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The 47 Richest Child Stars in the World

Updated on July 9, 2016
Daniel Radcliffe - leading star for the Harry Potter franchise, the most famous (once) child star in the world. Now one of the richest actors in the world.
Daniel Radcliffe - leading star for the Harry Potter franchise, the most famous (once) child star in the world. Now one of the richest actors in the world. | Source
Taylor Swift - the most famous (once) teen singer in the world. Now one of the richest pop artists in the world.
Taylor Swift - the most famous (once) teen singer in the world. Now one of the richest pop artists in the world. | Source

Who Are the Richest Child/Teen Stars in the World?

Child/Teen stars come from all points of the entertainment industry, from actors/actresses to singers, these famous (possibly, once) young individuals have gained fame and fortune at a rather minor age. This has proven to go either one of two ways, either these young stars go on to become adult stars or their fame comes to a subtle end as they enter into their adult lives and lose their childish looks.

However, it has become a well known matter that young stars in the entertainment business can make a small fortune for themselves if they can carve out an area for themselves where there can become a large following for their craft (be it acting, singing or otherwise).

Some of the young stars on this list gained the majority of their fortune from their careers as children/teens, but for the most they have gone on to have successful adult careers which have added to their net worth, so it may be a little deceiving for as to just how much these (at times, once) young stars have earned in their youth.

A lot of the young financially secure stars on this list were (at times, once) stars on hit TV shows and movies, an area of the entertainment business that has always had room for young stars. And, luckily these days the young stars are getting fairer pay, of course not as much as their older adult-aged co-stars, but still, given their young age they are earning more than enough for their salary.

A good example for substantial pay for young TV show stars would be the young leading stars on the hit US sitcom Modern Family where the young stars for that show on the latest season earned more than $2 million. Not bad for a single seasons work.

A record breaking pay-day for young stars in the movie business came with Macaulay Culkin's fee for Home Alone where he was payed $1 million, which at the time was a new record for a young minor at his age. Credit here went to John Hughes, the creator of Home Alone, who believed in fair pay for young acting stars.

But, to take pay-day matters to the next extreme for young stars, the leading cast for Harry Potter (Rupert Grint & Emma Watson) were paid £10 million for their roles in the Harry Potter instalment, Deathly Hallows - Part 1. This is to-date the most amount of money that any young stars have ever earned from a single movie. However, Daniel Radcliffe's pay would have been a tad more, but his pay is unknown and would be simply guess work.

Not to say that the money in the entertainment business all lies in TV and movie work, as it seems that the bigger and easier fortunes are made in the music business, as proven with the phenomenal success of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, both of whom got into the business when they were still relatively young.

Justin Bieber is one of the most controversial young singers in the music industry, but something tells us that he does not care a little too much about the negative criticism given his substantial fortune which currently sits at a rather large $200 million.

Taylor Swift, another once young music artist in the complex business of selling records has gone on to make even more than Bieber, with a net worth that currently sits at $250 million. Swift can do no wrong where her records are concerned, as her fan following is loyal and her concert tickets sell out like wild fire.

No.1 - Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Twins - $300 Million

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen had a fortunate young career in the acting business, with their first appearance at the age of 9 months in the US TV sitcom Full House, and their acting career in their youth began to flourish long after this show ended.

But, as they entered into their adult lives they became entrepreneurs, and very successful ones, starting up their own clothing lines for Tweens, both marketing and creating clothing lines for the lower and upper market.

Their entrepreneurial efforts have paid-off as they are now both individually worth a net worth estimated at $150 million each, and their clothing lines continue to succeed, and given that their clothing lines are limited to Northern American retailers this is quite the success for the pair.

No.2 - Taylor Swift - $250 Million

Taylor Swift was once a country singer, but those days are far over as she became the loveable young pop-romance singer which has enabled her to have an overwhelmingly successful music artist career that just goes from strength-to-strength.

Swift's efforts in the music industry are media-gouging as she continues to shock fans with new and exciting music videos that attract a lot of controversial attention, but what seems to pay where music is concerned is the controversy.

