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The 100 Review: Day Trip

Updated on June 16, 2014

Synopsis of "Day Trip"

Clarke and Bellamy head out in search of some provisions for the coming winter while the remainder of the 100 find hallucinogenic nuts. Other events unfold on the Ark.

Not Enough Dropships...

Hey Friends!

The 100 has been a wonderfully successful show, bringing us an intense plot and one reversal after the next. I wouldn't be surprised if this show was renewed for another season. I'm curous as to what's to come until this year's finale. Also, there are some things we need to discuss hence tonight's topic: the dropships.

Last week, while Clarke was saving Finn's life, we learned that there aren't enough dropshops for everyone on the Ark to return to Earth. This is still a secret to all those on the Ark an excellent reversal when it comes to moving the characters in the right place. Also, there's the matter of the Grounder and his love for Octavia. There's bound to be some conflict there as well as Finn and his love for Clarke and Raven at the same time. There's a lot more to see from this show. Let's go!

Review of "Day Trip"

Hey Friends,

Tonight's episode of The 100 has been a wonderful portrayal of the inner workings of the characters we quickly came to know and love. Tonight's episode has introduced some emotional themes such as guilt, fear, betrayal, forgiveness. They're all just things for us to concentrate while events are slowly coming to pass with the overall plot.

Communications with the Ark has continued to the sophistication of video chatting now. Members of The 100 have been able to talk to their family members and discuss things happening on the Ark and on Earth. Clarke still refuses to talk to her mother, unable to forgive her for betraying her father. One of the criminals is asked to kill Bellamy (probably to cover up how he was coerced into shooting the Chancellor). Octavia grows closer to the Grounder now name London(?).

The leaders of the Ark make Clarke aware of a possible supply station to prepare The 100 for the upcoming winter. They're more likely to freeze than to starve. Clarke enlists Bellamy to come with her to check things out. Raven and Finn rekindle their old flame, but it seems that Finn may sincerely feel for Clarke. Raven has refused to care about the past and coaxes Finn into some sexual activity (despite the fact that he should be resting).

An interesting complication with some nuts causes everyone to go... nuts. Actually they're strange visions of their worst fears and nightmares... It distracts The 100 enough to allow Octavia to let London(?) escape. Finn, who hasn't been affected, lets the Grounder go with no problem. Apparently, he had forgiven him for stabbing him. This is why I love Finn. Meanwhile, Clarke and Bellamy begin having their own visions (they too had eaten the same nuts).

The killer begins his assault, but is thwarted by Bellamy and Clarke working together. Clarke convinces Bellamy to come back to camp with her. His original intention was to run away due the fact that the Ark members would begin to drop down. That would mean more pain for him. Bellamy shows some vulnerability here that is just simply wonderful. All that guilt and darkness inside of him has finally made it to the surface. This makes Clarke sympathize with the anti-hero. I see a connection in the future.

Bellamy and Clarke finally return with the guns they found in case they're ever attacked. Clarke has decided that she and Bellamy need to work together. They are essential to the survival of The 100. I'm elated by these events. However, I worry that we'll lose one more beloved character, despite all the building up. I also love how Bellamy redeemed himself in the end by facing his demons; with his sister, with the Chancellor, with his guilt. A very defining moment.

Finn cautions Clarke about her and Bellamy's decisions... I can see where he's coming from. Oh and we also discover that the new chair ordered the killing of the Chancellor. Next week... Oh my!!

Can The Grounders Bring Peace

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4 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of "Day Trip"

My Impressions and Predictions

Despite the slow moving plotlines in this episode, it was pretty strong in the sense of moving forward, giving the viewers a sense of progress and that things are culminating into a great finale for this season. No word on a second season, but it would be ill-advised for the CW to cancel its strongest midseason show since Life Unexpected back in 2009. I did predict that Octavia would grow closer to the Grounder (named London), but that she would run off with him. That seems nigh impossible now. There are some things I do believe...

  • The Ark will be destroyed by season's end
  • The Chancellor will be killed
  • Abby and Clarke will reunite
  • Finn will break things off with Raven and also refrain from pursuing Clarke
  • The Grounders will seek war with The 100

Alas, theses are just a few things I believe could come to fruition. We still have several episodes to go... (six, I believe). We'll have to see how things turn out. We'll know soon about the fate of this show soon. Don't worry, it's a shoo-in for renewal.

Until next week, friends.

© 2014 A.E. Williams


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    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      A.E. Williams 3 years ago from Hampton, GA

      She plays Clarke perfectly if you compare her to the books.

    • That Grrl profile image

      Laura Brown 3 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      Clarke as a character is too good, too close to being perfect. As far as the show goes that character doesn't work for me. Maybe the actress needs to play it differently but it really needs to be written differently. I do like Clarke and Bellamy as a couple though. He gives her some humanity and she needs it.