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The 15 Smallest Pokemon in Existence! Cute!

Updated on July 14, 2016
Klefki | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 3kg or 6.6 lbs.

Klefki is a "Key Ring" Pokemon. Yes it is as weird as it sounds... This Pokemon is a Key ring. It is actually a Steel/Fairy type Pokemon that likes to collect keys on the ring it carries.
It does not evolve and it jingles it's key collection to scare attackers... (Kinda have the feeling the creators lost inspiration here.)

Dedenne | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 2.2kg or 4.9 lbs.

Dedenne is an Electric/Fairy type pokemon that resembles a mouse. Actually it is like a smaller and more orange Pikachu. It does not evolve in or from anything.

Spritzee | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 0.5kg or 1.1 lbs.

Spritzee is a Fairy type pokemon. It flies and spreads aromatic scents which depend on it's diet.
When it holds a sachet it will evolve into Aromatisse.

Floette | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 0.9kg or 2 lbs.

Floette is a Fairy type pokemon. She carries around a flower that can be red, yellow, orange, blue or white. There are no male Floettes, so it's an all female pokemon.

She evolves from Flabébé (also in this list) and when a shiny stone is used she will evolve into Florges

Tynamo | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 0.3kg or 0.7 lbs.

Tynamo is an Electric type pokemon. Tynamo's have an electricity generating organ, and they will discharge it when they're in danger. But a single Tynamo doesn't generate a lot of power so they move together in schools to create a much more powerful shock.

Tynamo evolves into Eelektrik, and later can evolve into Eelektross if a Thunder Stone is used.

Foongus | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 1kg or 2.2 lbs.

Foongus is a Grass/Poison type pokemon that resembles a mushroom. It's cap looks like a poke ball. If it's in danger, it will lure the human or pokemon into a grassy field by using the poke ball pattern and then it will release a cloud of poisonous spores.

Foongus evolves into Amoonguss.

Shaymin (land forme)
Shaymin (land forme) | Source

Shaymin (land forme)

Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 2.1kg or 4.6 lbs.

Shaymin is a mythical Grass type pokemon. It is also the smallest mythical pokemon in existence. It has no gender and it can transform into it's sky forme if it touches a Gracidea flower. It will revert back to it's land forme if it touches the flower again, or if it is frozen or it's night-time.

Shaymin does not have an evolution, nor does it evolve from something.

Chingling | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 0.6kg or 1.3 lbs.

Chingling is a Psychic type pokemon that resembles a bell. It can generate very high frequency sounds, even to high for people to hear sometimes.

When it levels up during the night while it has a high friendship it evolves into Chimecho.

Burmy (plant cloak)
Burmy (plant cloak) | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 3.4kg or 7.5 lbs.

Burmy is a Bug type pokemon and it's a sort of worm wound up in a cloak of either plants, trash or sand. The cloak is just to protect it from the cold, and has no other effect.

Burmy evolves into 2 different pokemon dependent on it's gender. The male Burmy will evolve into Mothim. The female Burmy will evolve into Wormadam.

Budew | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 1.2kg or 2.6 lbs.

Budew is a Grass/Poison type pokemon. It looks a bit like a rosebud.

It evolves into a Roselia when it levels up during the day while having a high friendship. Roselia in it's turn evolves into Roserade when it is exposed to a shiny stone.

Azurill | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 2kg or 4.4 lbs.

Azurill is a Normal/Fairy type baby pokemon. It looks a bit like a blue round mouse with a big blue dot at the end of its tail. The tail is used to float, bounce, and to fight enemies.

Azurill evolves into Marill when it levels up while it has high friendship. Marill later evolves into Azumarill.

Natu | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 2kg or 4.4 lbs.

Natu is a Psychic/Flying type pokemon that looks like a small round bird. It cannot fly, but it can hop and climb things and trees. It likes to stare at something until it moves.

Natu evolves into Xatu.

Diglett | Source


Height: 0.2 meters or 0'08"
Weight: 0.8kg or 1.8 lbs.

Diglett is a Ground type pokemon that looks a bit like a worm or a mole. It cannot stand sunlight because it makes them grow weak. Their skin is very thin and they feed on tree roots. It has feet, if you were wondering this. Cause in a pokemon mystery dungeon game it says so itself. It's not known what they look like though.

Diglett evolves into Dugtrio. (which is basically 3 digletts.)

Flabébé | Source


Height: 0.1 meters or 0'04"
Weight: 0.1kg or 0.2 lbs.

Flabébé is a Fairy type pokemon that looks like a small white thing holding a flower.

She's the smallest known pokemon together with Joltik, the next pokemon in this list. She holds the pistil of a "fairy flower" that can be red, yellow, orange, white or blue. Flabébés can only be female.

She evolves into Floette, and Floette evolves into Florges when a Shiny Stone is used.

Joltik | Source


Height: 0.1 meters or 0'04"
Weight: 0.6kg or 1.3 lbs.

Joltik is a Bug/Electric type pokemon that looks like a furry, four-legged spider. It has four blue eyes. Joltiks are to small to generate electricity themselves, so they attach themselves to bigger pokemons to feed of their static electricity or to electrical sockets in houses to us that energy. It stores all the electricity in a pouch on its body.

It evolves into Galvantula.

Which small pokemon is your favourite?

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