Swift's albums and concert tickets are some of the fastest selling in the entire market, but given her loyal fan following and continuously new and exciting material there is little surprise that she continues to be one of the most-listened to music artists in the industry.

Swift's fortune is on the yearly rise, and she has quickly gone from a relatively unknown country singer to one of the world's leading musicians and pop singers on the rise through stardom.

No.3 - Justin Bieber - $200 Million

Justin Bieber was first noticed on the online video-streaming platform YouTube, and was signed to a label, and ever since the star has been making himself a very large small fortune.

Bieber is one of the most controversially successful music artists in the music industry, but as said previously, controversy sells.

Bieber has adapted his image from the cute teen to the rebellious 20-something singer, and with a quickly rising fortune it seems that somewhere along the way the heavy criticism payed this singer tens (nigh) hundreds of millions of dollars.

No.4 - Miley Cyrus - $160 Million

Miley Cyrus made the most of her fortune from her time spent as Hannah Montana on the Disney TV show by the same name.

However, since leaving the Disney world Miley Cyrus has carved out a new rebellious image for herself, which once again has caused plenty of controversy, but with the yearly income that her music career makes the star, whose to judge when the income is in the tens of millions.

No.5 - One Direction - $150 Million

From June 2013 - June 2014 the group earned an estimated $75 million.

One Direction is todays leading boy-band, having reeled in the mass following worldwide, and the group makes revenue left-right-and-centre from record, concert and merchandise sales which are making this particular boy-band a fortune unlike any other.

One Direction are still at large and continue to bring in substantial sums of money from their activities in their music career and time can only tell where their net worth will be next year as their income continues to move on the increase.

No.6 - Daniel Radcliffe - $110 Million

Daniel Radcliffe quickly became a movie superstar after the release of the first Harry Potter instalment (and the Philosopher's Stone) where the star played the lead as Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter franchise only became more successful as the series went on with a loyal audience which brought in the film franchise billions at the box office. Daniel Radcliffe shared in the movies financial success making himself a net worth which stood at $80 million after the Harry Potter's final instalment release, but since his fortune has been on the increase and the star is now worth more than a hundred million dollars.

No.7 - Robert Pattinson - $100 Million

Robert Pattinson first appeared as a face to the larger audiences in film when he co-starred alongside Daniel Radcliffe (playing Harry Potter) in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but since Pattinson got his leading role in the Twilight franchise.

The Twilight franchise has been good to Robert Pattinson as he made a remarkable fortune from the film series, having been appointed points for the last couple of instalments for the franchise which increased his income for each instalment to $40 million.

Pattinson's current salary stands at $25 million. This amount is the same as Daniel Radcliffe's asking salary, which just goes to show that one overly successful role can keep the salary asking high for future roles in movies.

No.8 - Kristen Stewart - $70 Million

Kristen Stewart has been an actress since she was young, and became a Hollywood hot-shot after her part in the Twilight film series alongside her co-star Robbert Pattinson (another contender on this list).

Kristen Stewart, like Robbert Pattinson (co-star in Twilight film series), received points for the final 2 instalments for the Twilight film series which accounted for 17% of the profits at the box office. This lucky arrangement has enabled her to rack up a net worth of an estimated $70 million.

However, Kristen's acting career seems to have gone a little astray since the ending of the Twilight franchise, as she has taken to smaller budget productions away from the big-budget items which ultimately pay the bigger salaries.

No.9 - Emma Watson - $70 Million

Emma Watson is another ex-Harry Potter star who was a lead in the Harry Potter film series which ran on for 8 instalments.

Emma Watson earned a reported £10 million for her role in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (7th instalment for the film series) which was record breaking at the time alongside her co-star, Rupert Grint who also earned the same amount for that movie as another leading star in the movie franchise.

Emma Watson continues to act in Hollywood productions, as well as modelling for various photo shoots and ad campaigns, as it seems that Watson has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. An industry that pays well for the top contenders which she has slowly become, leaving little surprise for her growing net worth.

