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The 2nd House in Astrology

Updated on November 21, 2013

The 2nd House

In astrology, a house describes a specific experience field in the real life of a native. These indicate how an individual functions, whether in the way he or she interacts with other persons in love affairs, his work or in any other aspect. As with the twelve signs of the zodiac, each of the houses is analogous with 1 sign. On the other hand, contrary to every sign that is invariably spread over thirty degrees of the circle of the zodiac, sizes of a house can vary greatly from one house to the other house. Calculations of a house are based on the exact time of birth.

12 Systems

The chart is cut into twelve systems and this varies from one astrologer to another. There are various methods including one that dates back to the seventeenth century by Placidus.

Money and Material Wealth

The second house in astrology is a description of the way material goods are managed and material goods themselves. It also comprises the way money is earned. In short, it includes all the matters of finance but is also a representation of greed and every type of possession. This house also has to do with the seeds you sow in order to enjoy a harvest that is abundant. For any planet, there is a strong drive to pursue security that is material. It is the arena of how a strong Self grounding is created based on what you value. This house shows the methods that your life is built around you and cultivates a sense of place. It is about being established and this includes building tangible, real wealth. Issues of the second house have to do with pulling your own weight in the globe. Here, insights about self-sufficiency are found and how grounded you happen to be. A second house that is strong causes people to build with thoughts of stability, wise investments of resources and planning ahead. In this area, challenges include depending financially over others, compromising values in exchange for gain that is monetary.

Getting Settled

The 2nd house is where making progress that is steady through effort that is sustained. It is where folks settle in. The lessons involved have to do with dealing with the material plane and about retaining consistency. The 2nd house is where people can take the time for thoroughness. Here, planets are expressed through action that is deliberate and can support real progress.

Through the Senses

The 2nd house is also a guide to experiencing life through the senses. It is the pathway to savouring life’s comforts and feeling our sensual, animal selves. Here, planets reach out to experience, touch, smell and taste being part of the environment. It can be a guide to manifesting upwards from the ground, from intimate experiences of what is in the exterior.


The 2nd house is ruled naturally by the Taurus sign of the zodiac. “I have, therefore I am” is the motto of Taurus. This house rules the neck, cervical spine, cerebellum, base of the brain, lower jaw, lower lip, ears and throat. Your own resources are what the second house is all about. It describes what values you have that range from personal talents, esteem, money and possessions. Your personal earnings is what this house rules including security, monetary losses, gains, value system, material resources, the money you make, your budget and bankers. Other key descriptive words include your prana, acquisitions, possessions, attitudes and both financial and personal values.

Tangible Values

More specifically, this house is the ruler and foundation of the world that is material. Tangible values such as talent, income, social background, finances, possessions and wealth are found in the natal chart’s second house. Self-esteem that is higher comes from getting value from others within a structure of society. On the other hand, it could require some efforts for developing resources if Pluto or Saturn is found here. Any of the planets in the 2nd house could get interpreted as an innate ability, a resource and something where you can draw life wealth from. This house has to do with what you have and also reveals your attitudes towards partners, security and possessions.

Talent and Skills

Aside from the way in which you create, earn or generate money, the 2nd house is an earthy, fixed house with a focus on talents, skills and resources. This house is related to the things you value and your physical senses. It can rule on the things that you have treasured on your life and reveals how you feel about what you own. In astrology that is modern, the 2nd house is related to personal gain and losses, values, expenditure and income.


This house is also linked to your personal resources, earning ability and self-esteem. These are the things that act sometimes as the tangible self-worth measure, and is concerned with autonomy that is material and these things in life that give us stability within. If you get paid properly for work done, you feel like you are of value. On the other side of the coin, you feel undervalued when you are underpaid. This describes what you hope to possess and what you already possess.

Factors that Affect Money

When it comes to money and the attitudes people have towards money, people vary greatly. These opinions are different and are a function of a range of factors such as political beliefs, wealth, social class and age. Traditionally, the 2nd house is Venus-ruled and reflects your ability to sustain yourself, feed and clothe yourself in the world. It also reflects the physical body.

Sense of Identity

Your sense of identity and the sense of identity of most people are enhanced and supported by physical objects. Collections that are personal such as pictures, dolls and books are found in the second house as well. Owners tend to greatly value these possessions. Some are classified as needs and are things that are needed in order for survival to take place and also things to make life more comfortable and easier. Other possessions are considered to be luxuries and it is said that purchasing stuff is one reason that most folks want more money.

Economic Security

The need a child has for economic or material security first comes from the parents and later extends to regular routines of sleeping and eating and all other things that give them bodily stability and comfort. The yearning for security is within each and every person and these big concerns for basic safety are served by the basic needs of clothing, shelter, water and food. It is believed by some psychologists that early year’s insecurity can bring about the qualities of being materialistic in later life.

The 50’s

In the fifties, there was a study that had revealed the way the income of a person determines how others perceive them. People who are rich are thought to be happy and adjusting well. The poor were seen as unhappy and maladjusted. On other tests, the ones that scored higher on the scale of penny pinching also had self-esteem that was lower. This was also a reflection of their being unwilling to spend money on their job, their partners, their social life and on themselves.

Childhood Poverty

It has been shown by studies that poverty in childhood including deprivation of material goods fosters adulthood materialism. In the 2nd house, Pluto or Saturn can lead to overly concern over life’s basic necessities. In the 2nd house, the sun finds expression through their values and has the abilities of amassing skills and resources. Here, the moon reveals a hunger for stability and security.


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