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The 100 Review: Contents Under Pressure

Updated on June 16, 2014

Synopsis of "Contents Under Pressure"

Clarke and Raven finally make contact with the Ark in order to save Finn. Leadership at the Ark changes while its members decide how to use their limited supply of dropships. Octavia and Bellamy resolve issues.

Octavia and Bellamy... Ouch

Hey Friends,

So last week's episode was pretty insane as relationships began to collide. The first of few was the clashing of Raven and Clarke as Raven came to discover that Finn and Clarke had had a special moment in her absence. The unfortunate thing about it (for Finn and Clarke) is that Finn wants to be with Clarke over the girl he was once in love with. It's going to be rather difficult to admit to this while being on a stretcher. On the rescue mission to save Octavia, he was hurt by a pretty superior Grounder. Octavia tried to prevent this.

Apparently, this particular Grounder was protecting her from the others. Perhaps there is a schism between the savage and the civilized? Anyhow, this lack of trust towards Octavia lets words slip out and both of them express their shame for the other. It was sibling rivalry at its best. Also, Clarke and Raven are finally about to successfully contact the Ark. They just need more time. There's so much happening!

I'm excited about what's going to happen tonight!

Review of "Contents Under Pressure"

Tonight's episode of The 100 plays on the awesome themes of the show: desperation, savagery, and loss. This show is so well-executed and so flawless when it comes to conveying theme. This is what makes The 100 such a strong show. As a ratings stalwart, it's a shoo-in for renewal. We might get to see more of these characters come midseason next year or as early as fall of this year... Anyway...

Tonight's episode focuses on the happenings at the Ark after Raven and Clarke finally are able to contact the adults above. The real task no is to operate on Finn and save his life after being stabbed by a Grounder. Abby, Clarke's mom is the adviser on the other end. Jaha learns that his son is killed and Kane faces a great deal of guilt after learning that The 100 are alive. Meanwhile, a storm creates a nice reason to keep everyone locked away and in close quarters.

For revenge, Bellamy and his crew seek out the Grounder and bring him back in order to find out some intel. They don't discover much save for a book with drawings and the discovery that the Grounder is in love with Octavia. It her connection with him that saves Finn's life. Bellamy displays some unsettling savagery to get the Grounder to talk. As of now, it seems he doesn't speak any English. His ability to communicate is shot, probably due to lack of a civilized people for nearly one hundred years.

The Chancellor finally tells the people that Earth is livable and that plans are in motion to send them all down. He removes Abby from her council seat and places someone else in her spot. Abby's life has been spared because of her value. That's a pretty good thing, I suppose. Also, Clarke and Abby resolve some old issues. Finn is saved and finally wakes, leaving things to even more chance. I wonder how long until we know who will end up with who.

The Grounder speaks to Octavia. "Thank you" comes out of his mouth. It's slow and broken. Perhaps there is chance for something more in the future. The storm ends and repairs begin... I wonder what will be next to unfold.

Will Everyone From The Ark Make It To Earth?

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5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of "Contents Under Pressure"

My Impressions and Predictions

Tonight's episode was powerful, filled with tension, love, sorrow, and hate. The themes of this show have been so well grounded that it makes for a very intense show every time. I feel really bad for Jaha, Kane, and Abby who are faced with some of the most intense pressures any human should ever have to. The are enough dropships for 700 people. There are over 2,000 on the Ark. Everyone won't make it out. "We're on the Titanic without enough lifeboats", says Jaha. What an amazing reversal. The writers won't make this any easier for their characters. This is what makes strong writing!

As a fiction writer, I give kudos to the writing staff. Well done. In the meantime, I can only guess a few things will occur:

  • 700 will leave the Ark. The less valuable will die (the harshest truth of this show- survival of the fittest)
  • Octavia will run away with the Grounder, for love.
  • Bellamy and Clarke will share a brief intimate moment. The sexual tension is palpable. It has been for quite some time.
  • Finn will choose Clarke over Raven, but not at the right time.
  • Monty will return with a sad story to tell...

There's so many characters and they're all so well-crafted. I'm impressed. I really am. I can't wait to see what happens next week!!

© 2014 A.E. Williams


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    • That Grrl profile image

      Laura Brown 3 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      I've been watching it on NetFlix. Looking forward to the new season starting soon.