No.10 - Ed Sheeran - $65 Million

Ed Sheeran was relatively young when he started off as a singer/musician and has risen to become one of the most popular pop stars of today.

Ed Sheeran has become known for releasing hit tracks which have sustained him a growing income which has added, and will keep adding to his increasing financial net worth.

No.11 - Raven Symone - $55 Million

Raven Symone was once a Disney star headlining her very own TV show on Disney channel called That's So Raven, a show which gained her fame and a good salary at a young age.

Although, the rather larger sum which makes up her net worth has come as a majority from her business dealings with Disney where she ventured her own company which has made her a handsome profit, netting her a lot of money to add to her overall net worth.

No.12 - Rupert Grint - $50 Million

Rupert Grint is the final of the Harry Potter trio on this list, as another leading star in the Harry Potter franchise, having starred in all instalments of the Harry Potter films.

Rupert Grint continues to work in the entertainment industry doing voice-overs for TV shows and radio work.

No.13 - Natalie Portman - $45 Million

Although, once a young star in the Hollywood world, Natalie Portman has gone on to become a female Hollywood icon, starring in some of the years biggest blockbusters like the most recent Thor and Thor: The Dark World.

Natalie Portman is an adult these days having received critical attention for her works and is still continuing to reel in the big money thanks to her smart choices when it comes to role pickings which has kept her net worth in the higher regions due to a healthy yield for her salary per movie.

No.14 - Selena Gomez - $45 Million

Selena Gomez found fame as a Disney star on the Disney original TV show Wizards of Waverley place where she played the headline character. This show brought her fame and a good small fortune by the time the show had ended.

Selena Gomez has since gone on to start a music career for herself, starting out with a Disney label and eventually spreading her wings into the big game within the music industry. Since leaving the Disney grasp she has made the larger chunk of her wealth from her very successful record sales and concert ticket shares in the profits.

No.15 - Frankie Muniz - $40 Million

Frankie Muniz is most famous for his role in Malcolm in the Middle, a show which ran for 6 years and enabled him to spread his wings in Hollywood.

Frankie Muniz has popped up as a guest in numerous TV series throughout his long running acting career, and is known for his smart personal finance management in that he saves the larger chunk of his salaries. Perhaps a reason for his rather generous holdings in his net worth.

No.16 - Taylor Lautner - $40 Million

Taylor Lautner was another star of the hit movie franchise, Twilight, and he appeared as an ever-present part in the film series throughout all of the instalments. This role brought him into a small fortune, and since leaving Twilight (film series) he has been starring as an actor in other projects.

Taylor Lautner has also dipped his toes into the fashion industry doing modelling work for photo shoots and acting as part of various marketing campaigns. Smart work for a smart salary.

No.17 - Tom Felton - $35 Million

Tom Felton was another star of the hit movie franchise, Harry Potter, starring in all instalments as another major part of the long running film series. Harry Potter (film series) was the reason for Tom Felton's rather large net worth, having paid him a very good salary for the time he spent doing his part in the Harry Potter film series.

However, since leaving Harry Potter Tom Felton has starred in very few notable movies other than the blockbuster hit, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but a part from this appearance there have been few notable roles to add to this actors progress as an actor. But, he is still appearing in movies, be it though small budget productions.

No.18 - Elijah Wood - $30 Million

Elijah Wood is best known for his part in The Lord of the Rings trilogy where he payed one of the lead characters, Frodo Baggins.

Elijah Wood has been an actor since he was a child, and since leaving The Lord of the Rings franchise the actor has struggled to get noteworthy roles which would pay a handsome fee for his time. Unluckily for Elijah, his career has taken a slight downturn since his time in the media storm hit which was The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003).

No.19 - Jonas Brothers - $30 Million

The Jonas Brothers were once the biggest Disney stars, and during their time working with Disney the trio managed to make themselves quite the small fortune.

The trio were smart and took full advantage of all potential work that they could get having had their own Disney channel original show and also did concerts touring the globe. These activities resulted in a good few pay days for the band which has earned them a spot on the top wealthiest (once, or still) young stars chart.

