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The 101 best movies ever! Part 2.

Updated on March 8, 2015

In a class of his own!


More classic that started off as must sees.

Bogart, Peter Lorre, and William Holden are the leading men on this portion of the list. Catherine and Audrey Hepburn, make their presence known as well.

A classic trailer.

Here are the best 21- 40

40. The African Queen - Bogart and Catherine Hepburn start this portion off. Set in Africa during WW2, this adventure twisted and turned it's way into Hollywood history.

39. It Happened One Night- (1934) One of the best romance comedies ever, this one helped make the 30's as memorable as they were. Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert carry this classic. Alan Hale Sr. (the Skipper's dad) was good also.

38. Sunset Blvd.- (1950) William Holden was amazing, and quite a few of his movies show up here. This drama was excellent because of the cast and writers. Buster Keaton (a huge star from the 20's), and Jack Webb were great as well.

37. A Streetcar Named Desire- Marlon Brando and Vivian Leigh team up in this romance drama. Carl Malden was a Brando's greatest wing man from those days. And Vivian was a goddess. That may be why she was so unliked, in Hollywood

36. Bonnie and Clyde- Faye Dunaway, Warren Beaty, and Gene Hackman star in one of the most famous American crime phenomena.

35. Space Odyssey- Seeing that this was from 1968, I could understand why some of the scenes and special efforts were a bit cheesy. Overall, this was still a great classic.

34. Chinatown - This is another in the long line of Chaplin classics. The 30's had such a unique blend of actors and actresses, like the world has not since seen!

33. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly- Wa wa waaaa. I love so many of Eastwood's Westerns. This was one of the best and was totally different.

32. Singing in the Rain- Gene and Debbie were excellent together. Some consider this the best musical ever. I say it was close.

31. North by Northwest- Hitchcock, Landau, and of course Cary Grant, team up for this thriller of a mystery. The crop duster was one of my favorite scenes ever.

30. To Kill a Mockingbird - Who would want to do that? This was probably Peck's best. Duvall was excellent too.

29. Treasure of the Sierra Madre - Humphrey Bogart and a fellow American, travel to Mexico in search of work. Because of an intelligent local, they find much more. Someone once said that Harrison Ford was the new Bogart. The truth is, there was and only ever will be, just one!

28. The French Connection - Hackman's best (which says a lot). This was an edge of your seat crime drama that truly defined a brilliant cat and mouse chase.

27. Raging Bull- The story of the self destructive boxer Jake La Motta. This movie demonstrated two things about fear. 1. that it can take control of even the toughest of men, and 2. it creates the reality that we feared in the first place.

26. M (1931) The intrigue and suspense that Peter Lorre brought to this stayed with me for some time. This was one of the best crime dramas ever!

25. Casablanca (1942) Though I have always thought this was a little overrated, this is an unforgettable classic.

24. Apocalypse Now (1979 )- A wild and different type of war movie won over an entire generation. Brando could stand out in any genre he appeared in. Martin Sheen, Lawrence Fishburne, Albert Hall, Harrison Ford, and Duvall were great as well.

23. Sabrina (1954 ) - This was a great love story that was different and new for it's day. These two should have appeared more often together!

22. The Godfather 2 (1974 )- This was a great follow up where Michael comes into his own. Most of the outstanding cast, returns.

21. Braveheart (1995) I thought that this was an amazing production when many great actors were at their best! The music, the acting, and the powerful, inspiring scenes made this a color classic.


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    • MikeSyrSutton profile image

      MikeSyrSutton 2 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      Wow! Thank you all! I looked at the AFI list and they somehow left out Braveheart, Shawshank, M, and Sabrina! For what Clockwork Orange, MASH and Snow White?

      None of those are bad, but look at what went into making these and look at the casts!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 2 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I've seen every movie except the space movies. I don't really care for them, but the rest are among the very best. I love the old classic movies of the 40's and 50's. Thank's for the memories...

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 2 years ago from California

      Love this series of articles. Agree Cassablanca is a little over rated.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      I am really enjoying this list.