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The Hundred-Foot Journey, a nice film to see before it leaves the theatre.

Updated on August 21, 2014

A nice surprise for a summer film

Manish Dayal my new crush
Manish Dayal my new crush

I'm an action girl in love with this film.

I am very glad I got to see "The Hundred-Foot Journey".

What a nice, wonderful film that takes places in France.

The acting was good and it had a nice plot.

I don't think I should give too much away, because this is one of the special films, where there was a little bit romance and the film that involved alot of food that made you hungry in your seats, while watching the film.

The film surprised me, because I didn't know what to expect, and I am glad it was truly a wonderful surprise.

Yes there is a tiny bit of Bollywood music thrown in for the soundtrack that makes you want to get up in your seat and dance.

A little of plot, not too much because it is a pleasant film and I don't want to spoil it for anyone;

The family from India, had gone through a tragedy and papa has to decide where to go in theri car with the little things they have.

Papa has saved some money. Of course like in the preview they come across a deserted place which just happens to be across the street from a very famous french restaurant, which is very highly profile.

Of course with new culture and new food it would be a challenge with the family.

But it shows human compassion and when people have dreams what people endure to make those dreams come true.

The families has it struggles and there is the rival across the street and the owner she is played by Helen Mirran who happens is not happy with her "competition".

Through the whole film as you are sitting there watching all the wonderful food being cooked, you literally drool and you almost could smell what is cooked on screen because it looks so appealing and appetizing, you just wish you had a taste of what they were cooking in the film.

Through troubles, trials and tribulations like all families must face and the decision of one of the sons who is played Manish Daval to go off and become a famous Chef.

The film is magical in it's own way where family could enjoy this film.

There is a little romance between Manish Daval, which has a very sweet under tone and the romance is not too over done.

But papa who is played by Om Puri wants the restaurant to be a success, while across the street Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren) is giving them a difficult time, because she thinks Indian food doesn't belong.

So Papa thinks that because they never "tasted" Indian Food, they would want, especially with the special Indian Spices that add zest to the food that makes you feel alive when you are eating it.

There are little bit of moments of heartbreak in the film but with work they seem to get over some bumps.

Believe me I would love to sit and tell you all about this film, but then that would not be fair to let you all enjoy a truly beautiful film that maybe the sleeper of the summer with some nice surprise in it.

The 100 Foot Journey probably is a good date film to go see with someone.

I enjoyed it very truly and let me say I am more of an girl that loves her action films and believe me if I say I enjoyed this lovely peace of work then it has be a decent film that will bring a smile to your face.

Fair warning, after seeing the film, you are going to crave Indian Food. Yum!

The Hundred-Foot Journey, music..".Afreen"


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