No.20 - Shia LaBeouf - $25 Million

Shia LaBeouf was the headliner for the Transformers franchise not all that long ago, however since the actor has left the franchise in pursuit of new opportunities in the acting business. Shia has landed some pretty descent roles in his acting career whilst still working on the Transformers franchise and since leaving the film series.

Shia LaBeouf has become quite the media attention piece since acting out at red carpet events and becoming quite the odd-ball to say the least in the public eye. Due to this, the actor has now stumbled down a peg since the big league and has become an actor partaking in smaller budget projects.

Although, we suspect that given Shia LaBeouf's clear talent on the big screen as an actor that it will not be too long before he is once again back in the medium-big budget projects.

No.21 - Brooke Shields - $25 Million

Brooke Shield's was a child actress and has been in the acting business ever since, although she is also known for her modelling and has made quite the small fortune for herself throughout her years in the entertainment business.

No.22 - Hilary Duff - $25 Million

Hilary Duff was a Disney star for some time with her own hit show, The Lizzie Maguire Show which won her fame and a good salary for the period that she was on the show. There was also a spin-off movie for the Disney show titled The Lizzie Maguire Movie, and since leaving the Disney show she has started her own music career and also pursued new acting opportunities.

No.23 - Demi Lovato - $20 Million

Demi Lovato was another Disney star with her own TV show, Sonny with a Chance which was a huge success and ran for a good period of time paying the star a handsome fee for her time.

Since leaving the Disney show Demi Lovato like many before her has pursued a music career and has found great success in this area with some hit tracks.

No.24 - Dylan & Cole Sprouse - $16 Million

Dylan & Cole Sprouse were another tie to the Disney world having had a couple of their own original Disney channel shows, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck, both of which ran for a good period of time earning the twins a good income for their time on the shows.

No.25 - Dakota Fanning - $16 Million

Dakota Fanning started her career in Hollywood as an actress at a very young age and was known for her appearances alongside song of Hollywood's biggest stars, such as alongside Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds (2005) and Denzel Washington in Man on Fire (2001).

Dakota Fanning has since grown up and still pursues acting as a career, having most famously starred in some of the instalments of the Twilight franchise.

No.26 - Angus T. Jones - $15 Million

Angus T. Jones is most famous for his role in Two and a Half Men, a hit US sitcom which he practically grew up starring in.

Angus T. Jones before landing his role in the hit US sitcom started out his child stardom doing TV commercials, but the real fortune came from his time on Two and a Half Men, a show that over the years has payed him a fair few millions for his time.

No.27 - Macaulay Culkin - $15 Million

Macaulay Culkin was once the cute child star who popped up in all of his own movies, the most successful of which being his lead role in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Over the years as a child actor Macaulay Culkin made himself quite the small fortune.

As when Macaulay Culkin grew out of his childish-like cuteness he has struggled as an actor losing the high life in Hollywood entertainment. Although the actor has been wise with the money he has saved and does not spend extravagantly.

Since leaving the acting scene in Hollywood, Macaulay now does work on Broadstreet doing theatre work, and this end of the business is known to pay well so we would imagine Macaulay will not be losing his fortune any time soon.

No.28 - Chloe Moretz - $12 Million

Chloe Grace Moretz is another child turned not-so-child Hollywood star who has had a blessed acting career in Hollywood which has gone from strength-to-strength, and some of the most notable movie credits include 500 Days of Summer (2009), Kick-Ass (2010) and Hugo (2011).

Although, the star does have many other movie credits to her name that would be worth the mention, and given this tremendous level of achievements in such a short span of time there is no telling where this young star will be in 5 or even 2 years time in her increasing demanding acting career.

No.29 - Haley Joel Osment - $12 Million

Haley Joel Osment was a hit-child star in his youth having starred in some of the biggest blockbusters including The Sixth Sense alongside co-star Bruce Willis in M. Night Shyamalan's first directorial production and Steven Spielberg's A.I.: Artificial Intelligence alongside co-star Jude Law.

However, as Haley Joel Osment has grown into an adult his acting career has slowly deteriorated as he has not been in any noteworthy movies since he was a child.

