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The Alaskan Bush People: Into the Wilderness Heart of the Brown Family

Updated on October 29, 2015

Alaskan Adventure

The Alaskan Bush People, a fascinating television show which airs on the Discovery Channel, has recently become popular. It delineates a strong, loving family living in the Alaskan wilderness. The Brown family includes parents Ami and Billy Brown, and their seven children: Matthew, Joshua, Solomon, Gabriel, Noah, Snowbird, and Rain.

Beauty and Danger

Before their children were born, Ami and Billy had lived for a while with the rest of society; however, their children have lived surrounded by the beautiful, yet dangerous wilderness all of their lives. While living in the secluded woods, the family has had very close encounters with bears and other wild animals.

The Browns Building Their Cabin


Building Browntown

They believe that their previous cabin, which they considered home for a long time, had been set on fire as a response to their invading and occupying public land. Throughout the show, they ingeniously construct their newest log cabin. They obtain most of the cabin’s materials by bartering their work for the supplies. They currently claim their new home on the grounds of “Browntown”.

The Browns Entering Their Cabin


Pacify Their Parents

The children are earnestly determined to pacify their parents, especially their father. In their attempt to make their father proud and avoid his disappointment, the children work extremely hard and even struggle through significant injuries. Their father expects too much from them. Additionally, they efficiently complete jobs with the limited amount of material they tenaciously acquire from their surroundings.

Brown Children's Characteristics


Children's Potential

The children have so much potential and can all be very successful if they are given the opportunity. It is admirable that they steadfastly defend each other and have overcome many obstacles together. They are perceived as tough and rugged, but have a sweet disposition and charming demeanor. Homeschooled, the intelligent children are well-educated and versed in quality poetry. Reciting poems is one form of their entertainment.


Inspiring Brown Family

The family’s relationship is inspiring, and they exhibit great spirit. They are not cliché, relying on today’s society’s standards of acceptance. They don’t need the latest technology or materialistic entity to fit in, rather, they are sophisticated in their own individualistic way.


This reality television show is humorous, uplifting, and refreshing. It proves that love is worth both working hard and fighting for. One of the Brown's distinctive family sayings is “more”, which expresses their feeling that they love each other “more”.



Discovery Channel's Alaskan Bush People show


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