Steelix 9.2m | Source

4) (Primal) Kyogre

This Pokemon is part of the "weather trio" along with Rayquaza (in this list) and Groudon.

The normal Kyogre is only 4.5 meters or 14'09" high, but when it holds the "blue orb" it can undergo something called "primal reversion" and turn into Primal Kyogre.
In it's primal state this Pokemon stands 9.8 meters or 32'01" tall! His weight is 430kg or 948 lbs.

And if you were wondering, it's weight is 352kg or 776 lbs. in it's normal state!

Primal Kyogre 9.8m
Primal Kyogre 9.8m | Source
Mega Steelix 10.5m
Mega Steelix 10.5m | Source

3) Mega Steelix

This is the Mega evolution of Steelix. This mega evolution happens when the "steelixite" is used on Steelix.

It's length is 10.5 meters or 34'05", which starts to be really incredibly big...
It's weight is 740 kg or 1632.4 lbs. Which is 340 kg heavier then regular Steelix! Mega evolving really gives it some mass!

Mega Rayquaza 10.8m
Mega Rayquaza 10.8m | Source

2) Mega Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza is (yes you guessed it!) the Mega evolved version of Rayquaza. Rayquaza can only Mega evolve if it knows te move "Dragon Ascent".

In it's Mega state Rayquaza's length is 10.8 meters or 35'05". That's 3 meters longer then the regular Rayquaza. He also almost doubles his weight, cause after the Mega evolution he weighs 392kg or 864.2 lbs. As regular Rayquaza it's only 206.5kg or 455.2 lbs.

1) Wailord

Last but not Least! The biggest Pokemon of them all is Wailord! Oh mighty great Wai-Lord!

Except for being huge and massive, this Pokemon isn't really special at all. It's just a regular Water-Pokemon evolving from Wailmer at lvl. 40.

It is 14.5 meters or 47'07" heigh and it weighs 398kg or 877.4 lbs. The weight seems a little off to me though.. If you consider a regular sperm whale weighing tons and tons then it's weird this one doesn't even weigh half a ton..

Wailord 14.5m
Wailord 14.5m | Source


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      I know that wailord is the biggest Pokèmon yet,silly