No.30 - Abigail Breslin - $12 Million

Abigail Breslin was another lucky successful child star who had some good roles in some commercial and critically successful movies that have won her attention and a series of roles to continue her acting career.

A few notable movie credits for the young starlet includes Signs (2002), My Sister's Keeper (2009) and Zombieland (2009).

No.31 - Anton Yelchin - $10 Million

Anton Yelchin was a young, bright star in Hollywood and still is for all intensive purposes. Some of his most well-known movies include Terminator Salvation alongside co-star Christian Bale and the remake of Fright Night alongside co-star Colin Farrell.

Anton Yelchin's acting career has died down slightly due a lack in big-budget heavy marketed productions, but his net worth is healthy and he is still active on the acting scene in Hollywood.

No.32 - Victoria Justice - $10 Million

Victoria Justice was a successful young child star working for Nickelodeon on Zoey 101 and Victorious, and since leaving Nickelodeon her acting career has been very active and amongst other things Victoria Justice has also got involved in the music business with a few successful track releases.

No.33 - Shailene Woodley - $9 Million

Shailene Woodley has still in her early stages of her acting career, and given the substantially notable success of The Divergent Series which is a book-to-movie adaptation series which she has been headlining as the lead actress she is doing rather well within this tremendous first step in the world of acting in Hollywood.

Like many other young actors/actresses in Hollywood Shailene Woodley has passed the mark when it comes to proving that she has screen presence and an adaptability to different roles which makes being a lead in movies within different genres a possibility.

Shailene Woodley may not have a ton of movies to add to her filmography credits, but for the ones that she is credited for there are a quite a few notable achievements for the young actress with a net worth which is about right for the stage and age that she is in at the moment as an actress in a Hollywood career.

No.34 - Jaden Smith - $8 Million

Jaden Smith has been extremely privileged to have gotten all of the roles that he received as a child actor given that his father is a Hollywood A-list actor, Will Smith. Will Smith has starred alongside his son in a few movies including The Pursuit of Happiness and After Earth.

Jaden Smith, since moving out of his childhood and into an older age group has stumbled down a peg or two within his acting career as he lacks any notable roles or performances that could assure a bright acting future for the young star.

No.35 - Miranda Cosgrove - $8 Million

Miranda Cosgrove was another young child star working for Nickelodeon on the two successful shows, Drake & Josh and iCarly, and since leaving Nickelodeon her acting career has been active and amongst the most her most notable movie credits includes Despicable Me (2010), Despicable Me 2 (2013) and a third instalment for the series which is due out in 2017 (titled Despicable Me 3).

No.36 - Rico Rodriguez - $7 Million

Rico Rodriguez is a star on the hit US TV sitcom Modern Family which has been extremely successful throughout its running and in so Rico has been fortunate enough to have a boost in salary earnings which have resulted in a salary for the latest series of the sitcom which were averaged at more than $2 million.

No.37 - Ariel Winter - $7 Million

Ariel Winter is a star on the hit US TV sitcom Modern Family which has been extremely successful throughout its running and in so Ariel has been fortunate enough to have a boost in salary earnings which have resulted in a salary for the latest series of the sitcom which were averaged at more than $2 million.

No.38 - Nolan Gould - $7 Million

Nolan Gould is a star on the hit US TV sitcom Modern Family which has been extremely successful throughout its running and in so Nolan has been fortunate enough to have a boost in salary earnings which have resulted in a salary for the latest series of the sitcom which were averaged at more than $2 million.

No.39 - William Moseley - $6 Million

William Moseley was a leading star in The Chronicles of Narnia film series, a series that saw the star in three instalments which won him a name in Hollywood, however due to a lack in any take-off roles after the Narnia film series ended his name has somewhat dropped off the grid.

William Moseley has had some luck in the TV department as he has recently starred in the TV series The Royals which had good ratings, and the star has now delved back into the movie acting business with a few in the pipeline for release in 2016 and 2017.

