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The 100 Review: His Sister's Keeper

Updated on June 16, 2014

Synopsis of "His Sister's Keeper"

Bellamy leads a group into the forest to find Octavia. The Ark prepares to begin evacuation. Clarke tries to avoid Finn. Finn must tell Raven about Clarke.

The Ark Knows...

Hey friends,

So last week, Raven joined The 100 after building a drop ship. Unfortunately for Clarke, she's the love of Finn's life. This is discovered just shortly after their lovely night together. Very interesting twist indeed. Raven also brings news that the Chancellor has survived and that Bellamy failed at killing him.

With this news, Bellamy's guilt and fear is removed and he helps the others notify the Ark of their survival. Octavia goes missing after meeting a Grounder. I'm definitely curious about how this plays out!

Oh. Also... How will the Ark take the news that The 100 have survived. What will become of Abby?

Review of "His Sister's Keeper"

Hey Friends,

Tonight's episode of The 100 has been a combination of flashbacks and the situation with Octavia being held captive my a Grounder. It's all very exciting, I think. I also love seeing these flashbacks of Bellamy and Octavia, building on the tragedy of their relationship. Bellamy had so much more from simply because he was born first.

Bellamy, Jasper, and Finn set out to find Octavia while z Clarke and Raven work on a transmitter. They believe that the Ark didn't receive their message through flares. I'm excited about the two of them working together. The truth is bound to come out.

Bellamy and the others finally find Octavia after a run-in with several Grounders. They lost done friends to traps in the process. We also learn that Bellamy's mother sold her body to make it on the Ark and Bellamy was once a guard. It's nice to see some similarity to the books. In curious as to that other storylines will be featured.

What's most frustrating about this episode is the lack of the current situation on the Ark. Perhaps it's purposeful. In the final minutes of this episode, we discover how Bellamy came to shoot the Chancellor. Finn is stabbed protecting Octavia. Octavia and Bellamy have a fierce argument. It's pretty rough.

Are Clarke and Finn Meant To Be?

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4 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of "His Brother's Keeper"

My Impressions and Predictions

Tonight's episode was entertaining to say the least. We got to learn about Bellamy and Octavia's past. We also grew to understand some things about Raven and Finn's relationship. I'm very excited about next week's episode. I think...

  • Finn will survive and choose Clarke over Raven.
  • Abby will still be unheard
  • Octavia will leave camp
  • Jasper will share his experience with the Grounders

I'm curious as to what these next couple of episodes will reveal...

© 2014 A.E. Williams


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    • That Grrl profile image

      Laura Brown 

      4 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      I like Finn as an explorer and mediator. But he needs to keep his pants on until his last girlfriend is actually dead rather than just on a spaceship circling the planet.


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