No.40 - Nina Dobrev - $6 Million

Nina Dobrev is a star on the hit US TV teen drama The Vampire Diaries which has been a show running since 2009, and is the cause for a large chunk of her net worth.

Nina Dobrev has also starred in other TV series and movies and continues to gain work as an actress in Hollywood enabling her to earn a good salary for her time spent on movie and TV sets.

No.41 - Amanda Bynes - $5.7 Million

Amanda Bynes was once one of Nickelodeon's biggest child stars, a show which undoubtedly earned her a small fortune any young child would be fortunate to have earned.

And since leaving Nickelodeon Amanda Bynes pursued other acting opportunities in mostly teen drama movies, but due to personal life issues the actress lost her way and is no longer an actress in Hollywood (or, at all).

Amanda Bynes is known for her outbursts on Twitter and in the media, and she has been burning through her fortune since leaving the acting business. But, shockingly for the once-Hollywood young star she still has a descent amount of money left saved enabling her to still live a good life. But, for how long this will remain the way still remains unknown.

No.42 - Elle Fanning - $5 Million

Elle Fanning started out her career as an actress when she was still very young and has been acting ever since.

Elle Fanning's most notable movie credits includes The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), Super 8 (2011) and Maleficent (2014).

And, Elle Fanning's acting career is anything but straggling along in the lower end of the movie business as she is more active as an actress on the Hollywood scene than ever before with a whole line of movies in the pipeline which are due out for release in 2016 and 2017.

Given the activities that Elle Fanning currently has with a whole array of movie projects in the pipeline her net worth is likely to be one to watch as the next year or two begins to progress.

No.43 - Kieran Culkin - $4 Million

Kieran Culkin is the lesser success of the Culkin brothers (brother of Macaulay Culkin) having had a couple of breakthroughs as a young actor on the Hollywood scene, however nothing of astonishing notability like Macaulay Culkin whose career as a young Hollywood star was extremely successful.

And, like Macaulay Culkin, Kieran Culkin has struggled to make it in Hollywood as he has begun to age, and although his career is an actor is still active he has not had any breakthrough roles that might redeem and re-enlighten his career as an actor.

No.44 - Alex Pettyfer - $3.5 Million

Alex Pettyfer was a young British acting star who first showed acting talent potential in Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006), and since has gone on to do a series of teen drama movies including I Am Number Four (2011) and Beastly (2011).

Alex Pettyfer has real acting potential, potential that could one day put him on the A-list in Hollywood, as he is still in the early stages of his acting career and has shown great potential where his talent as actor has come into show.

No.45 - Lily Collins - $3 Million

Lily Collins has not got a great deal of acting credits to her name but she is still relatively into the starting gate of her acting career and the movies that she has starred in have in most been mostly commercially successful pulling in the profit.

Lily Collins is set to star in 1 movie in 2016 and 2 movies in 2017. Given her relative success as a young actress as far what is next for this young starlet is yet to be seen. But, we imagine that her net worth will only increase more as her career potentially moves into the bigger leagues where salaries are a tad above where they are now for the actress.

No.46 - Ty Simpkins - $2 Million

Ty Simpkins is a young actor on a role in the Hollywood scene, having starred in a couple of the biggest blockbusters as ever present characters within these most spectacular movies, including Iron Man 3 (2013) and Jurassic World (2015).

Ty Simpkins is possibly best known among the horror genre fans for his performances in Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2 as Dalton Lambert.

Ty Simpkins has also starred in other movie credits and TV series along the way during the early stages of his acting career that he is still currently in at the moment.

No.47 - Justin Chatwin - $2 Million

Justin Chatwin's biggest acting role to-date was in Steven Spielberg's remake of War of the Worlds (2005). This role co-starring alongside Tom Cruise won the star attention for his acting and screen-presence, but since leaving this blockbuster appearance the star has had little success in follow-up roles which has left his straggling from role to role.

Although, Justin Chatwin is still active in the acting scene in Hollywood, but due to a row of flops at the box office the actor has been receiving a descent income for his work but nothing like the big actors will be receiving.

The key now for Justin Chatwin is to win a role in a TV series or movie that wins the commercial or at the very least a substantial amount of critical success, as Justin Chatwin is a talented actor.

Continued: Who are the Richest Child Stars?

Continued: Who are the Richest Child/Teen Stars in the World? As a continuation to the list of the richest young stars in the world here are a few other young wealthy stars who have made a relatively small/but admirable fortune from their careers as child stars.

Thomas Sangster: Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Thomas Sangster made his first notable appearance as a child actor in the well-known christmas rom-com movie, Love Actually (2003), and has since gone on to star in numerous movies. The most recent notable acting credits would be his role in The Maze Runner and its sequel The Scorch Trials.

And, a couple of reality young stars who have made income into the millions, ensuing them a handsome net worth. Yes, these stars have made a substantial amount which should have given them a spot in this list, but the official list does not include reality TV stars. But, they deserve a mention.

Kendall Jenner: Net Worth: $10 Million

Kylie Jenner: Net Worth: $10 Million

Summary: The Richest Child/Teen Stars in the World

Final thoughts (on): Who are the richest child stars in the world? Child/teen stars can make a fortune from their work, but as can be seen in this list of the richest child stars, they have to persevere and star in numerous movies and/or TV shows if they are actors. This seems to be the only way for them to increase their pay and make a fortune before their 18th birthday.

Whereas, in the music industry it is less about repetition and more-so about the quality and luck of the draw for whether or not their albums get the hit-following, as it will be through the hit-following that these lucky few young music artists will pave their way into the mean streets of being some of the wealthiest young stars in the world.

The world of music has no limits where earnings are concerned as royalties from record sales and concert ticket sales are far less restrictive as paycheques for roles in TV shows and movies.

It seems that the wealthiest of the child stars have taken their careers to new lengths, broadening their horizons, as the Olsen sisters (with a combined net worth of $300 million) strayed from their acting careers and started-up their own line of tween clothing, and this line of clothing has gone no to bring in revenue of more than a billion dollars. Little to say that it is not their acting careers that earned the chunk amount of their fortune.

Then there are the lucky few who landed those famous character roles that received an unfathomable number of followers around the globe that enabled these unique few actors/actresses to make the lump sum of their rather substantial small fortunes from a single film series, like Daniel Radcliffe the richest of this bunch who made his hundred (and something) million dollar fortune (mostly) from his role as Harry Potter.

Then, Robert Pattinson, not too far behind Daniel Radcliffe who made his hundred million dollar fortune (mostly) from his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight film series. Thanks to points anointed to the acting star which overall brought in the Twilight star an estimated $40 million per Twilight instalment.

Although, not all of the young stars on this list have been so lucky, as some of them saw all of their fame as young stars and very little stardom as adults. This has caused a backlash as many of these stars have had trouble with this transition into the normal life, causing many to have a drop in fortune

And, due to this many of these once rather wealthy young stars have gone broke and have as a result not made their way onto this list.

A good couple of examples where young stars have gone from having a small fortune to being nearly flat broke are:

Lindsay Lohan: Net Worth: $500 Thousand

Not a bad amount of money to have sat in the bank, but when this sum of money is compared to Lindsay's once fortune which sat at roughly $30 million it is difficult to imagine where she spent all of the money.

But, not too surprising when we take a look at the facts. Lindsay Lohan had/perhaps still has quite the partying addiction, being involved with the likes of Paris Hilton (a well known heavy spender), and spent wild sums of cash on extravagant parties and at times the fees for these events went into the millions. Insane! That is our only thought on that matter.

Point worth remembering. If you are seeking out to lose a fortune, hang with Paris Hilton.

Gary Coleman: Net Worth: $75 Thousand

The now deceased Gary Coleman was once the sweet, adorable child on the hit US TV show Diff'rent Strokes, and at the height of this show Coleman earned $100 thousand per episode.

However, due to a lack in saving from the star and an acting career that went nowhere in his adult life the star went from riches to a simple workman's salary. A shame! But, still not as tragic as the loss of fortune which Lindsay Lohan lost.

Thanks for Reading!

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